40 Oddly Terrifying Pictures That Gave People The Creeps


In the world, some things are naturally scary, but others that seem normal can be oddly terrifying. Like how ice freezes, how plants look when they die, or pictures taken at the wrong time. These are simple things that shouldn’t be scary, but somehow they are.

The Ultimate Rap Battle

In a Welsh Christmas tradition, a horse skull visits your door and sings rhymes. You respond with rhymes explaining why the dead horse can’t come in. If you give up, the horse gets your beer. It’s a strange mix of creepy and amusing!

The Next Level

This family takes Halloween costumes to a traditional, creepy level, unlike the cute or cool ones nowadays. They put a lot of effort into creating genuinely scary looks. It’s impressive how they go all out to make their costumes so spooky!

Invasion of the Giant Bugs

Imagine if mosquitoes were this big! It’s nightmare fuel! The picture isn’t edited; a bug flew in front of the camera lens. With the fog, it’s super eerie and might make bug haters uncomfortable. Gamers might even get flashbacks to EDF!

The Cabbage Fields

Would you believe this is just a cabbage field? It looks like an alien egg nest! When we don’t know where things come from, they can seem oddly terrifying. How many would recognize this at first glance?

The Duality of Nature

This dew-covered ladybug is a bit of a toss-up. Some might find it creepy, others cute. It depends on who’s looking. Since it might unsettle some folks, we decided to include it here anyway.

Feeling Unnatural

Birds usually fly, that’s their thing. So seeing them run with their feet might be oddly terrifying. It’s just weird and uncanny to watch. Check out these birds running toward you, looking oddly human. It’s not something you see every day, which makes it feel unnatural to many.

From the Depths

Check out these rubber gloves being washed in a machine – nothing special, right? But somehow, it turned out creepy! Just luck, we guess. Opening the machine door to this sight might give someone a fright. It’s like hands rising from the depths of the underworld. These coincidences don’t happen every day!

Art and Fear

This isn’t nature, it’s art made from driftwood. But it’s hard to see it as just creative – it’s oddly terrifying. These tree people would give someone a heart attack in the woods. Sure, it’s creative, but the idea of dismembered tree people lurking in the woods is creepy. Unsettling art is still art, after all.

Snapdragon Corpses

When flowers die, they can look oddly terrifying. This Snapdragon plant, after death, resembles the souls of the damned or strange goblin skulls. It’s unsettling how nature’s normal process can be so creepy.

The Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle is not inherently creepy; it’s actually a pretty cool bird. But what’s oddly (or justifiably) terrifying about it is its huge size. It’s the world’s largest eagle, comparable to a grown man. While it’s unlikely to attack a person out of the blue, the fact that it could potentially take down an adult human is terrifying in itself.

A Bit of a Coincidence

We’re not suggesting a link between big caves and people disappearing, but based on this image, it sure seems like it, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Either way, seeing this coincidence is kinda creepy. Oddly terrifying? We think so. It might make you think twice about going spelunking!

Tricks of the Trade

Spiky contact lenses are pretty terrifying, even though they’re not meant to be worn. Learning about how bodies are prepared for funerals is off-putting. Maybe it’s better not to think about it.

The Skin Cake

Making a cake that looks like scientifically accurate skin is pretty horrifying, no matter the scenario. Would you really want to eat it? Even after it’s cut up, it might not look much better. Just knowing what it looked like in the first place would probably turn someone off pretty quickly.

Alien Invasion

If you want to scare pedestrians with an oddly terrifying kite, this squid design is perfect. Seeing it as a black silhouette flying in the sky is disconcerting. We wonder if some kite designs are banned in other countries. How many ‘alien’ sightings were just odd kites? The world may never know.

The Frog Ritual

After a good rain, frogs tend to come out, which isn’t weird. But what’s oddly terrifying in this picture is the number of frogs and how they all face the same direction. If anyone knows why they do this, we’d be invested in learning the answer. Are they going somewhere? Is something getting their attention? Are they summoning a frog deity?

World’s Scariest Lemon

Believe it or not, the oddly terrifying thing in this image is actually a lemon. We’re not sure if it’s one single lemon or if a bunch somehow connected. It’s bizarre! Despite the concerning appearance, it’s practical. That’s a lot of lemon, more than usual! And we assume it still tastes perfectly fine.

