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Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have been talking a lot about their experiences after they left the royal family. We thought we knew everything, but now Harry is writing a book called “Spare” and they’re making a TV show on Netflix. They’ve shared more surprising things, like how Harry found out about his mom Diana’s death and some arguments that happened in Buckingham Palace recently.

The Brothers Didn’t Want King Charles to Marry Camilla

Before Prince Harry married Meghan, there was another time when the royal family didn’t like someone’s marriage. Harry and his brother William didn’t approve of their dad, who is now King Charles, marrying Camilla. Camilla used to be Charles’s girlfriend before he got married to her after Princess Diana died. Harry said back then that a wedding would make a lot of people upset.

Sure, it seems there’s a concern about avoiding media attention that might lead to comparisons between “Mummy” and Camilla. The goal is to prevent the press from stirring up discussions that could be uncomfortable, particularly for Camilla.

Harry Blames the Press for Meghan’s Miscarriage

In their documentary, Harry and Meghan shared poignant insights into their experience with a miscarriage in 2020. Meghan bravely recounted how, during a period of pregnancy and sleeplessness, the loss occurred shortly after their move to a new home. Harry expressed his belief that the constant scrutiny and negative media narratives impacted Meghan’s well-being, though he acknowledged it couldn’t be definitively proven. His perspective sheds light on the toll media attention can take on mental health during such vulnerable times.

He asserts that the stress induced by those stories affected Meghan’s ability to sleep, leading to the loss of their baby in 2020.

A Fight Over Meghan Ended in a Physical Altercation Between the Brothers

In Harry’s book, he talks about a time when he and William had a big fight. William was upset and said Meghan was being rude and difficult to the staff. Harry thought William was just repeating what the newspapers were saying about Meghan. The argument got worse, and in anger, William grabbed Harry’s shirt, accidentally breaking his necklace and pushing him to the floor.

William tried to provoke his brother into hitting him, but Harry chose not to retaliate. Harry recalls that William seemed remorseful afterward and told him, “You don’t have to mention this to Meg,” before walking away.

William Didn’t Want to Attend Harry’s Bachelor Party – The Queen Made Him

Even though Harry and William didn’t serve as each other’s best man, people would normally think they’d attend each other’s bachelor parties. But according to Harry, William tried to avoid going to his bachelor party, which might be understandable because he had a newborn baby just a few weeks earlier. At first, William said no to the invitation, but later changed his mind after having tea with the queen.

But William mentioned he could only make it to the dinner and wouldn’t stay overnight. Harry recalls that he stayed overnight at William’s bachelor party, as he writes.

He Claims William and Kate Both Encouraged Him to Wear That Infamous Nazi Costume

Prince Harry wore a Nazi costume to a party in 2005, which is controversial for several reasons. The event had a “native and colonial” costume theme, which in itself would be considered inappropriate today. Harry sought advice from his brother and William’s girlfriend at the time, Kate Middleton, on what to wear, and they collectively decided on the Nazi costume. This choice didn’t turn out well and has been widely criticized.

Nevertheless, he mentions receiving an unexpected level of support from his brother and father. “Initially, I was cautious. I wondered if he viewed my situation as a chance to improve his public image. However, he spoke to me with such warmth, such sincere empathy, that I was taken aback,” Harry pens about his father.

Harry Reveals How Many People He Ended While Serving in Afghanistan

One of the contentious parts of Harry’s new book discusses his military service. He mentions an incident in Afghanistan where he was involved in the deaths of 25 Taliban fighters. He reflects, “It wasn’t a tally that brought me any sense of satisfaction. Yet, it didn’t fill me with shame either.” He also acknowledges that his military training taught him to see enemy combatants in a dehumanized way.

As expected, this has sparked condemnation from both UK military authorities and a Taliban fighter, the latter labeling the revelation as a war crime. Military officials expressed concern about Harry’s portrayal and cautioned that it might reignite past sentiments of vengeance.

Harry Regretted His First Time With a Woman – Here’s Why

In his new memoir, Prince Harry opens up about various aspects of his life, including his first intimate experience, which he deeply regrets. He doesn’t reveal the person’s identity but mentions she was older and had an interest in horse riding. Describing it as a “brief encounter, followed by a playful tap on my backside before sending me on my way,” he acknowledges several aspects of the experience that were inappropriate, notably it taking place in a grassy field behind a bustling pub.

