How to Share Epic Quotes with Little Kids and They


Welcome to Live from Snack Time, a funny part of Instagram with lots of fans. It’s made by Alyssa Cowit, a teacher in NYC, and Greg Dunbar, who works with Disney. They want to show adults what goes on in kids’ minds. Get ready for some quotes that show how smart and funny kids can be. Alyssa thinks kids are honest and clever, and it’s hard to disagree with her. Let’s enjoy the ride with quotes from our little ones!

1.Mask Cuddle

The Mask Cuddle is a clever combination of a face mask and a comfy pillow. It keeps you safe with its breathable fabric while providing a soft and cozy feel. Perfect for travel or daily use, it adds a touch of comfort to staying protected.

Pizza Heart, Puppy Soul


“Bored Panda spoke to Alyssa and Greg, the brains behind Live From Snack Time. Their Instagram account, featuring funny and heartwarming kids’ quotes, has grown to 576k followers in just six years. The couple created a global platform for sharing children’s amusing thoughts, bringing laughter, honesty, and joy to their expanding audience.”

Back to Better


“During the pandemic, with more family time, our quote community grew a lot. People sent in many quotes, and new followers joined us. In tough times, when there was uncertainty and sadness, we became a source of light humor and relatable content for people.”


Mind Trash Disposal


It is a transformative journey of mental decluttering, offering a unique approach to discard unwanted thoughts. This concept encourages individuals to consciously let go of mental baggage, fostering a clearer and more positive state of mind. Embrace the power of mental cleanliness with this insightful exploration into intentional thought management.

Pug Adventurer Dream


“Pug Adventurer Dream” encapsulates a whimsical aspiration of forgoing traditional life paths. This concept revolves around choosing a unique journey, favoring the companionship of a pug over the conventional pursuit of marriage and family. Join the escapade of a solo explorer and their loyal pug, embracing a life dedicated to wanderlust and canine companionship.

Noonday Glam


Its suggests a touch of sophistication and style in the afternoon. This concept encompasses a blend of elegance and daytime allure, capturing the essence of chic moments during the midday sun. Embrace a sense of glamour that effortlessly transcends the boundaries of time.

Accidental Snack fest


The LFST brand takes a significant step forward with a new collection of children’s book suggestions on their website. Recognizing the power of children’s books in addressing critical conversations about race, the brand collaborates with its followers to curate a library organized by reading level, providing links to purchase from Black-owned bookstores.

Endless Seconds of Love


A timeless and boundless experience of affection. This concept encapsulates the idea of love extending beyond conventional measures, creating a beautiful and enduring connection. Embrace a narrative where love unfolds in moments that seem to stretch infinitely, capturing the essence of everlasting affection.

Brainless Day Chronicles


This hints at a lighthearted exploration of carefree moments. This concept invites you to dive into a collection of anecdotes and experiences where the mind takes a delightful break, embracing the simplicity and joy found in everyday, brainless pursuits. Join the journey of the “Brainless Day Chronicles” for a whimsical escape into the charm of mindless bliss.

Chill Chase


A pursuit of relaxation and laid-back moments. This concept encapsulates the idea of actively seeking and embracing a calm and tranquil lifestyle. Join the “Chill Chase” for a refreshing journey into the art of unwinding and finding serenity in everyday moments.

Unscripted Journey


This beckons you into the realm of spontaneity and genuine discovery. It’s a narrative without predetermined paths, inviting you to savor the thrill of unpredictability. Embrace the beauty that unfolds when life is allowed to write its own story, weaving tales of authenticity and unexpected joy on this uncharted adventure.

Satisfied Savory, Craving Sweet


The LFST creators discovered a common thread in the quotes they received: kids missing friends, eager to conquer the virus, and, humorously, admitting they were a bit tired of constant family time. This revelation led them to realize the universal and dynamic nature of their mission, brand, and content, highlighting the comforting notion that, in times of crisis, we are all more similar than we might think.

Freeze and Release: A Silent Connection


“Freeze and Release” captures the essence of a silent connection, inviting you to explore the powerful dynamic of pausing and letting go. This concept signifies a harmonious interplay between stillness and liberation, fostering a deeper understanding of the unspoken bonds that tie us together. Join the journey of “Freeze and Release” for a contemplative exploration of the quiet yet profound connections in our lives.

