Maternity Photos That Prove Laughter is the Best Medicine!”


Expecting a baby involves a lot of things to consider, like where to have the baby, deciding on a midwife, picking colors for the nursery, and choosing the right crib and stroller. It's a busy time! But amidst all this, there are enjoyable moments too, like when parents get fancy for special pregnancy photoshoots. Sometimes, these moments can turn from cute to funny in a heartbeat, giving us all a good laugh and some secondhand embarrassment. Keep reading to see these amusing and awkward moments for yourself!

  1. leo writes

    Compared to some other photos on this list, this one isn't as awkward. But we're still curious about the horse. It's a bit puzzling. Nonetheless, it's not as strange as some of the other animal-themed maternity photos we've seen. Maybe the mom-to-be just loves riding horses and wanted her friend here to be part of the maternity shoot.


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  3. leo writes

    In most of the pictures here, there's no "after" photo. But to start things off, we wanted to give you something to ponder. We're a bit confused about this photo because it could've been simpler. For instance, was the second picture edited to seem like an "after" shot? If yes, why? Also, we're not pros, but holding a baby like that seems a bit iffy.


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  5. leo writes

    Many pictures in this list make us wonder, "Why?" For most of them, we can guess the reason. But this particular photo has us completely puzzled. Was it supposed to be amusing, smart, or shocking? We're just not sure. What we do know is, it ended up feeling a bit awkward. It's just a little odd to see a man's head on a pregnant woman's body.


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  7. leo writes

    Alright, we have to admit, the title for this one wasn't well thought out. Someone didn't really plan this photo. It's like painting a target on someone and then holding a gun right next to them. The message is pretty clear. We get it, baseball is all about swinging the bat hard to hit the ball. However, there are a couple of other explanations that are much more fun and light-hearted.

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  9. leo writes

    We've come across a few sports-themed maternity shoots, but this one is truly unique. It looks like the dad is about to shoot the mom's pregnant belly through a basketball hoop! We understand that a pregnant belly can have a similar shape to a basketball, but why the hoop? We guess it's just a playful way to celebrate pregnancy.

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