36+ Facepalming Posts That Have Us Laughing Out Loud


Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, social media has changed the way people communicate with their friends and family. We can’t believe the things people post on the internet. Nothing is off-limits!

From posting personal details to not understanding basic math to being gullible, these social media posts have us facepalming. Try your best not to laugh at these cringy posts!

Taxi Please!

When a medical emergency happens without warning, calling an ambulance is often our first reaction. However, as messed up as it is, some folks have to think twice before allowing an ambulance to drive them to the hospital.

That’s how you know the healthcare system is messed up—when calling an actual taxi would be a better financial option than an ambulance. After all, they basically accomplish the same thing.

The Bees Knees

After hundreds of thousands of years of existence, animals have had to come up with ways to communicate to others in their species that there is danger nearby. However, humans have had to do the same thing.

We’re not less advanced because we don’t have one sound to communicate a whole situation. We could always just grunt and scream, but why do that when we have adequate words to express ourselves?

It’s You

Making plans for a first date can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know whether the person you like will say yes or not. You can always take this approach and play it off like you want to ask someone else before you pop the question.

We can’t tell if this girl is actively avoiding answering the question, or if she still doesn’t get that he was actually talking about her the whole time. Either way, this is too awkward to look at.

A-Cord-ing to the Colors

Kids these days have no idea how easy their lives are. Watching shows on big flat-screen TVs or even their laptops makes everything seem so simple—but we know the truth.

Looking back, putting the right cords in the right spaces doesn’t seem that difficult, but there was nothing more complicated than having to reach your arm around the back and figure out which plug went where. The struggle was so real.

Caught Ya

Cheating is absolutely not tolerated at schools, and schools take plagiarizing very seriously. If a student is found cheating, the consequences can be severe.

However, this girl was left feeling completely confused when she knew she definitely did not cheat on her assignment. Instead, after a bit of emotional turmoil and a few tears, the teacher was ready with proof—of the girl’s own work. Didn’t anyone ever tell them to check their sources?

Shining Star

Whoever came up with the names for the foods we consume started out quite inventive, only to get more and more basic as time went on. We appreciate their no-nonsense approach, regardless.

After all, it’s only right to name a blue berry after its color. This person tried to offer another option, but fell just a bit short. There’s no shame in guessing here, even if you didn’t read the question right.

Bend and Snap

After studying for four tireless years, all we want is to receive our diploma to show for all of our hard work. Well, this person was due for a surprise when they went to check their mailbox.

Instead of the excitement they should’ve felt at seeing the pristine document waiting for them, they must’ve felt pretty disappointed to see it shoved into the mailbox, despite the written warning not to fold it.

Show Us The Numbers

Folks these days are a bit too trusting, especially when it comes to the internet. It’s one thing to post where you work and what city you live in, but posting a picture of your debit card is simply not thinking logically.

We’re so glad this girl loved her blue debit card because she’ll definitely be needing a new one now—if she has any money left in her account by the time she orders it, that is.

Tired of This

It’s okay for people to express their disappointment in others. Their feelings are completely valid. This guy is clearly upset that he actually has to make food for himself instead of relying on the women around him to cook.

Still, though it’s easy to focus on others, it’s much harder to address your own shortcomings. Why don’t we learn how to change a tire before we turn to judging others?

By Accident

When we move into a corporate position, it can be difficult to change the way we speak from a more informal slang to a much more acceptable formal speech. This person came up with a way to train themselves to monitor the words they were using.

It’s too bad they forgot to revise this email before sending it. We can’t imagine being the head of HR and receiving this aggressive and nonsensical email. Oops.

Bean There, Done That

Some of us have gotten so used to over-processed foods that we’re unaware of how food is supposed to look and taste. This poor individual convinced themselves they got a bad batch of ice cream when really, they’ve just never come across vanilla bean ice cream before.

They actively went out of their way to buy the most basic flavor there is. The least they could do is know where vanilla actually comes from.

What on Birth?

When having a natural birth isn’t possible, a Cesarean section is a pretty decent option. In the end, a baby is coming out of the body, and that’s all that matters, right?

If we’re getting technical here, a natural birth does require passing through the birth canal, but that doesn’t mean this person wasn’t born. After all, they had to have come into the world to write this ridiculous post.

