Cohen’s Confession: Ex-Trump Lawyer Owns Up to Blame Game

Cohen's Confession: Ex-Trump Lawyer Owns Up to Blame Game

Lawyer of Trump, Todd Blanche, asked Michael Cohen a question during cross-examination. Blanche pointed out that Cohen has a habit of blaming others for his mistakes. He listed the people Cohen had blamed in the past, including

Cohen admitted to this, responding with a simple “Yes, sir.”

Lawyer of Trump, Todd Blanche, questioned Michael Cohen about a phone call on October 24, 2016. Cohen said he called Donald Trump to discuss a matter with Stormy Daniels and how to resolve it.

When asked what they talked about, Cohen replied, “We discussed the matter, and it was resolved.”

Blanche then asked Cohen if he had lied in his previous testimony about the phone call. Cohen had said he spoke to Trump on the phone in October 2016 and told him about the hush money deal with Stormy Daniels.

Blanche suggested that Cohen actually called Schiller, Trump’s security chief, to complain about being prank-called by a 14-year-old. Blanche implied that the call was too short (only 1 minute and 36 seconds) to have also discussed the deal with Trump.

The court is taking a break for lunch and will start again at 2:15 pm ET.

When the court resumes, Michael Cohen will continue testifying and answering questions from the defence team.

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