Slovakia’s PM Robert Fico Shot Multiple Times, Suspect Detained

Slovakia's PM Robert Fico Shot Multiple Times, Suspect Detained

Slovakia’s outgoing president, Zuzana Čaputová, has confirmed that the police have arrested the person suspected of attacking Prime Minister Robert Fico.

“I am shocked and deeply disturbed by this terrible attack,” she said. “We may not fully understand the seriousness of what happened yet, but it’s clear that this is not just an attack on a person, but also on democracy. Violence is never acceptable and can result from hateful speech and rhetoric. Let’s work together to stop this.

“The police have the situation under control and will share more information when they can. For now, let’s not jump to conclusions. Our main focus should be on wishing for Robert Fico’s speedy recovery.”

Slovakia’s Defense Minister, Robert Kaliňák, has updated the public on the condition of Prime Minister Robert Fico. Fico is still in surgery and his condition is extremely serious.

Speaking outside the hospital in Banská Bystrica, Kaliňák said doctors are doing everything they can to save Fico’s life. Fico suffered severe injuries from multiple gunshot wounds.

Unfortunately, Fico’s health is in a bad state, and the situation is dire. We’re waiting for more news, but for now, we’re putting our trust in the medical experts at the hospital.

The surgery has been ongoing for three and a half hours, and we can expect more updates later.

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