Donut Devotion


A delightful commitment to the sweet and joyful moments in life. This concept invites you to indulge in a celebration of simple pleasures, savoring the delectable and heartwarming experiences that come with each bite. Join the “Donut Devotion” for a journey of sugary bliss and a devoted appreciation of life’s small, delicious joys.

Unbelievable Connections


Alyssa and Greg share that the future holds exciting partnerships, and their vision is to maintain a central hub for all things silly, relatable, and thought-provoking. Get ready for a lively and engaging journey ahead with the promise of innovative collaborations and a continued commitment to amusing, relatable, and contemplative content.

Post-Thanksgiving Liberty


The essence of a relaxed and content state after the Thanksgiving festivities. This concept invites you to bask in the joy of post-feast tranquility, celebrating the freedom to unwind and enjoy the moments of contentment that follow the Thanksgiving celebration.

Cheesy Comfort


A warm embrace of indulgence, a celebration of the gooey joy found in comfort food. This concept invites you to savor the delightful and satisfying experience of cheesy goodness, creating a cozy haven where each bite is a reminder of simple pleasures. Immerse yourself in the comforting allure of “Cheesy Comfort” for a taste of culinary warmth and satisfaction.

Spaghetti’s Glitter


The creators of LFST express their joy in sparking conversations within their community, sharing responses that unveil hidden gems like beloved baby products for personal use. The focus is on genuine and unfiltered dialogues, creating a space where real, raw, and honest thoughts are celebrated. Join in the fun of discovering unexpected favorites and life hacks with LFST’s commitment to authenticity and connection.

Misfit Harmony


Snackless Disrespect


“Snackless Disrespect” hints at a humorous take on the absence of snacks, inviting you to explore a lighthearted perspective on moments devoid of tasty treats. This concept playfully captures the essence of snack-related shenanigans, offering a humorous approach to situations where the usual deliciousness is amiss. Embrace the laughter and playfulness embedded in the notion of “Snackless Disrespect.”

Huggle Moments


The warmth and joy found in moments of affectionate embraces. This concept invites you to cherish and celebrate the cozy and heartwarming connections with loved ones. Join the journey of “Huggle Moments” for a delightful exploration of the simple yet profound happiness found in hugs and shared expressions of love.

Zoomache Woes


It playfully captures the shared experiences and humorous challenges of virtual gatherings. This concept humorously delves into the unique woes and funny mishaps that can arise during online meetings, adding a touch of lightness to the digital realm. Embrace the laughter and relatability of “Zoomache Woes” as it navigates the comical side of the virtual world.

Courage Call


The spirit of summoning inner strength and bravery. This concept invites you to answer the call to courage, embarking on a journey where resilience and determination pave the way. Join the adventure of “Courage Call” as it explores the empowering and transformative moments that arise when facing challenges with unwavering bravery.

Eternal Comrade


An enduring and unwavering friendship or companionship. This concept invites you to explore the timeless bond shared with a steadfast comrade, emphasizing the everlasting nature of true camaraderie. Join the narrative of “Eternal Comrade” for a heartfelt journey celebrating the enduring connections that stand the test of time.

Silent Moments


“Quiet Reflections” invites you to appreciate the beauty in moments of silence, where you can think and feel without saying a word. Join the peaceful journey of “Quiet Reflections” as it explores the special richness found in calm and quiet times.

Cheese Therapy


A unique culinary experience that indulges the senses through a curated selection of exquisite cheeses from around the world. This gastronomic journey offers a delightful escape, allowing enthusiasts to savor and discover the rich diversity of flavors, textures, and aromas that cheese has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a novice, Cheese Therapy promises a therapeutic exploration of the art and pleasure of fine cheese.

The Appliance Alliance


“The Appliance Alliance” is a dynamic consortium dedicated to revolutionizing the home technology landscape. This collaborative initiative brings together leading manufacturers and innovators in the appliance industry, fostering synergy to create cutting-edge, interconnected solutions for modern living. With a shared commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and user-friendly designs, The Appliance Alliance aims to enhance the way households interact with and benefit from smart home appliances.


In conclusion, “How to Share Epic Quotes with Little Kids and They” underscores the power of meaningful communication and the potential for intellectual engagement with young minds. By employing a creative and age-appropriate approach, one can instill a love for wisdom and inspire curiosity in children. This title suggests that the exchange of profound quotes can be transformed into a positive and enriching experience, fostering both intellectual growth and a deeper connection between adults and the young ones in their lives.

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