36+ Hilarious Tweets For People With An Unusual Sense of Humor


Do you find yourself laughing at things that nobody else thinks are funny? Chances are you’ve scrolled the internet and stumbled upon something you couldn’t help but stop and laugh at.

From relatable confessions to hilarious stories to random observations, these are some of the best tweets we’ve ever seen. These posts will make you cringe and laugh until your stomach hurts!

Hissing Under the Mistletoe

Dressing up your pets for special occasions can be a great way to get into the festive mood. While the pets themselves may not know what all the fuss is about, they do look adorable and it makes for a great photo opportunity.

We appreciate the intention behind this serpent’s Santa hat, but who’s gonna be the one to tell them that that’s not a dog?

Cashing In

Humans have the innate ability to overcomplicate things that are really quite simple. Take currency for example, did it really need to be decentralized with cryptography?

It was a simpler time before Bitcoin came to be. Take us back to the good old days when you’d pay for your goods in hard cash. Who needs cryptocurrency when you have coupons?

Rawdogging Life

Most things that we pack in our onboard carry-on are to make us more comfortable on the flight itself. A neck pillow, noise-canceling earphones, and some form of entertainment are usually the most popular choices.

However, there are some people who don’t require the good things in life to be comfortable. While we commend this dude’s lack of frivolous necessities, we couldn’t take a flight with no headphones.

Logging Off

These days, most social media platforms have the same features. Photo sharing, liking, commenting, etc. But what differs between the sites is the type of content they usually attract.

What’s super important to remember about social media is that the users are sharing a very specific and small aspect of their lives with the world. Not everything you see should be taken at face value.

In the Dog House

As told to us by How I Met Your Mother’s Lilly Aldrin, dogs always make a super guilty face whenever they’ve done their business in the house.

However, dogs are smart. Whether it’s making in the house or eating what’s not theirs, they know exactly what they’re doing is wrong and that their human parents will be mad at them.

Double Trebble

One of the most convenient things about supermarkets is that you really can pick up almost everything you need in one place. It looks like musical instrument companies are catching on.

In a bid to save money, Yamaha repurposed the remains of the company’s war-time production machinery. You can now pick up a keyboard and a motorbike in the same shopping spree. Good to know!

Playing Trix on Me

The animal kingdom is a vast place. When it comes to our knowledge of it, we’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s so much we don’t know about how they live.

Just when we thought we knew everything about the lives of ants and how they function, we’re surprised by a cereal-related ritual like this. Has somebody alerted David Attenborough to this?

Rat Eat Rat World

The age-old “Who would win in a fight” debate is usually a light-hearted, hypothetical discussion. There usually isn’t a definitive answer because the debate is mostly about fictional characters.

They’re not meant to be taken so seriously. But now and again you will come across somebody who’s put some serious thought into it and is adamant that they’re correct. We applaud this person for their unwavering commitment to the topic.

Polly Want a Cracker

A parrot is a special pet to have. Their amazing ability to repeat phrases back to you with perfect enunciation is super endearing and often really funny.

However, it all depends on what phrases you’re teaching your parrot to say. People will usually teach them greetings and names—not things this dark. We do have to commend Yael on her creativity.

White Lies

Having children can massively impact your outlook on life and the way you approach things. Becoming a parent can make you rethink a lot of what you thought you already knew, too.

Nobody should feel bad for going back on things that they’d previously established in this scenario. Having kids is pretty hard, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Getting Ghosted

Making people laugh isn’t so simple—some people just have a knack for seeing comedic opportunities in the most mundane of places. Being funny is not a skill that just anybody can obtain—it’s something you’re born with.

Admit it, you read the words “Goats Butter” in the same tune as the Ghostbusters’ theme. We definitely did and it made our day.

Christmas Magic

It’s astonishing how even though the parents in Christmas movies don’t believe in Santa Claus, the kids wake up to a pile of beautifully wrapped gifts waiting for them under the tree. But how did they get there?

Maybe it’s a Christmas miracle, maybe it’s a stranger buying toys for your kids, who knows? Does it really matter anyway? (Yes, yes it does).

Top of the Class

Pursuing further education broadens your horizons and allows you to keep your options open for the future. We admire anyone who goes back to school to study, humans and reptiles alike.

For the first time in natural hiss-tory, we see snakes studying in a school classroom, side by side. We bet their favorite class is the one where you dissect mice.

Date Night

People are different, and your perspective of them can often change over time. Sometimes, you can date someone for years and still be unsure if they’re for you. Then there are times when you already know on the first date that they’re not the one.

What one person might find absolutely hilarious, another person can find cringy and a turn-off. We wonder if there was a second date.

Cutting Corners

Even though air travel is a safe way to get around, so many things could go wrong. We always find ourselves peeking into the cockpit when boarding, just to check that they know what they’re doing in there.

Up until now, we assumed flights simply flew in straight lines to their destinations. But apparently, there are timesaving methods for making flights even shorter.

Written in the Stars

The Zodiac can be a fickle thing. Even those who believe in the star signs will admit there are exceptions to the rules from time to time.

