People Post About Awkward Moments They’ve Witnessed At Weddings


Weddings are supposed to be wonderful celebrations in which friends and families of the bride and groom gather together for one special night. Yet, sometimes, things go off the rails. There are times where really awkward moments occur (and they usually happen out of the blue).

Some of them may be funny, but others may be downright dreadful. Today, we want to take a look at some of the moments that people have posted about. We can’t wait to dive into this ourselves, so let’s get this show on the road.

Wedding with homework

Some people love weddings while other people don’t really enjoy them very much. But if there was ever a way to make sure that everyone had fun at a wedding, it was by making the wedding have homework! Yeah, you read that right.

According to this person, they once attended a wedding that had the theme of “books,” meaning that everyone had to read a certain book before attending. It was a good idea, but it very obviously backfired and just left people in very awkward situations. Why couldn’t they have made the theme “snacks” or “TV”?

Adele at a wedding

The job of a wedding DJ is to pick music that is absolutely not going to cause any drama. And at the very least, a wedding DJ shouldn’t be picking any music that is very obviously sad. “Someone Like You” by Adele? C’mon! How was that NOT going to cause something bad to happen? That’s one of the saddest songs ever!

While we understand why the ex had to be escorted out in this situation, can you really blame him for singing his heart out? We bet people who were happily in relationships were belting along too.

Grabbing some cupcakes for themselves

A lot of people get absolutely massive cakes for their weddings. These cakes are meant to feed everyone, but they can be a real pain to cut up into small pieces for all the guests. That’s why cupcakes can be a real boon to big weddings. Allowing your guests to serve themselves will save you a ton of time and effort.

But beware: everyone at the wedding might forget that eating before the bride and groom is considered rude if they have their own cupcakes to munch on. That’s precisely what happened at this wedding. How awkward.

There’s always a plan B

Not every relationship is going to be approved of. That’s just how love works. You might find the person that you think is your soulmate only to later learn that your family hates them. And you know what? That’s okay. They don’t have to love who you’re with, YOU just have to love them.

But that doesn’t make it any less awkward when your family members give speeches at your wedding saying that you can come back home if you leave your spouse. Sure, we guess that their intentions were good, but this wedding sounds really not so great.

Doomed from the start

It’s never a good thing when a marriage ceremony is doomed from the start. It doesn’t help when the groom shows up plastered. It also doesn’t help if the bride is simply going through with the wedding to avoid embarrassment. To then know that the bride never even signed the marriage certificate is quite enlightening.

Yeah, we’d say that this marriage ceremony was doomed from the start, which is a real shame (given how significant they are). Not even just for the bride and groom, either, but for everyone involved.

Not the groom’s baby

Oh…my…goodness. This is something that you see on TV shows. We’re assuming he did know, but we want to know if one of the few people who knew was the groom himself. We’d imagine he’d know if the baby was his, but you simply never know.

If he didn’t, that would’ve completely amplified the uncomfortable nature of this wedding for the person telling the story. Let’s just say that if that was the case, there probably were some words when he finally figured out what was what.

Losing the wedding ring

Of all the things to lose on the day of the wedding, the rings are the worst. They’re kind of important. At least with this one, though, everyone knew where the ring was. Well, they at least knew what bush it fell into.

It’s like losing your golf ball in a bush when you see it go inside of it. You know it’s there, but you just have to locate it. Same thing here and, thankfully, it didn’t take too long for the ring to be found. It also most likely created a few laughs within the parties.

A toast turned into a roast

When it’s all done in good fun, roasts can be fine. Then again, there hits a point where the roasting becomes too much. During weddings, it’s something that should be done very carefully. Love and laughter are typically the two things you want to see in spades during weddings.

Here, the roasting was just unnecessary as it was done in an aggressive way. “Awkward” is really only one of the words that could be used to describe this. We can think of a few others.

Standing through the awkwardness

Okay, imagine an awkward wedding. You’ve got in your head? Does it include elements from many of the ones that we have already seen on this list? Okay, perfect. Now how can you make it more awkward? Yeah, hard to think of a way, right?

But we have an idea. What if everyone was standing? Yes, everyone. Throughout the entire ceremony. Sounds bad, right? But it’s not like that could ever actually happen… except it did. This guy attended a wedding where the minister forgot to tell everyone to sit down. How did he not recognize his mistake?

In it for the money

Many people can probably relate to something like this. Where a bunch of people are trying to convince somebody that something is wrong, and they just won’t have any of it. In this case, it was the bride apparently being in the marriage only for the money.

To be there and to listen to that song play with the knowledge that many on the groom’s side had must’ve been interesting. Yeah, that’s the best word we have to describe what it would’ve been like, honestly.

Loving to sing

Bless the people that just love to sing, but some people just can’t carry a tune. Hey, as long as they’re having a good time singing, though, what’s truly wrong with that?

It doesn’t mean that if the scenario happened at a wedding, as it did here, it wouldn’t cause some awkwardness. Even to those that can really sing, however, backup music can be really helpful. To have this guy go up there without any backup music or anything must’ve just added to it all.