Under Sheep Scrutiny

Sheep aren’t usually creepy. Goats, maybe, but not sheep. But few people have a whole flock of sheep staring at them in the dark. It’s oddly terrifying, even though sheep are harmless at night too. Just don’t shine a light in their eyes.

Just Normal Terrifying

This example isn’t oddly terrifying; it’s pretty understandable to be terrified. Most people don’t like spiders, especially not a lot of them, and definitely not all over their things. What’s oddly terrifying is the circumstances. Was this overnight? Where did all these spiders come from, and how did no one notice?

The Mantis Swarm

Praying Mantises aren’t usually seen in large groups since they’re considered solitary bugs. However, like most bugs, they hatch in big groups, leading to situations like this. This oddly terrifying image shows a recently hatched Praying Mantis nest. It’s disconcerting, but at least this bug is more tolerable than most.

The Mermaid Manatee

We’re not exactly sure what we’re looking at here. It’s a Manatee, but those weird, oddly humanoid-looking leg things are puzzling. It makes the Manatee resemble a mermaid. We’re not sure if it’s oddly terrifying, but it’s definitely an unusual and uncanny sight.

The Cicada Army

Kids don’t worry about the same things as adults. While most adults would find it gross to collect an army of Cicada bodies, kids might find it fascinating. It’s not terrifying, but it’s a bit creepy. Just keep an eye on that kid. Who knows what he’ll get up to as he gets older. It’s probably nothing, but most kids don’t amass armies of the dead when they’re young. He might be a necromancer in the making!

The Creepy Crystal

This crystal doesn’t look nice and pretty like most crystals. In fact, it looks like it has little spiders in it, which is creepy. It’s not the kind of crystal we’d want as a keepsake. While it might still be rare, with an appearance like that, we’re not sure if we’d want to keep it.

What Health Looks Like

This image shows the root system of a plant, which looks oddly terrifying with all those furry things. Despite resembling a parasite-infested brain, it’s a sign of a healthy plant. While uncomfortable to look at, it’s a normal sight for gardeners.

The Quetz

Fans of dinosaur media may recognize this creature, the extinct Quetzalcoatlus. What’s oddly terrifying about it? It’s simply the sheer size of the thing and the knowledge that it once flew around the skies. Imagine walking around, only to see a massive shadow blot out the sun above you. Scary! On the other hand, we have to wonder if you could ride them in reality. Domesticated giant reptile birds would be pretty cool!

What in Tarnation

Believe it or not, this isn’t a bunch of eyeballs; it’s actually a type of plant. We’re not sure what kind, but encountering this in the wild would be oddly terrifying. Imagine stumbling upon it while walking in the woods or the jungle. The eyes seem to be always watching!

Chocolate Baby Dolls

This image from the 1920s shows little chocolate babies, which were supposed to be treats. They may look terrifying, but they were considered normal back then. It’s strange to think society once found them appetizing, but it was a different time with different tastes.

A Double Take

Some makeup tricks can be oddly terrifying, like this example. It looks creepy, but it’s just makeup creating the unsettling effect. It’s amazing what makeup can do beyond hiding blemishes or enhancing beauty. With the right skills, even unsettling looks like this are possible.

River Monsters

Catfish can be oddly terrifying creatures. While they seem harmless, they can grow to enormous sizes, like the one in this picture. It’s troubling how massive it is, almost the size of a shark. That’s pretty much all there is to say about it!

Safety First

This image is terrifying for several reasons. It was taken during a time when people had to worry about mustard gas from foreign enemies. The gas mask is obvious, but the baby stroller she’s pushing? It’s designed to protect the baby from toxic gas. The fact that such a thing needed to exist is terrifying.

Whale Lord

Whales aren’t terrifying because of their behavior; they’re usually peaceful toward humans. That’s what makes this oddly terrifying. The whale itself isn’t a threat to the ship it’s under, but its sheer size is intimidating. Few things are as scary to humans as creatures that dwarf them so completely. Fortunately, whales of this size don’t go out of their way to be a problem for sailors.

Ice Demon

This image shows water that has frozen over, a natural phenomenon. Yet, it’s oddly terrifying how it froze in the shape of a person, almost like a ghost or spirit. Water can freeze in all sorts of weird shapes, but this is the only example like this on our list.

