Real Comics That Show Parenting Struggles When Having Another Baby


Yehuda Devir’s comic series “One of Those Days” brilliantly captures the ups and downs of parenthood. Documenting his relationship with his wife, Maya, the funny couple navigates the challenges and joys of family life. With the addition of their children over the years, Yehuda’s illustrations have become a relatable and humorous portrayal of the parenting journey. If you’re a parent or soon-to-be one, these illustrations are sure to resonate and bring a smile to your face!

A Bun In The Oven

introducing a new baby to older siblings can be a significant and sometimes confusing transition. Older siblings, accustomed to being the center of attention, may find it challenging to adjust to the idea of sharing that attention with a new brother or sister. Explaining why mommy’s belly is growing again and involving them in the process can help ease the transition and foster a positive sibling relationship. Communication and reassurance are key during this period of change in the family dynamic.

Changing Bodies

The human body’s ability to create new life is truly remarkable. Pregnancy brings about numerous changes in a woman’s body, both internally and externally. From the early stages of pregnancy to the moment of childbirth, the body undergoes a series of incredible transformations to support the growth and development of a new life. It’s a testament to the extraordinary capabilities of the human body and the awe-inspiring journey of bringing a new life into the world.

Let The Romancing Begin

Adding a little spice to a couple’s life is always a good idea, even when one of them is almost nine months pregnant. However, it’s essential to be mindful of a couple of things, especially when it comes to spatial awareness. Adjusting to the changing dynamics during pregnancy can lead to some hilarious and endearing moments for couples.

The Triple Spoon

Many kids may not enjoy sleeping by themselves during the first couple of years of their lives. To address this, parents often choose to place the crib or bassinet in their own bedroom. This practice helps create a sense of comfort and security for the child while allowing parents to be close and attentive during the early stages of their little one’s sleep routine.

Trying To Work

For babies and toddlers, everything is a new and exciting experience, leading them to believe that the entire world is their playground. Every discovery, from the simplest objects to the surrounding environment, contributes to their learning and exploration. It’s a joy to witness their curiosity and enthusiasm as they navigate the world around them.

Let The Countdown Begin

Once kids enter the picture, major holidays like New Year’s Eve often take on a different meaning. Instead of staying up until midnight, the focus may shift to the challenge of trying to sleep until midnight amidst the excitement and festivities. Parenthood brings a new perspective to holiday celebrations, adding a touch of humor and adjusting traditions to accommodate the family dynamic.

New Life

Around the five-month mark of pregnancy, many mothers begin to feel the first movements of their baby. Initially, it may feel like gentle flutters or butterflies, and as the pregnancy progresses, the movements become more distinct and noticeable. This is an exciting and special milestone for expectant parents as they feel a closer connection to the developing baby within the mother’s womb.

Double Bellies

when a child’s mom gets pregnant, it can indeed be a confusing time for the little one. Understanding that a new sibling is growing inside mommy’s belly might be challenging for a young child, as it introduces a concept that is not immediately visible or tangible. Explaining the pregnancy and involving the child in the process can help ease any confusion and foster a sense of excitement about the upcoming addition to the family.

Filling Out

As women get closer to giving birth, not only do stomachs get bigger but other body parts may also undergo changes. Bras may need to be adjusted, or in some cases, put away for a more comfortable fit during the later stages of pregnancy. The body goes through various transformations to accommodate the growing baby, and adapting clothing choices becomes a part of the journey toward childbirth.

Scooting Around

Most babies start to learn to walk in the first year or two of their lives, and catching those first steps is a memorable and cherished moment for parents. As toddlers begin to explore and move around, it becomes crucial to childproof the home to ensure their safety. Little fingers are curious and like to get into everything, making it essential to create a secure and child-friendly environment.

First Words

Every parent cherishes the memory of their baby’s first words, whether it’s ‘Da-da,’ ‘up,’ or any other precious utterance. Regardless of the specific word, capturing and remembering those initial moments of communication is a special milestone in a child’s development that parents hold close to their hearts.

All Tucked In

The body pillow is often regarded as one of the greatest inventions of all time. Its ability to conform to the body makes it a versatile and comfortable accessory. For pregnant women, it becomes an invaluable tool, providing the perfect resting place for a heavy baby belly and offering much-needed support and comfort during sleep. The versatility and practicality of body pillows make them a cherished item, especially for those navigating the challenges of pregnancy.

Alone Time

While babymaking can be a joyful and exciting process, it’s true that after the baby is born, it may take some time for things to get back to normal in the bedroom. Adjusting to the new dynamics of parenthood, recovering from childbirth, and adapting to the demands of caring for a newborn are all factors that can influence the intimate aspects of a relationship. Patience, open communication, and understanding play crucial roles during this period of transition for new parents.