Bear-y Disappointed

After trying to get people to care about the environment for so long, some genius finally found a way to get people to donate some extra bucks—show people pictures of cute animals and tell them they can adopt them for a good price.

Obviously, they’re not going to actually send each wild animal to urban homes around the world. At least this girl donated to a good cause, even if she doesn’t have a physical animal.

Truck You

Pickup trucks take up enough space as it is without taking up two spots in a parking lot. Still, the owner of this truck had a big issue when the person next to them found a way to squeeze right in.

Sorry, buddy, taking up two spaces is not only illegal, but it also completely defeats the intended purpose of trying to protect your car. Maybe try to actually park in the spot next time—you might just find out how well it works.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

There are some events in our natural history that won’t happen again for hundreds or even thousands of years. To be a witness to those events is more than special—it’s a cause for celebration.

But you can’t schedule a solar eclipse around a school night. Sorry lady, but the sun does what it wants. Let your kid experience this amazing event. They can always sleep tomorrow.

Long Live the Teacher

With so many classes moving to an online platform, you can spend an entire class never meeting your teacher in person. Well, this class will never have the opportunity even if they wanted to.

Apparently, their professor was so good that they continued his class even after he died. We’re glad the class is still enjoyable, but what happens if the students have questions?

Too Tight

Some people really don’t understand the etiquette of parking in garages. You have to be really oblivious or really annoying to not follow the lines painted on the floor.

In times of desperation, a note put on another’s car is a good option, if not a little passive-aggressive—as long as you’re not the one in the wrong. We can’t believe the audacity of the owner of the white car to put a note on the vehicle next to them.

Quick Maths

Helen Keller had a profound impact on disability rights and politics. She lived a long life, during which she campaigned and advocated for rights, as well as wrote a whole bunch of books.

This person was clearly in awe at her life, especially since, in their eyes, she only lived 28 years. Meanwhile, we’re in awe at their utter lack of mathematical ability. The question marks say exactly what we are thinking.

Just Got Schooled

Walking into school for the first time as a freshman is already scary, but showing up late to class is utterly terrifying. That’s one first impression no freshman wants to give.

This poor kid needed some major help finding his class, only to find out he was at the wrong school entirely. Who’s responsible for this mistake, and how did they mess up so badly?

Two Times the Fun

If you thought carrying one child in your belly took a lot out of a woman, imagine carrying two babies at the same time! That’s twice the back pain for these women.

Luckily, it doesn’t take twice the time. Nine months is all it’ll take for twins to pop out. Please don’t rely on people like this, with their terrible misinformation and bad math skills.

No Loyalty

Nothing truly justifies cheating on somebody you’re exclusive with. If you’re no longer interested in them, that’s your sign to end the relationship. It is not an excuse to explore your options in secret.

This girl seems to believe that her lack of loyalty and commitment is justified by the lack of obedience from her partner. By not owning up to her mistakes she will probably repeat them. We wish her all the best.

Hot Tip

We’ve seen all kinds of science experiments on the internet, but this especially blew our minds. However, for the person who actually tried it out, it blew their microwave as well.

We’re going to blame this one on the person who posted it. Don’t they know that people will trust just about anything they read on the Internet? That’s a lot of power for one person to abuse.

Code Red

If you’re going to install a pool in your backyard, you might want to make sure you think through every aspect before you fill it with water. Otherwise, you might just find out you severely messed up along the way.

Painting the bottom of your pool red is probably not a good idea unless you want to give your guests a scare anytime they go for a swim. It’s best to stick with the classic so people like this commenter can continue to believe water is blue.

True Goddess

It’s admirable that so many people want to protect and defend the cultures of others. After so many years of appropriation and disrespect, people can’t stand for it anymore.

However, before you go off on someone for insulting a culture with their outfit, make sure they’re not actually part of that culture themselves. Otherwise, you’re doing the exact opposite for the cause you’re so passionate about. The clown emoji says it all.

Fit the Bill

If the bank is going to come up with ridiculous rules, then they have to deal with the consequences of people finding a way around those rules. All this banker had to do was give the lady $10 of her own money and this entire situation could’ve been avoided.

