Loreen, who’s like Eurovision royalty, is doing something unexpected. It’s surprising!

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Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui known professionally as Loreen. She is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She is famous for winning the Eurovision Song Contest two times in 2012 and 2023, with the songs “Euphoria” and “Tattoo”. She is the second person ever to win it twice.

Before her big wins, Loreen tried her luck in music by joining a TV singing contest called Idol in 2004, where she finished fourth. After that, she released a song called “The Snake”. Then She became a TV presenter.
Eurovision queen Loreen is doing something unexpected. Today, Loreen is not singing. she is talking to the press online from a hotel room in Sweden. Even though she is not performing, but her dress makes it seem like she is performing on stage. she is wearing black attire, with her hair carefully toussled and her trademark talons nails. Today, they are three inches long and shaped like icicles.

Loreen won Eurovision twice

As we know Loreen won Eurovision twice in 2012 and last year. Her song “Tattoo” is super popular, with almost 500 million listens on Spotify. This weekend she is singing her new song “Forever” at Eurovision, then going on a big tour.

Loreen, says we should not skip the contest because of Israel. She thinks Eurovision makes lots of people happy and we need that positivity not a boycott. Loreen debuted her new song “Forever” at Eurovision. She also told everyone about her big tour in 2025 across Europe and the UK. There was fighting between Israel and Gaza. Israel’s song for Eurovision was about the fighting but Eurovision would not let them sing those words. They had to change the song to be more generic.


She talked to the BBC about her new song and the protests at Eurovision this year. she said”

I made this song specifically for Eurovision this Saturday. I had a clear idea of what I wanted the performance to be like, but I hadn’t written any music yet. So, I went into the studio with my team and started experimenting. Surprisingly, the chords just came to us, and then the lyrics flowed naturally. It was like magic! Oh, and about that pigeon noise I made… I don’t know why I do it, but sometimes it just happens. Weird, right? sometimes strange sounds can convey feelings better than words.

You mentioned “Forever” follows on from “Tattoo.” Will this story continue in your new album?

Absolutely! My album is like a journey with various emotions like joy, sadness, and everything in between. I might even include a purposely dull song for fun.

What would a boring Loreen song be like?

Oh, something without any passion or excitement, maybe like “Loreen, gather your receipts for the accountant.” Actually, that’s not a bad idea! I could call it “Tax Return” and joke about how Eurovision left me broke. But let’s be real, my Eurovision performance was not just expensive ,it was super expensive!

This year’s Eurovision is getting protests because of the conflict between Israel and Gaza. The singer understands why people are upset about the situation, even though it’s a complicated one.

Contestant Eden Golan got booed, but the singer says booing doesn’t help. She thinks artists should focus on creating positive energy, especially during a difficult time.
Singer Loreen is super excited to perform and have fun with the fans.

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