The incident, which he describes as an “inglorious episode,” will undoubtedly stir considerable speculation in the tabloids regarding the identity of the person he mentions in the book.

King Charles Made Jokes About Diana’s Lover Being Harry’s Real Dad

Prince Harry didn’t find his father’s jokes funny, especially when they involved speculation about Harry’s supposed “real father.” In his book, Harry mentions that his father enjoyed sharing stories, and one of his favorite tales involved suggesting uncertainty about Harry’s paternity. Charles would jest, “Who knows if I’m truly the Prince of Wales? Who knows if I’m even your real father? Perhaps your real father is in Broadmoor, my dear boy!”

It seems Charles was hinting at Major James Hewitt, who also had red hair. However, Charles and Diana didn’t even meet until after Prince Harry was born. Harry mentions he didn’t find the joke amusing, especially because the tabloids were spreading that rumor as a story back then.

Harry Thought His Mom Faked Her Death and Would One Day Reappear

When Princess Diana passed away, it deeply affected both Harry and William. Harry confesses that he cried only once, after her coffin was laid to rest. He explains, “I wasn’t crying because I thought my mother was in that hole or in the coffin. I made a promise to myself to never believe that, no matter what others said. I was crying just at the thought. I found it incredibly heartbreaking to even consider that it might be true.”

He described how, for a considerable period, he convinced himself that she staged her own death. He held onto the hope that one day she would unexpectedly call, and they would be reunited.

Harry Said He Spoke to His Mom Through a Psychic

In his new book, Prince Harry shares deeply about how his mother’s passing continues to impact him. He reveals a peculiar experience when he visited a psychic after relocating to California. “I wanted evidence. Something to confirm it,” he notes in his book. “The psychic mentioned… an ornament?” “Ornament?” “She was present.” “Where?” “Your mother mentioned… something about a Christmas ornament? Related to a mother or grandmother? It fell? Broke?” “Archie attempted to mend it.” “Your mother mentioned she found that amusing.”

He mentioned that his son, Archie, had accidentally broken one of his great-grandmother’s ornaments. In an attempt to fix it, Archie sprayed it with water, hoping it would magically mend itself and return to its original state.

He Even Investigated Her Death and Went Back to That Paris Tunnel

Given Harry’s admission in his book about the prolonged process of accepting his mother’s passing, it’s not entirely unexpected that he took matters into his own hands. He mentions requesting his private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, to obtain the files related to his mother’s death. He received the files a few days later, but Jamie had taken out some of the more distressing images before giving them to Harry.

He also reveals that he requested his driver to take him to the exact tunnel in Paris where his mother’s car crashed and to drive over the same spot that caused the accident. “The bump was insignificant. We hardly noticed it,” he recounts in his book.

The Palace Advised Meghan Not to Invite Her Niece to the Wedding

We know there’s been tension between Meghan and her father’s family. Surprisingly, this hasn’t affected her bond with her nieces, even though they weren’t invited to Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Ashleigh Hale, the daughter of Meghan’s half-sister, who’s been critical of Meghan in the tabloids, wasn’t invited on advice from the palace.

“It was tough knowing that my birth mother’s actions led to this rift in our relationship,” Ashleigh expressed regarding her exclusion from the wedding. However, Meghan and Ashleigh have now rebuilt their relationship.

The Couple Thinks the Royal Family Felt Threatened by Their Popularity

When Harry and Meghan first started their royal life together, they noticed that their popularity was causing problems for the rest of the family. According to a friend named Lucy Fraser, a trip the couple made to Australia highlighted their immense popularity, posing a challenge for the royal family. A similar situation occurred after an event at Buckingham Palace: even though the whole family was there, only Meghan’s face appeared on the front pages the following day.

“I used to think that if something was in a tabloid, people wouldn’t believe it,” she mentions, noting that her perspective shifted when a stranger on the street confronted her, saying, “Your actions towards your father aren’t fair.”

The Duke Got Frostbite Where No Man Ever Wants to Get It

After his military service, Harry devoted a lot of time to advocating for veterans. An event related to this commitment caused quite a scare just before his brother’s wedding. Only a couple of days prior to the wedding, Harry returned from a challenging 13-day hike to the North Pole alongside fellow veterans. Upon his return, he mentioned being “shocked to find out that my lower parts were frostbitten too. While my ears and cheeks were already healing, the affected area down there wasn’t.”