It’s not this lady’s first day on earth—if you’re going to make things difficult for her, then she’s going to make things difficult for you.

Decline the Offer

These days, anyone can gain a following. Our lives revolve around social media and our usual definition of a celebrity has severely changed.

Still, it’s a good reminder to those who have a few thousand followers on social media to make sure they remain humble. Many people have their “starving artist” phase—just don’t act like you’re above others before you can afford to have that kind of attitude.

Big Misunderstanding

Before you engage in romantic relations with someone, there are a few things to discuss beforehand. This person had no problem being bold and getting straight to the point. After all, it’s good to know what you’re signing yourself up for.

Too bad this guy didn’t seem to understand what they were curious about. Still, knowing a guy is 6’4” might just answer all the questions they had.

Take a Drive

If you’re meeting up with a friend for dinner, it might not be the nicest thing to schedule a late-night meetup with someone else right after. Why cut your time short with a friend just for someone you met on Tinder?

We’re not sure what the nature of these people’s relationship is, but after reading this text exchange, we can guarantee they are not romantically involved—no matter how much one of them might want to be.

Bigger is Better

We get it, fractions can be confusing. But who could’ve predicted that people’s lack of mathematical knowledge would be the reason that certain fast food products wouldn’t do well?

Yet, here we are, with a clear example of just how confusing decimals and fractions can be to some people. At least this person is confident in their knowledge. Maybe they should serve a math lesson with every burger.

Quick Improvement

Customer service is a thankless job. You spend hours upon hours listening to people complain and blame you for problems you don’t have anything to do with.

If you wanted a job where you’re constantly complimented and insulted at the same time, join retail or customer service, and find out just how easily people are willing to humble you every single day.

Stop Playing Games

No one expects you to be at your best at a tailgate. In fact, this is when so many people let their guards down and get ready for the big game. A hot dog in one hand, a drink in the other, and you’re ready to go.

However, this girl made two mistakes at the tailgate. Not only did she not keep track of her tickets, but she was rude to someone trying to help her. Oh well, she suffered the consequences.

Check the Date

Every parent wants their child to succeed in school. When this mom checked her daughter’s work, she noticed something quite odd and made sure to tell her child’s teacher.

Unfortunately, her desire to make sure her daughter was doing well made her forget that her daughter was too young to be graded at all. Hey, we find dates written with the dates before the months confusing as well.

Can’t Hear You

There’s something about seeing someone with headphones in that makes us curious about what they’re listening to. However, before you comment on someone’s headphones, make sure you know what you’re talking about.

Not everyone can afford Airpods—there’s no need to comment on them being off-brand, especially when it’s not even an earpiece in their ear. If only their hearing aid was turned off so they didn’t have to hear their ridiculous question.

Doesn’t Add Up

The marketing teams of the food industry have an incredibly tough job. They have to figure out exactly what to say that will draw people into their products, all while relying on a lack of common sense and education of the general population.

We knew math was difficult for some people, but it’s clear to us now that a lot of people seem to have an especially big problem with fractions. Hey, if you don’t trust the math, don’t buy the mustard. It’s simple.

How Embarrassing

There are quite a few jokes that all seem to start the same way. Whether it’s a group of lawyers or a group of religious leaders, they all walk into a bar for the sake of a hilarious punch line.

Maybe before you correct the brilliant Stephen King on his spelling, you should take the time to read and comprehend the joke instead. This is really embarrassing for them as a “person”.

Just Checking

It’s terrifying to think about all of the personal information we put on the internet, but it’s even more terrifying to think about all the ways scammers and bots can steal that information.

This car dealership was just covering all of its bases when it asked its customer to physically check that she wasn’t a robot. We can appreciate the intention, even if the logic of it all was lost.

Are You Positive?

No joke is funny if you have to explain it. When this person said they studied chemistry, they opened up an amazing opportunity for this person to hit them with a classic chemistry pun. Too bad it went right over their head.

No longer funny, this chemistry joke actually got no reaction. How do they move on in this conversation now? We guess this person should probably zinc of a new chemistry pun.

Doggone It!

Have you ever walked into a room with the intention of grabbing something, and then completely forgetting what you were looking for? It’s happened to us all, and it’s infuriating.

