40+ Deceptive Photos That Will Have You Rubbing Your Eyes


Sometimes, photos can play tricks on our minds. They might look different because of lighting or angles. As you look through this list, you might find yourself rubbing your eyes in confusion. Keep scrolling to see more.

Baby’s Got Back

Imagine waking up with the idea of going for a horseback ride on a beautiful day, only to find no horse around. What’s the next best thing? Apparently, for this woman, it’s a zebra… Well, not exactly! As much as it might seem like she’s riding a zebra with her zebra-print leggings, the truth is quite different. This photo is definitely highly deceptive.

Wonder Car

This woman found a clever way to promote herself as “rich” using a simple and inexpensive trick. At first glance, it might seem like there are two cars in the driveway, including a Porsche. However, after a closer look, you’ll realize it’s just one van with a clever design scheme. The illusion is created to make it seem like there’s a luxury car parked there too. The truth becomes clearer when you notice the tires. It’s a clever trick that might make you rethink how parking spaces are used.

Real-Life Doctor Reed

This photo captures a group of young children, gathered for a playful group shot. However, at first glance, two discrepancies catch your eye. First, the tall girl in the middle appears to have freakishly long arms. Second, there seems to be a hand sticking out of the blonde girl’s head. Of course, it’s just an optical illusion, but this photo is incredibly deceiving.

Art Imitates Reality

The angle of this photo creates a perfect illusion, making it appear as though we’re looking at a painting. The tiny fists of the original poster seem to be holding up the artwork for all to see. However, a closer look reveals the cliffs and beautiful sea in the background, making it clear that this isn’t a painting after all. The illusion can be quite convincing at first glance.

What Is Happening…

This photo will definitely make you do a double-take, leaving you scratching your head to figure out what’s happening. Does that guy have the body of a baby, or does the baby have the body of a grown man? After some concentration, you’ll realize that the picture was perfectly timed. In reality, the baby’s face is shadowing his father’s face, so you can only see his nose. Once you see the magic, you can’t unsee it.

It’s Godzilla!

After seeing this photo, you’re likely to exclaim, “What on Skull Island is this?!” It appears as though King Baboon has emerged! Instantly, it seems that the gigantic baboon is stomping its huge fist into the roof of the car, while the driver signals danger by flashing their taillights. The almost transparent windshield creates the illusion that the animal is attempting to have a conversation with the driver taking the photograph. It’s a truly perplexing image.

Do You Even Lift?.

Who would have thought that cuddly, fluffy cats could also be bodybuilders? Seriously, does this photo make you question your own workout regimen? The thick thighs on this two-headed furry feline might suggest it has already tracked down Jerry (you know, from Tom & Jerry) and completed its lifelong goal! Truth be told, this photo features two cats resting on the couch. They just happen to be lying in a position that makes it look as though it’s one strong kitty-cat with two heads.

Who Let the Dogs Out?.

A man with a dog’s head? Doesn’t this photo remind you of the Egyptian era? That’s what came to mind as soon as we looked at it. A moody, gentle, yet manly doggo wearing a pink t-shirt just commuting to his nine-to-five job. Although we’re almost certain there is a human sitting next to the doggo, the image was captured in such a way that it seems like we’re looking at a dog-headed person. Still, that’s not the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen.

Wingardium Leviosa

To grasp what’s happening here, you might need to bang your phone against your head a few times. Still don’t get it? Wondering how this woman is magically levitating off the ground? As much as we’d like to claim that Hermione Granger taught this gal some levitation techniques, sadly, that’s not the case. If you look really closely, you’ll notice that the lady’s cheetah-print leggings perfectly blend and camouflage into the floor below her. A-ha.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards

We can all agree that babies are just bundles of cuteness and rolls. Sure, they can be a little gross, but they’re definitely a treat to the eyes. This adorable baby with a dazzling smile — what could go wrong with a baby snap? Adults could! The positioning of the daddy’s legs makes it look as though the baby has some gigantic feet! Talk about unrealistic beauty standards, dad.

The Mighty Force of Nature

Who says one has to be underwater to swim? You can also swim at the surface, just like this dude. If you’re thinking the man is getting pushed out of the water by an invisible magnetic force, you got it right. Except, in this case, the invisible force is actually just a flatbed rock. Look at him having the time of his life. Is anyone interested in launching a plank swimming course for beginners.?