He sought medical advice about the situation, and the doctor reassured him that nothing was going to detach and that he would fully recover.

King Charles Didn’t Hug Him After Breaking the News of His Mom’s Passing

It’s always hard to tell someone that a person they love has died. But it must be even harder to tell a young kid. In his book, Harry talks about how his dad told him about it, and he felt it was not very caring. He noticed his father acting differently. Harry mentioned, “He used to call me ‘darling boy’ sometimes, but now he was saying it a lot. His voice was gentle. He seemed shocked.”

Charles mentioned, “Mummy was hurt badly and went to the hospital, my dear boy,” before letting Harry know she had passed away. Harry mentioned that Charles didn’t embrace him, but he hinted that he didn’t necessarily hold it against him because it was a tough time for everyone.

Harry Was Told Not to Bring Meghan When the Queen Was on Her Deathbed

Charles mentioned, “Mummy was hurt badly and went to the hospital, my dear boy,” before letting Harry know she had passed away. Harry mentioned that Charles didn’t embrace him, but he hinted that he didn’t necessarily hold it against him because it was a tough time for everyone.

As his plane landed in Scotland, he discovered he had arrived too late, and his grandmother had already passed away. Upon reaching the estate and entering her bedroom, he quietly expressed, “I whispered to her, hoping she was content and reunited with Grandpa.”

Meghan Blames the Media for Tensions With Her Father

Meghan’s letter to her father became a big story in the tabloids. It’s no surprise she holds them responsible for the problem between her and her father. She explains that they were close until he started giving interviews and speaking negatively about the royal family. Naturally, they wanted to stop it. After Meghan sought advice from the late queen, she was advised to write him a letter.

She mentioned, “I made significant efforts to deliver that letter to my dad privately.” Despite her efforts, the media somehow obtained the letter, leading to a deterioration in their relationship.

The Prince Suffered From Panic Attacks During His Public Speaking Duties

It might seem strange that someone from the royal family would fear speaking in public, but they’re just like everyone else. Harry admits he was really scared of giving speeches in front of people, and some made him feel like he might faint on stage. He remembers his brother teasing him about it. Once, backstage, William came up to Harry and said, “Harold! Look at you! You’re all wet.” (William used to call him Harold as a playful reference to his real name, Henry.)

Nevertheless, Harry mentioned that he didn’t hold his brother responsible, even though both were actively advocating for mental health awareness at that time. He further stated that neither of them identified Harry’s panic attacks for what they were back then.

They Think the Palace PR Team Used Meghan as a Scapegoat

It seems there might have been a plot against Meghan from the Palace. At least, that’s what she and her friend claim in the documentary. Lucy Fraser, a close friend of Meghan, suggests that the Palace would deliberately release untrue stories to the press whenever a different family member’s story gained attention. This tactic aimed to make stories about Meghan more prominent than anything involving other royals.

Meghan further comments, “You’d witness it unfold. A story about a family member would surface briefly. ‘We need to make that disappear.'”

The Tense Fight Between Harry, William, King Charles, and the Late Queen

Harry talks about the time when he talked to his brother and father about leaving the royal family and moving to the U.S. In the documentary, he claims his brother was yelling at him during the meeting. He mentioned proposing a plan where he could do some royal duties while also having his own job. However, he stated, “It became obvious fast that the idea was not open for discussion or debate.”

Harry mentioned, “It was really scary to have my brother yelling at me, my father saying things that weren’t accurate, and my grandmother just sitting quietly, observing it all.”

Harry’s Early Love Life

Besides his marriage to Meghan Markle, Harry also shares insights into his past relationship with Chelsy Davy. He mentions being attracted to her because she didn’t seem like she was immediately preparing to be a royal when they first met. They shared a memorable moment kissing under the stars in Botswana during their first date. However, when they returned to the U.K., they were greeted by paparazzi waiting at the airport.

They had an on-and-off relationship, but they seemed to maintain a close friendship. This was evident when she was invited to his wedding with Meghan Markle in 2018.

Harry Refused to Talk About Their Mom’s Passing With William

When someone goes through the trauma of losing a parent, it’s not unexpected for a teenager to avoid talking about it. However, Harry feels remorseful for pushing away his brother William when he tried to talk about their mother’s death. He explains how William would try to bring it up when they were younger, but Harry would avoid the topic, which left his brother frustrated.

