30 Times People Stood Out So Comically, Someone Just Had To Share Their Pics To This Online Group


Hang on a sec… something feels off. But we can’t quite figure out what it is. Is it the dude in the shark getup chillin’ at the front of the class? Or the guy rockin’ his favorite anime character outfit and doin’ backflips in the hallway? Maybe it’s the person in the clown suit strolling around a bunch of fancy-dressed business folks outside?

When you’re the main character of your own story, society’s rules and social norms don’t seem to matter… or at least that’s what you believe. It means you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, no matter how much you stick out. Some people do it on purpose, just to make a statement. Others end up standing out by pure accident.

Anti-Bolsonaro Protest In Rio De Janeiro

When you’re thinkin’ about whether to rock somethin’ unique or outside the norm, I gotta share this awesome quote from Dr. Seuss: “Be true to yourself and speak your mind, ’cause those who care don’t matter and those who matter don’t care.” Fashion is all about gettin‘ creative and expressin’ yourself. Don’t let others tell you what to wear!

Sure, there might be some workplace rules and dress codes (though they’re pretty relaxed nowadays), but life is all about bein’ true to who you are. It’s amazing to have the freedom to choose and create a distinct style for yourself every day. Remote work has given folks the chance to dress how they truly feel.

Rockin’ an unconventional look isn’t just about not carin’ what others think and makin’ yourself happy. It’s also about havin’ confidence in yourself and your choices. Your mindset should be like, “Hey, this is me. I hope you dig it, but if you don’t, that’s cool too!”

Ghostface Playing The Lottery

In a clever move to maintain his anonymity, a lottery winner dons a scream mask while claiming his jackpot. By concealing his identity from relatives, he ensures a peaceful transition to his newfound wealth. The mask becomes a symbol of both secrecy and fortune, allowing him to revel in his success without unwanted attention.

This Man With The Rarest Items

According to fashion expert Lynn, who leads Behind the Buckle, it would be a “sad day” if we were all forced to wear boring clothes all the time. However, standing out isn’t always easy. We’ve all experienced the nerves that come with wearing something new and unconventional when meeting friends or colleagues.

“Fashion is meant to be enjoyable, not a chore or something to conform to. In both fashion and life, taking risks often brings rewards. If you’re worried, think of it as an experiment. See how you feel in your outfit and accessories… and pay attention to comments if you’re open to shaking things up,” shared Lynn with Bored Panda. “When others judge, what’s the worst that can happen? Can their comments harm you? Probably not! If you do encounter negativity, you have a couple of choices. Stand up for yourself or take the higher road. The latter will always bring you more peace of mind.”

My Buddy Was Told He Could Wear A Costume

Excitement filled the air as my buddy received permission to don a costume. With a smile on his face, he eagerly embraced the opportunity to express his creativity through attire. Ready to stand out and have a blast, he prepared to make a memorable statement with his chosen ensemble.


There’s a person who takes their love for pizza to the next level by wearing a bread mask and a pizza-themed dress, representing their favorite team. With each slice-shaped step, they become a walking homage to the joy of Domino’s. Their unique fashion choice is a deliciously bold way to show their pizza passion.

Elves, Not Elvis

You can’t go wrong with a classic look that’s hot this fall and winter. Think button-down shirts, blazers, cool accessories, and even ties for women. That mix of masculine vibes is totally in, embracing a gender-neutral trend. Belts are making a comeback too, and you can get creative with them – go thin, medium, or wide, wear ’em over a dress or jacket, or even layer a couple of ’em! Lynn even shared a rad Western-style waist belt on Behind the Buckle’s Insta.

Oh, and there’s this awesome new trend called “athluxury” that’s poppin’ up since the pandemic. Designers are teaming up with athletic wear companies to make a bold statement. And don’t worry, your gold jewelry is still gonna shine, but silver is makin’ a comeback too. Picture chunky and statement styles.

Now, for the dudes, Lynn, the fashion expert, suggests rockin’ shoulder pads, double-breasted jackets, classic ties, baggy jeans, stylish lounge sets with patterns, chisel-toed boots, sweater vests, cool geometric knit sweaters, faux fur, leather (and pleather) jackets, and even varsity and safari jackets. You’ll see everything from polo shirts to turtlenecks, and a whole lot in between. Stay fly, fellas!

The Cutscene Before The Final Boss Fight

The real beauty lies in rocking these looks even when it’s not costume season. Not everyone has the guts to wear whatever they want, but those who do prioritize fun over other people’s opinions.

Established around 5 years ago in mid-December 2017, the r/CustomPlayerCutscene subreddit boasts a vibrant community of 62.8k members. The rules are pretty relaxed, just make sure to share relevant pics and treat fellow community members with respect.

When it comes to pulling off unique clothing or experimental styles, it all boils down to confidence. If you strut with conviction and carry yourself gracefully, believing in your own fashion choices, you can make anyone believe that you absolutely have the right to rock what you’re wearing.

Family Photo

Having a deeper understanding of how cuts, fabrics, and colors harmonize with each other gives you more tools to work with in fashion. This allows your outfits to be fashion-forward while still adhering to the “rules” of style. It’s all about finding the right balance between daring choices and what’s currently considered “objectively” fashionable.

During a previous discussion on fashion and style mistakes, we chatted with Oyinda Akinfenwa, a talented fashion designer and the founder of the Janore brand from Nigeria. Oyinda explained to Bored Panda that designers often struggle to spot their own mistakes in outfits without external feedback.

“It’s difficult to notice your own outfit mistakes until someone points them out because you might be too close to it and view it with pride, without realizing it may not be as good as you think,” she shared. Seeking others’ opinions on your outfits, whether you’re the designer or simply the wearer, is often a smart move.

When You Find All The Hidden Goats In Each Level You Unlock This Guy

“It’s extremely challenging for creatives to self-criticize because of the immense effort we put into creating our pieces. We often avoid over-analyzing the outcome,” she explained, shedding light on the mindset of clothing designers.

Every One Of My Characters Ever

According to fashion expert Oyinda, one of the most significant mistakes people make, if not the biggest, is over-accessorizing. They tend to prioritize accessories excessively, leading to an end result that is visually unappealing. Remember, less is more when it comes to accessorizing.

United Nations Representative From Papua New Guinea

“People often go overboard with adding extra elements when their outfit already has a lot happening, resulting in a tacky appearance. It distracts from the overall outfit because instead of appreciating the ensemble, onlookers become perplexed by the excessive elements,” the designer explained.


Another important aspect to consider is the choice of footwear. Many people underestimate the impact that shoes can have on an outfit. In reality, they have the power to make or break the entire look.

“It’s a common occurrence where individuals wear the wrong shoes for a particular outfit, which ultimately detracts from the overall aesthetic. Just when you start admiring someone’s style and your gaze reaches their feet, you end up disappointed by their choice of shoes,” she explained.


In a clever attempt to go incognito, someone disguises themselves as a pregnant woman. By adopting this unexpected appearance, they aim to blend into the crowd and avoid drawing attention. It’s a creative and unconventional way to maintain anonymity and keep others guessing about their true identity.

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According to the fashion designer, there are a couple of quick tricks to instantly boost your style. Rocking knuckle rings can effortlessly elevate your look, regardless of your outfit choice. Additionally, getting your nails done can make a significant difference in tying the whole look together. It’s all about the small details that can truly enhance your overall style, no matter what you’re wearing.

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