Ant-Man in the City

We don’t know which part of the picture surprises us more! Is it the monstrous seagull standing there like a goof or the ant-man walking down the street? If you’re a photographer, then you must know that angle is everything. Unfortunately, the photographer here doesn’t! This resulted in a gigantic seagull and a miniature human unbothered by each other’s existence. Talk about bad photography! However, we can’t get over the cuteness of the seagull. Those webbed feet surely show the posture of a model.

Hair as Old as Merlin

Who says that players can’t be old? As long as their heart is in the game, that’s all that matters! Just take a look at this basketball player, for instance! Well, no, he just went to the panel of judges for an appeal, and the picture was taken right as he bent his head down. Talk about timing! The white-haired man happens to be one of the judges. He’s in a seated position at the table, behind the basketball player.


When we’re upset, we often break down; we may fall on our knees and cry until our eyes can’t produce any more tears. Well, this guy lost a football match, and this photo proves it. #9 is so upset that he grew an extra two arms for some added comfort, in hopes that it would calm him down. Even if this photo looks deceptive, there’s actually another man behind #9. Like a good team player, he’s comforting his friend after a missed goal.

Feet for Hands

She has legs! However, can she also walk with her hands? Can she be the next Regan in a revived version of The Exorcist? We’re only kidding. What’s really happening here? The lady was getting eaten by mosquitoes, and so, she lifted her foot to scratch it. Wrong time, wrong position, and wrong angle. There you have it.

Water Floater

We bet that any diving contest you’ve been a part of didn’t feature skills like this! Don’t be jealous that she’s more skilled than all of us combined! If you look closely at her hands and fingers, you will understand that this photo is really a result of impeccably perfect photography timing. But, we still do give it to the girl! Diving skills like that are no joke. Who would’ve ever thought people can dive this gracefully?.

Fake Legs

The woman kneeling in this photo seems to possess something that not many do — a third leg! To clear up the confusion, you first need to look at the woman’s hands. This isn’t a bowl but the brim of a huge vase. The color of the vase just happens to be a shade that perfectly blends in with the rest of this gal’s body.

Siamese Dogs

Aren’t these Yorkshire Terriers adorable?! Nope — they’re not conjoined although they look like they are! But, where’s the separation if that’s the case? The dogs must be seriously mad at each other if they’re facing opposite directions. Let’s just hope that they’ve since made amends.

Living the Bull Life

To those living in the countryside with cattle, there’s no better way to spend a day than feeding and bathing the herd of animals that live right in your backyard. Even if that means you’ll grow horns of your own, like this gal here! We’re only kidding, but this picture really was perfectly timed.

Slenderman 2.0

This is by far the scariest photograph that we’ve come across on this list so far. While the other pictures we’ve seen are rather comedic, spotting a guy with a head and no face, that too in the middle of his body, is quite overwhelming. Who knew this could be a father and son twinning in formal attire while the father kisses his son’s forehead from behind.

Definitely G-Rated

This picture has been circulating over the internet for the past decade, and we’ve decided to clear it up once and for all. In the photograph, our focus always goes to the woman in the back. Why? Because most people think that they’re staring at her backside when, in reality, that’s actually the armpit of the woman taking the photograph. How deceiving.

Man Suit

We often find zoos hiring men to pose in gorilla suits to cheer their customers up. Have you thought about it the other way round? Gorillas undercover as men to get a glimpse of the human world. These two beings totally complement each other! Truth be told, the man’s white t-shirt and red shorts have just been reflected in the window — to the point that it looks like our new gorilla friend is wearing the same outfit.

Fish Eat Fish

We’re all familiar with the marine world, and the fact that fish eat other fish. As for the creatures on land, the closest we get to see that kind of thing happen is if a snake eats another snake. Well, until now! This horse here seems to take cannibalism very seriously — to the point that he’s attempting to prey on another smaller horse. Or is it another alien escaping from Gazorpazorp trying to fit into this world?.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

This group photo would’ve been a perfect memory of a day well spent on the river — except for the mopey kid on the right. Then you look at the guy on the left. He’s minding his own business, as he sits back behind the brunette. Of course, though, thanks to impeccable framing and timing, it looks like the woman and man share a body.

You Can’t See Me

What’s the coolest reflection you’ve ever seen in someone’s glasses? To us, merely finding our own massive nostrils gets us going — assumably because we don’t have outfits as funky as this. Man, this guy has gargantuan eyeballs on his t-shirt. Even Mike Wazowski would be scared. Two scary eyeballs mirrored back at you can either mean you’re part of the new Saw sequel or this guy is from Mars and is trying to fit in.