Carrying The Load

A pregnant belly can weigh upwards of 20 pounds, varying among women. After giving birth, most women will experience a substantial immediate weight loss, shedding around 13 pounds. However, until childbirth, the extra weight of the pregnant belly can exert significant pressure and strain on the back, contributing to discomfort and potential back pain. Proper support, rest, and care are essential to help manage the physical challenges associated with the added weight during pregnancy.

Feeling Insecure

Embracing and being proud of the changes in one’s body can indeed take time, especially after pregnancy. Stretch marks and saggy skin are entirely normal aspects of the body’s adaptation to pregnancy and childbirth. Recognizing these changes as a natural part of the incredible journey of motherhood and self-acceptance can contribute to a positive mindset and body image. Every woman’s body goes through unique transformations, and embracing these changes is a personal and empowering experience.

Time For School

The day when parents send their child off to preschool or kindergarten is a significant milestone. It marks a transition as it signals that parents won’t have their child with them 24/7. It’s a moment filled with a mix of emotions, including pride, excitement for the child’s new journey, and perhaps a touch of nostalgia for the time when they were together constantly. It’s a big step for both parents and the child, representing growth and independence.

A Helping Hand

The phrase “Help I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” takes on a humorous twist for pregnant women, where the challenge may not be falling but rather the difficulty of lying down comfortably. The changing body shape and added weight can indeed make seemingly simple tasks, like getting comfortable in bed, a bit more challenging during pregnancy. It’s a relatable and lighthearted perspective on the unique experiences of expecting mothers.

Beach Bodies

some partners engage in sympathy eating with their pregnant loved ones. This often results in both the pregnant woman and her partner gaining a few additional pounds during the pregnancy journey. Sharing in the experience, including cravings and indulging in favorite treats, can create a sense of solidarity and connection during this special time. It’s a unique and sometimes humorous aspect of the journey to parenthood for many couples.

Cover Your Nose

Children are like little sponges, absorbing not only information but also manners and proper etiquette from their parents and the people around them. Modeling good behavior, politeness, and respect in their environment significantly influences a child’s understanding of social interactions and helps shape their own behavior as they grow. Parents play a crucial role in providing a positive and constructive example for their children to emulate.

Glued To The Television

Toddlers have a natural curiosity and energy that needs to be channeled into constructive activities. If not provided with suitable entertainment, they may indeed find creative (though not always parent-approved) ways to entertain themselves, such as drawing on walls with their favorite markers. Keeping toddlers engaged with age-appropriate activities and providing a safe and stimulating environment helps ensure their creativity is channeled in positive ways.

Food Cravings

Indeed, many women who have been pregnant can attest to experiencing some pretty strange food cravings. It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to develop unique and sometimes unexpected desires for specific foods. Cravings can vary widely, from a desire for salty foods like pickles to sweet or spicy preferences. These cravings are often attributed to hormonal changes during pregnancy, and they contribute to the diverse and interesting experiences that come with expecting a baby.

Getting Everything Done

Women are often recognized for their exceptional multitasking abilities. Many can seamlessly juggle various tasks simultaneously, whether it’s writing an email, going shopping, and keeping a watchful eye on their child—all at the same time. This skill is often attributed to the ability to prioritize and manage multiple responsibilities efficiently, making women adept multitaskers in various aspects of their lives.

Going On Vacation

Babies indeed have a natural instinct for survival in water. Many infants possess an innate ability to turn themselves upside down, keeping their faces out of the water—a reflex known as the “drowning reflex.” This instinctive response helps enhance their chances of survival in aquatic environments. As they grow older, babies can be gradually introduced to swimming, initially with the support of water wings or other floatation devices, and eventually, with proper supervision, they can learn to swim independently. Early exposure to water activities can contribute to building water confidence and safety skills.


Every family is unique, and each parent has their own distinct upbringing, shaped by their experiences and the values instilled by their own parents. These upbringing experiences influence a parent’s parenting style, whether consciously or subconsciously. Parents often draw from their own childhoods, adopting aspects they appreciated and sometimes making intentional choices to diverge from aspects they found challenging. This diversity in backgrounds contributes to the rich tapestry of parenting styles and approaches within families.

Getting A Boo-Boo

Part of the essential process of growing up involves learning how to navigate challenges, including falling down and getting back up again. Children inevitably experience falls, scraped knees, and the occasional bump, which teaches them about resilience, risk-taking, and how to cope with minor setbacks. These experiences contribute to their physical and emotional development, fostering a sense of independence and the ability to overcome obstacles—a crucial aspect of the journey toward adulthood.

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