Everybody is different and individual in their own way, so choosing friends based on their date of birth isn’t the best way to live. Especially when you’re using names of star signs that don’t exist.

So Cheesy

Pasta-based dishes are very difficult to mess up. Almost every combination of toppings and ingredients works together and it almost always tastes absolutely amazing.

But apparently, there are people out there who absolutely hate mac and cheese. We have to wonder who on earth shows up to Thanksgiving dinner with this. Thanksgiving is officially canceled for this unlucky family.

Daddy Issues

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a high-profile event only to be wearing the same outfit as somebody else there. All it does is encourage the “who wore it better” debate.

We assumed that frosted tips went out of style along with flared jeans and the Backstreet Boys. But they’re back and have taken both the Food Network and the Disney Channel by storm.

Just Buzzing

How many times have you seen a caution sign and just walked on? Not known for being the most aesthetically pleasing, signs like this are usually pretty boring. However, this one definitely grabbed our attention.

If the italic title wasn’t eye-catching enough, the colored illustrations of bees on either side definitely made us look twice. We bet the graphic designer was buzzing.

Bad Idea, Right?

There are some thoughts that sound absolutely brilliant at first. But once you actually think about the implications, you slowly realize how bad of an idea it was.

While we think that the question was rhetorical, it was definitely answered. There’s always someone on the internet that ready and willing to provide you with answers in our time of need.

Sting Like a Cat

One minute we’re being told that bees are slowly going extinct, and now the bees are growing legs and whiskers? Honestly, we don’t know who to believe anymore.

Joking aside, you should always err on the side of caution when following health-related tips that you see online. They can get quite risky. This person’s lucky that all it did was turn their cat yellow.

Food for Thought

When Black Friday comes around, we see people scrambling at store entrances to find the best deals on their favorite goods and electronics. But do we really need more things?

What if the sales were in places that we actually needed? Surely it would fix many of the problems we see happening as a response to extreme consumerism. Points were made and we want answers.

Keep the Change

Teaching your children about the value of money is important. By learning that money doesn’t grow on trees from a young age, they’ll go on to be financially sensible adults with a grasp of how finance works.

Another key trait to teach your kids is assertiveness. Once they have an understanding of the two, they’ll be practically unstoppable in the business world.

Consider Yourself Gaslit

Have you ever been made to question your own sanity because of something you’ve been told? Chances are you were being gaslit. It’s a pretty manipulative thing to make somebody feel that way.

Thankfully, the internet is full of people who cannot wait to tell you that you’re wrong for feeling the way that you do and that you’re opinion is incorrect. Thanks, internet.

Giving Us the Ick

ASMR is a new trend that’s swept the internet. Calming noises trigger a relaxing sensation in the body that’s supposed to feel like a brain massage. It’s usually caused by somebody whispering, crackles, or certain accents.

It isn’t usually caused by the sound of dogs cleaning themselves. We can’t imagine that this is a pleasant sound to fall asleep to.

Driving Us Crazy

Have you ever read the same piece of ridiculous writing so many times that it started to make sense? It can make you question everything and before you know it you’re gaslighting yourself.

Technically nothing he said was wrong, yet it also doesn’t seem right. But he could be onto something. We wonder where motor homes would come into this equation.

Tres Punny

Puns are always fun. They may cause the odd scoff or eye roll, but for the most part, they’re pretty funny when timed correctly.

People on the internet are starting to get creative with their puns and humor in general. Social media happens to be a great place to showcase their stand-up comedy skills. We’re wondering how many retweets this one got.

Easy as ABC

Followers of Einstein’s relativity often say that everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will believe it’s stupid. It’s from here we learn that intelligence is relative to your surroundings.

While this girl is probably still a very gifted student, we think that even somebody her age who isn’t academically inclined would do well in the fourth grade.

Watch Me Whip

Criminal activity is everywhere nowadays. Muggings, petty crime, you name it. What we don’t often see is people being forced to act out dancing internet trends from 2016 at gunpoint.

If you’re going to threaten somebody with their life, at least have them do something a little less embarrassing. To be honest, we’d just hand over our money and phone.

Familiar Faces

We fell in love with Steve Harvey the minute we saw him on Family Feud—he’s everyone’s favorite game show host. There’s something about him that never fails to put a smile on our faces.

But after seeing this Mr. Potato Head, we can’t seem to get this image out of our minds. This is what nightmares are truly made of.

From the Horse’s Mouth

It seems like animals are living their best lives. No bills, no responsibilities, and they can eat and sleep whenever they want to. We wonder what it would be like to live like that.

Twitter users don’t just fantasize about it, they are actually formulating plans for if it happened. As far as plans go, this one is pretty solid.

They Pea Me Rollin’

Having your own mode of transportation is such a flex. The independence that it brings will transform your life and change how you go about your day. But not every type of transportation is convenient.

Having a small car that puts you at risk of rolling into oncoming traffic isn’t ideal, but let’s look on the bright side. It gets you from A to B and nobody will be asking you for a ride.

