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Before becoming parents, couples need to carefully think about it. It’s not easy; it’s a lifelong decision with lots of adjustments. These 50 photos show how parents’ lives change when they have kids. If you’re planning to have a child, this list can give you an idea of what to expect. Enjoy!

This is why kids love daddy’s beard!

You can easily spot a married man by his beard! Dads understand that little girls enjoy playing with colorful hair accessories like pins. That’s why they love Daddy’s beard – even if he has less head hair, the beard makes up for it!

Even animals get to be parents to humans, too!

This isn’t about human parents, but it’s a transformation of a house pet before and after their humans have kids. This cat has mastered sleeping with one eye open, all thanks to the persistent toddler who just won’t stop playing with her!

What past 9PM means before and after you have a kid

Before having kids, 9 PM feels like the early part of the evening. But once you become a parent, it feels like midnight, and you’re ready to sleep! Every parent understands the exhaustion that comes with caring for a baby.

From being a hot babe to becoming part of the sofa

When you become a parent, it’s not all about you anymore. You prioritize your child’s comfort, even if it means becoming a part of the sofa!

How parenthood improves a person

Parenthood is challenging, but it changes you and pushes you to become a better version of yourself. Why? Because someone is looking up to you now, and it’s your responsibility to be the best parent for your child.

This dog who can’t help but roll his eyes

Here’s another pet story that perfectly captures the change every parent goes through after having a child. With kids, there are moments that can only be met with eye-rolling frustration, and these moments are far from rare!

This is how you know that the honeymoon phase is really over

The first few months until the first anniversary of marriage are often called the “honeymoon stage.” However, parents can pinpoint exactly when this phase ends – it’s the moment the baby is born.

Only a year after marriage

Can you tell that the couple in this photo has only been married for one year? The fatigue and exhaustion on their faces make them look like they’ve been together for decades!

From all-out partying to all-out crying!

When we’re young, we love going to parties and staying out as long as we’re allowed. We enjoy these fun moments to the max! However, it’s a whole lot different when you become a parent. You’ll likely go from “all-out partying” to “all-out crying”!

The woes of co-sleeping

Ever heard the phrase “so near yet so far”? This becomes a struggle for parents dealing with co-sleeping. The baby ends up in the middle, occupying more than half of the bed, even though their tiny body won’t even reach a quarter of the bed’s size!

From partying hard to whining hard

Life before kids is often focused on enjoyment. Couples love to party during their childless days. However, when they finally have their little bundle of joy, the exhaustion, fatigue, and whining about how tiring everything is never seem to end!

This Macho Man who can now cross-dress just for his daughter

This is true parenting goals! The inspiring transformation this father has undergone is truly remarkable. Witnessing how far he is willing to go makes us all proud of him!

From clubbing together to napping together

What an epic change this couple has gone through! From spending the night together and staying up with each other’s company, this couple now enjoys long, peaceful naps with their little one! For parents, sleeping through the night is already an achievement, and this couple looks like they appreciate a nightcap more than a night out.

This Mom’s shirt goes from being inspiring to being ironic

This mom’s shirt quote used to be an inspiring message to her younger self. But now that she’s a mom, her shirt always reminds her of the irony of it all! From being a wanderer, this mom has learned to stay put and care for her child so she won’t throw up on her again.

Parenting can suffocate you

The changes in a new parent’s life can be quite a blur. If you’re not gutsy and strong enough, you might end up feeling figuratively suffocated by all the responsibilities you now have. And, if you’re as unlucky as this mom, you might also experience being literally suffocated because of your little one’s antics!

From being fashionable to being comfortable

This lady’s amazing shot from years ago showcased her beauty. But now, as a parent, everyone can see that she’s willing to be sat on if it means her little one will get the most comfort.

Parenting leaves you constantly tired

Every parent understands the universal truth about parenting: it is utterly exhausting! It’s even more tiresome if you happen to have toddlers because everyone knows how energetic these little tykes can be! But, we have to admit it. Parenthood might be tiring, but it’s undeniably fulfilling!

They grow up so fast

One moment, your child is still a tiny baby. The next moment, they become big forces of energy that can potentially crush you with their unending activity!

From going out to drink to staying in to make drinks

This is probably one of the most popular photos in the bunch. Who can ignore the huge change that has hit this mother? It’s just so real, and we can’t help but appreciate the way it summed up what a mother needs to undergo just for the sake of her children.

This brave soldier who is now a proud father

We can easily tell which among these photos this soldier feels most scared in. You guessed it right! The one with his kids, of course!

Parenting includes a change in drinking buddies

As it turns out, parenting also entails a change in your drinking buddy. If you used to drink with other single men before, you will soon realize that when you’re a dad, drinking water and having a toast with your kids is your new definition of drinking!

When messy becomes a norm

Having kids is totally chaotic! Part of the chaos is the constant mess they get involved in. Sometimes, the mess is even worse because it comes from them to you!

Having kids can drastically transform you

Kids can truly transform you in ways that you probably did not think of before. Even a beach goddess can turn into a sleep-deprived mommy after having a baby!

From lifting weights to lifting tots!

Parents should still find time to keep themselves in shape. Since gym weights can be expensive, dads often make use of their kids as weights instead!

Parenting means having your face double as a poster board

When you become a parent, all sorts of private matters gradually become public. Because your child will surely knock down every barrier just to reach you, be prepared to make your body a huge canvas for their masterpieces.

What Daddies do at night before and after having kids

Being a dad can change a man drastically. If you preferred drinking over sleeping back when you were single, you will definitely prefer sleeping and bedtime stories over drinking when you finally have kids.

From a face so fresh to “face-palm”

The exhaustion brought by having a kid is definitely incomparable. At one point, you’ll find yourself face-palming because everything seems to be getting more and more tiring as time passes by.

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