Well, this woman suffered a bit of memory loss, but this time, she went all the way to the veterinarian before realizing she had left her beloved pet at home. We’d be embarrassed to show our faces here after this incident.

Easy as Pizza Pie

Schools these days focus on teaching one specific curriculum so much that they emphasize only one answer for every question. What that really does is tell children that creativity has no place in the school system.

This kid came up with the perfect answer to a tricky question. After all, four-sixths of a bigger pizza would clearly be bigger than ⅚ of a smaller one. We’re so disappointed in this teacher’s correction.

Totally Awesome

Just like fashion, language trends change over time. Every year, we even put new words in the dictionary to represent how the English language has developed.

For example, the word “awesome” means extremely impressive. Some people seem to be upset that we use it a lot more frequently these days. To them, we say, maybe our lives are just full of more awe-inspiring things—or maybe, we can all just appreciate that the use of words can change.

Book Worms

There are major differences in the lifestyles of those who must use every penny of their paychecks to survive and those who seem to make money simply by breathing.

Let’s be real—rich people have big versions of just about everything and anything. Don’t judge people based on the amount of books they read, when these two lifestyles can’t be compared.

Hard Copy

After working hard for years, there’s nothing quite like hitting your goals. For this person, they seem to have finally saved up enough money to purchase a car—and they had the evidence to prove it to the dealership.

While this isn’t exactly what proof of income means, we’re impressed by their stack of bills and their creativity nonetheless. Still, we’re not sure the dealership is as impressed as we are.

Wrong Answer

There are so many reasons why someone would join a dating app. Online dating to get over an ex probably isn’t the healthiest option, but it’s valid.

However, the only way to get over them is to start talking to someone new. We’d strongly advise against admitting you’re still in love with your ex until at least a while later in the conversation—or not at all. That works too.

Melt With You

Cooking can be intimidating for those who don’t know their way around the kitchen. But there’s a difference between finding cooking difficult and having some common sense in the kitchen.

This person seems to be in the second category when it comes to culinary expertise. All they had to do was put their pizza in the oven and turn it on. Now, they’ll have a slice of cheese that tastes just like plastic, and a huge mess to clean up.

Dumb it Down

Have you ever had trouble understanding a subject that spoke in terms you didn’t understand? With a bit of patience and some more informal language, there are ways to decipher just what people are discussing.

This person was probably aiming for a simplified version, but this user decided to take a literal approach. Ah yes, finally, we understand exactly what they meant.

You’re Kidding Me

That age-old tale that women need to get pregnant by 30 and have children before it’s too late is no longer being subscribed to, at least not by millennials. People are having kids way later, if at all—and it’s freaking the older generations out.

Who wants to bring kids into a world if they’re not ready for it anyway? Hey, maybe some people will come to regret that decision, but the best part of it all is that it’s completely up to each individual.

English Please

The globalization of the world has allowed people to connect with others easily from many other places. All it takes is a common language and an app or website to bring them together.

Still, something about a Brazilian being able to speak English is really rubbing this person the wrong way. We can’t imagine their shock if they ever traveled outside of their hometown and discovered just how many people in the world are bilingual.

Quarter Life Crisis

Spending money on our credit cards is far too easy. Something about not using physical cash makes us feel like we’re actually spending nothing at all. But it’s a good idea to budget a few dollars a day to put towards savings.

Just remember to stay realistic. Do yourself a favor and put aside more than one quarter a day, or you’ll be in for a major disappointment at the end of the year.

Wrong Decision

Having romantic relations with someone is all fun and games until you realize that they are going to be the father of your baby. Please, for your sake and your unborn baby’s, make sure you wear some protection.

Otherwise, you might end up in a situation like this girl, who suddenly has given up all responsibility for choosing the man who has contributed half of his DNA to their child. The emotion you’re looking for here is regret, not denial.

Sense of Alarm

After a few years, it’s a good idea to replace the electronics in your home, just to make sure everything is working as it should. Thus, it’s important to know when things were installed.

We’re pretty sure that this line was meant for the date of the installment, not for where it was placed. After all, aren’t all smoke detectors placed on the ceiling? We can’t believe someone actually wrote this.

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