Brotherly Love

What’s great about having a sibling is that they’re a friend for life. You not only are similar genetically, but you are able to bond over shared childhood experiences that nobody else would understand.

But apparently, not all siblings go through the same things. Are we just going to ignore the fact that he casually said his brother fell into another dimension? Yes? Okay.

Georgia on My Mind

When your device is full of random photos, it’s very easy to upload or send the wrong one out to people. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

This Twitter user unfortunately did exactly that. While they clearly didn’t mean to upload this specific photo, we think that the State of Georgia could be seen as cute, too.

Fashion Baby

As fashion trends change with time, baby clothes follow suit. Babies used to be clothed in dresses and frilly hats, but now we see them in skinny jeans and beanie hats.

Some aspects of clothing are not entirely functional, but are there for design purposes. We wonder what babies would put in their pockets if they knew they had them.

High Stakes

When we think of vampires and the problems that one might face after becoming one, we don’t usually think about the mundane. We think of outliving our loved ones, not seeing the sun, our new diet, etc.

Apparently, our problems would start closer to home. All the neurodivergent traits you had as a human you would also have as a vampire.

Dentists Have Fillings Too

Brushing your teeth twice a day is the best way to keep your oral hygiene game strong. It’s what our dentists always recommend during our checkups. Whether or not we keep to it is up to us.

But dentists have better things to do in between appointments than keeping track of their patient’s brushing frequency. This is probably the reason why medical professionals don’t hand out their personal contact information to patients.

Sugar, Yes Please

Celebrity scandals are so much juicier than the affairs of us regular people. Maybe because they’re in the spotlight we hold them to a higher standard?

Once something about a celebrity is leaked to the internet, there’s no stopping the onslaught of trolls ready and waiting to make us laugh with their edits and retweets of celebrity gossip and scandals.

Doggone It!

Dogs are truly our best friends. They seem to only have love for their owners and are always excited to see them after a time apart from each other.

Have you ever put yourself in the metaphorical shoes of a dog? Every pet owner is guilty of thinking about it at least once. Living life on all fours must be great.

Horror Movie Vibes

The world is full of terrible things like murder and domestic issues, so it’s such a breath of fresh air to see people in society paying it forward.

It really restores faith in humanity to see neighbors stepping up and helping each other for the sake of being a good person. Wait, did they really say a rolled-up carpet?

Creme de la Creme

In an ideal world, we would be able to go about our daily business without the fear of being judged. Unfortunately, social etiquette dictates the way that we live.

Honestly, we’re done with societal rules. Gone are the days of caring about what is socially acceptable and what isn’t. If you want a cup of whipped cream then go and order one—forget the haters.

Matter of Perspective

There’s no doubt that the problems we face in the 21st century are a little different from the ones that our ancestors dealt with. While our problems may seem big to us, they don’t hold a flame to the dire conditions that humans once lived in.

It’s a true sign of the times to see what our generation’s biggest issues are. It’s not to say that our feelings today aren’t valid, this just puts them into perspective.

Now You See It

Once you get older, a strange phenomenon happens when you watch your favorite childhood TV shows. You begin to see them through an adult’s eyes and point out all the things you missed when you were a kid.

Did Dora the Explorer even have a visa? Was she even old enough to be traveling the world alone? Why is her best friend a monkey?

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

The majority of the time the smoke detector goes off because someone’s burnt the cooking in the kitchen. There’s rarely an actual emergency. But it’s always recommended to have one in your home.

The same goes for friends. Even when they’re acting up for no good reason, you should always at least check in to see what the problem is and always keep them around.

Still Waters Run Deep

We can all agree that nothing is feared more than the unknown, especially when it comes to the ocean. Considering that it’s miles deep and covers most of the world’s surface, it’s impossible to know what’s really going on down there.

We agree with the above statement, it is none of our business what kind of giant creatures from other worlds swim beneath the surface.

Holy Guacamole!

It’s always a good idea to venture out of your comfort zone and try new things. Be it new foods, new experiences, or meeting new people.

However, this looked like a terrible idea. We cannot work out what on earth was going through their head that made them want to try this. How did they even manage to bite it like that?

Ham it Up

Swifties have slowly but surely taken over the internet. The army of Taylor Swift superfans is best known for their undying love for the artist and everything she does.

However, some people online have different priorities. The fandom of premium meats and cheeses seems to be growing in size and popularity. This man’s love for meat is a true love story.

Rocking Out

Everybody has different hobbies and interests. As long as you do what makes you happy it doesn’t matter what people think of it, however unusual it is.

While there’s some truth to what’s being said here about rock climbing, we imagine that there’s nothing more rewarding than finally finishing off a difficult climb and glancing down at the view.

Root of the Problem

When we think of voodoo dolls we imagine all the horrible ways that people torture them so as to harm their enemies and people they don’t like. As it turns out, there are more creative ways to make a person suffer.

Honestly, we think that being given a bad hair day is worse than being stabbed in the heart sometimes.

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