“In truth, I didn’t understand his frustration, or perhaps I couldn’t see it at the time. Acting distant and emotionally distant wasn’t a deliberate decision I made. I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t nearly prepared,” he explains in the book.

He Felt Left Out After His Brother’s Wedding

It’s less surprising to discover that Harry wasn’t his brother’s best man at his wedding after hearing this. Yet, Harry seems deeply sentimental about his brother’s wedding, almost viewing it as the end of a significant time. “He’d never be just Willy anymore. We wouldn’t ride together across the Lesotho countryside with capes fluttering behind us. We wouldn’t share a cottage that smelled like horses while learning to fly. What will keep us apart? Life will,” he reflects.

He also shares a clever quip, recalling his thought at the time: “Getting married in the same location where you held your mum’s funeral — quite a unique experience.”

Why Tyler Perry Welcomed Strangers Into His $18 Million Home

Shortly after Harry and Meghan departed from the royal family, and as the stories flooded the tabloids in 2020, Tyler Perry extended a private invitation for the couple to stay at his Los Angeles mansion. In the documentary, Perry shared that witnessing their situation resonated deeply with him due to his own experience of seeing his mother endure abuse when he was younger. “I witnessed my mother being mistreated for years; I recognized the signs. I understood what they were going through.”

He continues by praising their choice to leave the family, even though they didn’t have the same financial stability. “For both of them to have the courage to say, ‘I don’t care if it’s the palace. I’m leaving,’ I admired that,” he remarked.

Harry’s Last Conversation With His Mom

In his memoir, Harry often reflects on his mother, Princess Diana. There’s a section where he revisits the final conversation he had with her as a young boy. He recalls speaking to her just hours before she passed away in a car accident. “I was a bit abrupt with her. Eager to return to my games, I hurriedly ended the call with Mummy. I regret not apologizing for it,” he reflects.

In the following lines, he included, “I hoped I had found the right words to express how deeply I cared for her. Little did I know, that search would last for decades.”

William Told Harry to Take It Slow With Meghan

Prince Harry shared that his brother advised him to take his time before proposing to Meghan. However, Harry felt offended when William mentioned “American actress” in a tone that sounded like saying “convicted felon.” Despite this, they proceeded with the wedding. Harry also mentioned that William suggested avoiding a ceremony at either St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey. St. Paul’s Cathedral was where Princess Diana and Charles got married.

However, it’s probably quite common for one brother to advise another to take their time and not hurry, especially in regards to marriage.

An Intense Exchange at Prince Philip’s Funeral

Upon Harry’s return to the U.K. in 2021 for Prince Philip’s funeral, he requested a meeting with his brother and father. He recounts a tense moment where Charles pleaded, “Please, boys — don’t make my last years miserable.” Harry wrote that both his father and brother were unaware of his reasons for leaving the family and indicated it was his fault for not seeking help. However, he retaliated by expressing that the family had removed his security.

William responded, “That was Granny! Speak to Granny about it!” Following that, the elder brother seized him by the shirt, saying, “Listen to me, Harold… I just want you to be happy, Harold. I promise… I promise on Mummy’s life.”

Racism in the Tabloids

When Meghan discusses her childhood in California, she recalls hearing someone use a derogatory term against her mother. However, she admits she wasn’t prepared for the media’s treatment in the U.K. Initially, she didn’t believe the stories about her were due to her race. But with headlines like “Harry’s new Girl is [almost] Straight Out Of Compton,” it’s challenging to ignore the racial undertones in the coverage.

Meghan’s mother has publicly expressed her belief that Meghan faced unfair treatment because of her race. Harry also mentioned that the situation wasn’t improved by the Palace’s silence on this matter.

Harry’s Celebrity Friends

Even though he’s married to a Hollywood actress, it’s not so unexpected that he’s crossed paths with celebrities. However, it’s intriguing to imagine him attending Hollywood parties when he once joked about watching Friends, particularly “The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding.” He revealed visiting Courtney Cox’s home in 2016, where he met someone he referred to simply as “Batman.” That’s a pretty cool way for a prince to describe someone!

It’s widely believed he was talking about Will Arnett, the voice behind Batman in The Lego Batman Movie. On his end, Arnett mentioned that he had interacted with Prince Harry at some point.

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