Finding out old dirt

Whew, there is a lot going on with the few words written here. It seems like a simple occurrence that happened, but we have several questions about it. For one, did the friend not know that his wife and his friend were a thing in the past?

Secondly, how did the guy find out the information, did his friend finally confess? And, finally, how did everything end up. Wow, that’s too many questions. All we know is that pretty much defines the word “awkward.”

Drama with the parents

When it comes to marriages, you just never know how the respective parents are going to act around one another. The time it’s even worse is during the actual wedding, as we imagine that to be some people’s worst nightmare. As it was in this story, the two sides weren’t really seeing eye-to-eye.

That’s a fair assumption when you see that the parents of the groom basically told everyone that they paid for everything at the wedding, calling the bride’s parents mooches. Yeah, we’d say that’s a fair assumption.

More important clients

This is all we’re going to say, how many clients could be more important than someone who was trying to get ready for their wedding day? We kind of feel that client would get some priority over the other clients. Now, granted, it’s unknown what the other clients were doing.

Still, it’s kind of shocking to read something like this. Either way, even worse for the bride is that people were starting to wonder if she got cold feet. Not the best way to start the day that most women dream of.

Struggling to walk

This is a classic example of a good idea, in theory, going terribly wrong. Of course, some will argue that having an individual who can barely walk do so in front of a bunch of people isn’t a good idea, to begin with.

We can understand that thought process for sure, but the heart was there. Either way, as you can see from the post, it didn’t end very well. The poor bride was screaming out in pain for, indeed, one of the longest 20-foot walks ever.

Keep it in the family

At a wedding, the whole ordeal is usually tense and nerve-wracking until the couple say “I Do”, and then everyone can relax because the hardest part is over. But if it all goes wrong at the most important moment, it’s hard to move on from that.

This groom buckled at his big moment, and it was only after he took the phone call whilst literally standing at the altar that his loved ones found out he was having an affair… with the best man’s sister.

Taking the Mickey

Some weddings seem to follow the same type of formula, but then there are those which you can tell that the couple has decided not to follow a crowd and put their own spin on. This one was about to be uniquely memorable, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

After more than an hour of waitin by what looked like a stage, the gathered guests heard orchestral music swelling, before the entire family, including the bride and groom, ran on stage for a homemade Disney parade-type situation with each person in a Disney character fursuit. Yes, there was choreography and everything.

Pregnancy Scare

Friends should be supportive of each other, especially with something as life-changing as a pregnancy. This friend was going to be nine months pregnant during her bestie’s wedding, but this not-so-best-friend found an insidious way of making sure that didn’t happen.

The doctor told her that there were traces of a poisonous substance in her system—not enough to harm her, but enough to endanger the pregnancy. That’s one way to make sure she wouldn’t be pregnant for the wedding. Yikes!

Stealing Hearts

At this couple’s wedding, the brides MIL let her know that the card box had broken and so they moved the cards to another basket. The staff at the venue packed up the cards and gifts and gave them to the couple the next morning.

However, when they went through them, they realized several cards were missing from family members who they’d have expected to give money. It turned out that the staff had tried their luck and stolen any envelopes that felt like they contained cheques. The couple contacted the venue who had to investigate all their workers and it took weeks to get the money back.

That’s Dedication

We all know that some people get a little carried away when it comes to having a themed wedding. We’ve heard of vintage, tropical, or nautical-themed weddings, but theming your big day around your husband’s career is a new one for us.

We hope she got to include a little of her own personality in the theme, but hey, it’s her day and if that’s what she wants then who are we to judge?

Nice speech, dad

What a great time for a father to tell his son to own up to his mistake and be a man, huh? We feel as if he could’ve talked to his son beforehand. Then again, he probably did and just decided to reiterate his point to everyone listening.

We really don’t know but what we do know is that line was probably meant with a whole lot of silence. What are you supposed to do or say after the father gets on the mic and basically says his son screwed up by marrying the person he did during the actual wedding?

The “annoying” vows from the bride

Yeah, it’s not as if the vows that this bride shared were annoying to those listening, it’s that she went out of her way to explain how annoying she was going to be during the marriage. Perhaps she was doing it to try and spark laughter, but it seems as if it backfired hard.

The fact that the presenter of the story went on to share that the marriage only lasted six months goes to show that it may have been doomed from the very beginning.

Saying the wrong name

It’s one thing for the bride or the groom to say the wrong name, and then it’s something for the sister of the groom to say the name of his ex-wife’s name.

Now, we know we did, many people probably thought of Ross and Rachel in Friends when they read this. It’s basically the same thing, except the sister flubbed the name and not the groom. Hey, at least the groom didn’t say the wrong name. He’s got that over Ross that’s for sure.

A really lopsided wedding

Weddings are unions of families, not just of two people. While the connection between a bride and a groom is what is being celebrated, it’s also a time to celebrate the fact that two families are coming together as one. But this wedding sounds like it was way more lopsided than most weddings should be.

The groom had all of his family and friends in attendance while the bride had literally one person there. This is super tragic, but it also sounds supremely awkward in many ways. Not all weddings can be perfect, we guess.

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