The Power in You

Muscular women and feminine men can make quite a team, okay?! Just take this photo as a fine example. You have no idea who’s carrying who, but you do know that they’re getting somewhere… as a team. The guy is, unfortunately, not wearing tights as we assumed. Even the girl isn’t that muscular the way the photo led us to believe. Focus on the shorts and the woman, and soon you can figure out how she’s being carried.

White Surplus

You can look at this picture for five minutes and still not really understand what’s going on. The man in the white is apparently hugging his girl so tightly that he separated her head from the rest of her body. He must’ve done the act gently because she’s still smiling. If you concentrate on the person in the back, you’ll see that their shirt perfectly blended with the woman’s blouse.

Fish Fingers

It seems like the photographer captured an intriguing moment where the fish’s fins and the background created an illusion of it having hands. Despite its aquatic environment, the fish still remains without hands and legs.

Alien Feast

It seems like a clever strategy by the kids to reach for cookies without getting caught by their parents. The illusion of the long arm is created by one of the kids hiding under the table while the other reaches out for the cookies. It’s a classic childhood maneuver.

Spaniels Undercover

It’s fascinating how timing and perspective can create such amusing illusions! The dogs’ expressions and the way they are positioned certainly contribute to the comedic effect. It’s clear now that they are two separate dogs with different personalities, not a two-faced pup as one might initially think.

Bewitching Floors

Wow, the optical illusion created by the floor of the Florence Cathedral is truly remarkable! From above, it indeed gives the impression of a vast drop, which is quite surprising given its actual flat surface. Optical illusions like this often play with our perceptions and challenge our understanding of space and depth.

Disappointing Bathroom

It seems like the perfect example of trompe-l’oeil, an art technique that creates the illusion of three-dimensional objects or scenes on a flat surface. In this case, the wallpaper is designed to give the appearance of a fully equipped bathroom, complete with towel racks and toiletry dispensers. It’s a clever way to make a small space feel more inviting and functional, even if it’s just for visual appeal.

Fashion Sense Kicked In

It seems like there was a misunderstanding here. The description suggests that the man in the photo might be perceived as having a “drabby fashion sense” due to cultural stereotypes about Asian men. However, the longer look reveals that he is actually stylish, wearing a cool jeans jacket and sporting a spiky hairdo, which are considered fashionable. The mention of “odd pictures” at the end implies that the initial perception based on stereotypes was incorrect. It’s important to avoid stereotyping individuals based on their race or cultural background.


Indeed, optical illusions can be quite perplexing at first glance! In this case, the image initially appears to show a woman with an open top and a hairy chest, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that it’s actually the reflection of a man’s chest in a mirror, possibly a rearview or side-view mirror. Optical illusions like this one often play tricks on our perception and challenge us to see beyond our initial interpretation.

Synchronized Terror

The image captures a synchronized swimming routine, but the positioning of the swimmers and the swimmer’s head in the middle creates an optical illusion that resembles something from the arthropod and mollusk world. The awkward arrangement, along with the smudged eyeliner, adds to the peculiar nature of the photo. Optical illusions like this can make ordinary scenes appear bizarre and surreal.

Short Shorts

The photo creates an optical illusion where Liev Schrieber’s head appears disproportionately large for his body, and his legs seem hairless. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the image actually features Liev’s former partner, actress Naomi Watts, perfectly blending with Liev in a family photo. Optical illusions like this often result from coincidental positioning and camera angles.

Oversized Shirt

The optical illusion in the photo makes it appear as though the man has the body of an elephant but the head of a cat. However, the reality is that there’s a person sitting in a chair with his head resting on top of a desk. The perspective and angle of the photo create the illusion that his body is merged with the chair and his head is a separate entity.

Something Isn’t Adding Up

Indeed, the optical illusion in the photo creates the impression that the woman is wearing purple pants and the man is wearing khaki capris. However, in reality, the woman is wearing a purple top and the man is wearing khaki pants. The illusion is a result of the positioning of their bodies and the angle of the photograph. It’s meant to be amusing rather than a serious fashion faux pas.

Photobombers Everywhere

It seems like the dog’s position in the photo creates an amusing illusion that its body extends into the person’s body, making it look like the dog has a human body. This optical illusion is a fun and lighthearted moment captured in a photo, adding a touch of humor to the scene. It’s a reminder of the joy and laughter that pets can bring into our lives.

Another ET Spotted

It’s remarkable how perspective and timing can create such unusual illusions in photographs. In this case, it’s a heartwarming moment captured between two friends, with one resting her head on the other’s shoulder. Optical illusions like this can be both amusing and intriguing, highlighting the creativity of photography and the different ways we perceive images.

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