Check out this Instagram page that gathers the most hilarious headlines ever


Yo, check this out: “Farting in front of your bae makes your relationship stronger.” And get this, fam: “Crying actually helps you shed those extra pounds.” If these headlines sound like some crazy internet stuff, hold up, ’cause we’ve only just begun.

There’s this dope Instagram account called “Funny News Headlines” that collects the most messed up, bizarre, and downright dumb news headlines. Trust me, they got a whole bunch that’ll make you facepalm so hard. Just a heads up, though, don’t be sippin’ on any drinks while you scroll, ’cause you’ll be spittin’ ’em out for real.

This account’s blowin’ up, yo! It’s got 231k followers and keeps gaining more every day. And no wonder, ’cause if you’re into the absurdity of everyday life, this is the bomb treat you’ve been waitin’ for. Oh, and by the way, we’ve dropped some more of those worst newspaper headlines in our previous post. So, go check ’em out, my peeps.


This Is Beautiful

Yo, this street singer was straight-up ignored by everyone, feeling all alone. But guess what? Outta nowhere, four adorable kittens showed up to show their love and support. It was the sweetest thing ever, fam.

It’s So Good To See The Different Fruits Unite

Check this out, fam! This reporter straight-up rocked a “Grab” costume to stand up for a boy who got suspended for wearing a banana suit. Talk about taking a stand! It was an epic way to defend his right to express himself, and people were all about it.


So, after going through this post, you gotta wonder what the heck were these journalists, writers, and content creators thinking when they came up with these ridiculously absurd headlines. Some of them are just straight-up blunt, but others… man, they really make you scratch your head. To get the lowdown on the art of headline making, we had a chat with Lina Survila, the boss lady editor in chief of “Abstract Stylist” online magazine, who’s got years of experience in the press game.

Lina kicked things off by saying that getting people to click on your headlines is no joke, yo. “Unfortunately, editors are always under mad pressure to deliver better results with each article, so the battle for attention-grabbing headlines is real these days.”

Worth A Try

Yo, check this out! There’s this prisoner who straight-up died, but then they brought him back to life. And get this: now he’s claiming that his life sentence is technically over. Can you believe that? Talk about finding a loophole in the system, fam.


Yo, this hunter had a seriously unlucky day when a freaking elephant took a tumble and landed right on top of him. Talk about a bizarre and tragic turn of events, fam. It’s a harsh reminder of the risks involved in the wild, even for those who think they’re in control.

Good One

You know what, there’s actually a thin line between a headline that gives you legit info and one that’s straight-up fake, according to Lina. She’s all like, “Listen up, y’all, ’cause here’s the deal: headlines have a major impact on how Google ranks stuff. Every editor dreams of their article hitting that top spot, ’cause that means more clicks when peeps are searchin’ for it.”

“But here’s the thing,” Lina spilled the tea, “editors get caught up in the chase for more readers, so they end up usin’ trendy keywords that can make their headlines hella misleading.” And she ain’t lyin’, fam, it happens more often than you’d even imagine.


Yo, check this out! There was this elderly dude in a nursing home who straight-up escaped just so he could attend the world’s biggest heavy metal festival. Talk about a rock ‘n’ roll spirit, fam! He was all like, “Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop me from headbangin’ with the best of ’em!” and he made his epic getaway.

This Is Amazing

Yo, guess what? You can actually adopt dogs that flunked out of government training for being too dang friendly. These pups didn’t make the cut for being serious enough, but that just means they’re extra chill and lovable. It’s a win-win situation for dog lovers who want a furry companion with all the love and none of the strict rules.

Yo, sometimes these news headlines can be a little harsh, ya know? They straight-up spoil the whole article for everyone. But here’s the thing, poetic and beautiful headlines don’t always capture the real deal, so peeps who like to get their news fast don’t take the time to appreciate it or even click to see if the article is worth their while.

Lina’s got a point, fam. Nowadays, anything can be labeled as news. Like, seriously, an elephant having a baby is news, and even a funny chicken story can make headlines. It grabs people’s attention, and you can’t blame ’em. If that’s the content they’re into and clicking on, editors gotta dish out more of it. It’s the name of the game these days.


Yo, fake news is no joke, and we need to start taking it more seriously, according to Lina. She straight-up dropped some knowledge, sayin’ that clickbait headlines are like sneaky little devils, misleadin’ peeps left and right. And here’s the real deal: when folks don’t even bother to open the article, they end up spreadin’ the wrong message to others. Lina gave an example of her own, where she read a headline claimin’ K. Reaves was married to Winona Ryder, but turns out they were only married in a movie. She called it a prime case of “fake news.” It just goes to show how deceivin’ a headline can be, fam.


Yo, check this out! So there was this hidden camera set up in the forest to capture pics of wild animals, right? But guess what it caught instead? A naked dude trippin’ on LSD, thinkin’ he was a full-on tiger. Talk about a wild encounter, fam! It’s like a scene straight out of a crazy movie.


Yo, check it out! This woman straight-up lived her life doing what she loved: telling everyone she was a vegan. And you know what? Sadly, she passed away, but at least she went out doin’ what she was passionate about. It’s a reminder to stay true to yourself and pursue what brings you joy, even if it’s all about your dietary choices, fam.

He Looks Absolutely Dashing

Horse gets tailored three- piece suit , he looks absolutely dashing

Got To Make Sure

In a truly unfortunate turn of events, a trapeze artist grappling with a sudden bout of diarrhea unintentionally descended upon 23 unsuspecting individuals. The circus performance took an unexpected and rather messy turn as the artist’s bodily mishap left the audience in shock and distress. The incident serves as a grim reminder that even the most skilled and graceful performers can be subjected to the unexpected twists and turns of fate.

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