Big Brain Moves

As you go deeper into the ocean, you find creepier organisms, like this fish with its brain and eyeballs visible through its skin. It’s eerie but also fascinating to see how animals in a different environment evolved differently. Maybe that’s what makes them uncanny to us.

It’s Alive, We Promise

Looking at this picture, you might think that skinny wet thing is dead. But it’s not—it’s a newborn alpaca. Because it just came out of the womb, its hair is mostly slicked to its body, creating this creepy image. It’s crazy that the baby alpaca is that thin under all of its hair. It’s hard to imagine it even has enough room for its organs in there!

The Bat Nursery

People sometimes forget that bats are mammals and do mammalian things, like nursing their young in a manner like this. Most people never see a bat nursery because bats are secretive. It’s hard to decide if this is creepy or cute—it might be a bit of both, as they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It depends on the individual seeing the image, mostly.

Demonic Possession

Panoramic photos can create weird images if people move around too much, like this one. It looks like the woman has sprouted another head, giving an eerie vibe. Certainly not the way anyone wanted this picture to turn out, we’re sure.

The Nope Stairs

Even if you’re not afraid of heights, these stairs are terrifying. They’re high up, twisting around, with only moderate safety measures—it’s unsettling. We assume an elevator is normally used. These must be emergency stairs for fires or if the elevator is out. But being that high up, they might as well have emergency parachutes available!

Carrying the Young

This image is oddly terrifying because it’s hard to tell what’s going on at first glance. No, this bird doesn’t have multiple legs. It’s actually carrying its babies under its wings, and their legs hang down like that. It’s natural but strange and creepy to look at initially. Once you know what’s happening, it’s not as bad, but the point still stands.

Eye in the Sky

What’s more oddly terrifying than a giant evil eye-looking thing watching Earth from space? Probably a few things (like black holes), but this is still pretty high on the creepy list. It gives us Eye of Sauron vibes, and we all know how creepy that was. Then again, space is oddly terrifying even without this kind of thing when you really think about it.

Original Creep

Remember when we said Halloween used to be scarier? These costumes were the norm for kids. Kids! They were seen as innocuous back then, which is crazy! We’re glad Halloween became somewhat less terrifying over time. There’s still a place for scary things, but this is a little much.

River Dolphins

Dolphins are usually cute and cuddly, but not this one. It’s just creepy, maybe because of its eyes. Even its smile or laugh is unsettling. We feel bad saying that since the dolphin is probably just having fun, but it is what it is. He’s just not a cute dolphin.

Way Too Literal

Do we even need to say anything about this? Maybe it’s not terrifying, but it’s definitely disconcerting. Would anyone really want to eat that? Well, if you’re starving, maybe. We don’t know why anyone would take the term ‘fish taco’ this literally. We’re not sure if this photo is real or edited, but either way, we really don’t like looking at it.

Aliens from the Water

Believe it or not, this terrifying guy is just a shark. Well, a certain type of shark, but still a shark. He looks more like an alien monster than a normal animal just trying to catch a meal. We assume his eyes are further up on his head and not visible. Those other holes are probably something else (maybe shark nostrils?). Whatever it is, this aquatic creature looks like it belongs in a science fiction film.

In the Womb

Everyone knows that babies develop in the womb, going from a tiny embryo to a full human being. But other than vague ultrasound images, most people don’t see what the baby looks like between those stages. Maybe that’s for the best. We’re not even sure if you could call this image oddly terrifying. It seems pretty understandable to be terrified of this kind of image.

Scary Carey

Everyone loves Jim Carrey as the Grinch. But many people might not realize that the expressions he makes as the character, he’s capable of making in real life. Case in point, this facial expression right here. It’s unsettling to know he can contort his face like that. On the other hand, it’s pretty impressive too, isn’t it? Imagine having that much control over your facial muscles.

We Make Do

Hermit crabs and similar creatures will use various objects as their home. They don’t judge how creepy something is, so using a baby doll head doesn’t bother them. But for us humans, that’s scary. It’s a normal part of nature, but it’s oddly terrifying to look at. Needless to say, it would probably give a scuba diver a heart attack!

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