24 Celebrity Tweet That Crossed All the Lines


Oh, absolutely! We totally feel you! When we stumble upon those unexpected tweet from celebs, and they start throwing serious shade, our eyes practically pop out! It’s like they’re serving up some major drama, and we can’t help but grab our mugs to sip on all that juicy tea. It’s such a fun and entertaining thing to witness on social media, right?

When it was a little sssuspicious that Kim K. was celebrating National Snake Day, because who celebrates National Snake Day?! 

Yo, Kim Kardashian is like the main culprit behind her fans straight-up bombarding Taylor Swift’s social media with snake emojis. I wouldn’t even be shocked if Kim circled this day on her calendar just so she could drop a shady tweet about it. Like, she totally planned this move, you know?

How Hilary Clinton won the election with these three small words that were way too late

If we were to have an election to decide who’s the fiercest queen in town, no doubt Hillary would always come out on top, and she’d hold that title forever. She’s got that everlasting vibe of confidence and strength that just sets her apart. Like, if there was a competition for being a badass, she’d be the undefeated champion, hands down.


When Chrissy Teigen opened a can of WhoopSass while at the same time doling out some solid parenting advice

You better think twice before trying to mess with Chrissy on Twitter. She’s got this incredible ability to tear you apart, leave you in pieces, and then rock those six-inch heels she’s been strutting in all day just to stomp all over you. Seriously, she’s a force to be reckoned with, and it’s best to steer clear if you don’t want to end up flattened under her fabulous footwear.

When Zayn’s pretty clear reason as to why he left One Direction just killed every fangirl in the world. Quick! If you clap your hands and say, “I believe in fangirls,” they’ll come back to life!

?I?Believe?In?fangirls!? Did it work?

When Cole gave us graphic insight into the life and times of Dylan Sprouse

Every single time Cole drops a tweet directed at his twin bro, Dylan, you better brace yourself because it’s gonna be a shady blast that’ll give you major chills. Seriously, the shade is so thick you might just need to grab a sweater to stay warm. It’s like their sibling banter is on a whole new level, and you can’t help but feel the frostiness in the air.


When Dylan got real about how we all compare him to the most beautiful Sprouse that ever did walk this earth: Cole. Oh, no. I did it, too, didn’t I?

Dylan has this incredible power to absolutely slay Cole with his tweet, but you know what? Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself and poke fun. It’s like a friendly sibling rivalry where they take turns throwing playful jabs at each other. Even though Dylan has the upper hand in the Twitter game, Cole’s totally cool with it and knows how to roll with the punches. It’s all in good fun and keeps their bond strong.

When Bette Midler indirectly told Kim K. to put on clothes like the sassy mom that she is 

If Bette ever had something to say about my demeanor or how I presented myself, you bet I’d be all ears and ready to jot down some serious notes. I mean, when someone like Bette shares their thoughts, it’s like a golden opportunity to learn and grow. I’d definitely take a moment to sit down, listen attentively, and absorb any wisdom or advice they have to offer. It’s all about embracing constructive criticism and using it to become an even better version of myself.

And when Kim Kardashian clapped back at Bette like the misbehaving daughter that she is

Haha, when Bette Midler throws in a “#JustKidding,” you can’t help but laugh. But hey, knowing her playful spirit (and trust me, I’ve got a good sense of her vibe), it wouldn’t be entirely shocking if she randomly decided to send some risqué photos just for the fun of it. She’s got this carefree and adventurous side that makes her unpredictable in the best possible way. You never know what hilarious surprises she might have up her sleeve.


When Kelly Clarkson was here to remind you that she clearly reigned supreme over Justin Guarini

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Who?” then it’s clear you missed out on the epicness that was the very first season of American Idol. Let me tell you, America totally nailed it by crowning Kelly Clarkson as the undisputed number one. It was an iconic moment that showcased her incredible talent and undeniable star power. Trust me, if you had witnessed that season, you’d understand why she’s still a powerhouse in the music industry today. Kelly Clarkson is the real deal, my friend.

When Jessica Biel made us spit out our pumpkin spice lattes and check our basic selves

Who openly claims to be a Miranda? Seriously, it’s all about being a Carrie, Samantha, or Charlotte—or nothing at all! Even Stanford gets more credit than Miranda. Heck, even Magda gets higher priority! It’s like Miranda is at the bottom of the list when it comes to Sex and the City characters. But hey, different strokes for different folks, right? We all have our favorites, and it’s all in good fun.

When Katy Perry pretty much confirmed that the only time we’re getting a Perry/Swift duet is when hell freezes over

Honestly, I just can’t picture Taylor Swift sending Katy some flowers to congratulate her on the song “Swish Swish” and extending an olive branch to be besties again. It feels like something you’d expect on Opposite Day, you know? Like, the chances of that happening seem pretty slim. But hey, who knows what could unfold in the crazy world of pop stars? Stranger things have happened, right? Maybe one day they’ll surprise us all and mend their friendship.


When the smiling emojis made this tweet by Nicki Minaj seem sweet, but her savage tone made it most definitely, absolutely 100% not at all friendly

 When Madonna uploaded her angry face selfie to show how frustrating dealing with deliveries can be

Yeah, I get it. I mean, even I might have a hard time believing it was Madonna at first. But hey, let’s cut the lady some slack, right? Celebrities can surprise us sometimes, and maybe she’s just showing a different side of herself. We shouldn’t be too quick to judge. Who knows, she might be ready to break free from expectations and bring something fresh to the table. It’s always interesting to see artists evolve and embrace new creative directions.

When Parks And Recreation was releasing its final season and Aubrey Plaza roasted Jerry one more time

Absolutely! Entertainment Weekly definitely played a part in fueling the whole “Jerry is the worst” narrative of the show. But you know April Ludgate, she couldn’t resist being her true self and holding back her thoughts. Aubrey Plaza, in all her April Ludgate glory, couldn’t help but let her opinions fly. It’s like she embraced that mischievous spirit and spoke her mind, adding some extra spice to the mix. Gotta appreciate her authenticity and how she stayed true to her character’s essence.

When Cole Sprouse was not afraid to come for his own show, and that, my friends, is an amazing example of job security

Oh, let me tell you, Cole may have gone ahead and deleted that tweet where he threw some shade at Riverdale’s new poster, but man, the damage was already done. The savage remarks had been unleashed, and people were quick to catch on. It’s like once the tweet was out there, it had a life of its own. Even though he may have taken it down, the impact was felt, and the internet was buzzing with reactions. The power of social media, right? Once something’s out in the open, it’s hard to take it back.


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