How To Make Your Led Neon Strolling Table Funny Costume 


A Led Neon Strolling Table Costume is a unique and attention-grabbing outfit that combines the concept of a table and LED neon lights into a humorous and entertaining ensemble. Here are some funny types of Led Neon Strolling Table Costumes, along with detailed descriptions:

The Buffet Banterer

  • This strolling table costume features a miniature buffet table complete with tiny dishes, utensils, and LED-lit food items.
  • The wearer can engage in witty banter with partygoers, offering them “miniature” servings of invisible hors d’oeuvres.
  • LED lights embedded in the food items create a whimsical effect, making it seem like they’re glowing.

The Tech-Savvy Table

  • This costume combines a futuristic LED-lit table design with a humorous tech twist.
  • The table can have a keyboard and screen with LED animations mimicking a computer or smartphone.
  • The wearer can pretend to be a “walking workstation,” providing humorous tech support and even “software updates” for partygoers.

The Cosmic Cocktail Cart

  • This strolling table costume resembles a bar cart with LED neon accents, creating a cosmic and futuristic vibe.
  • The wearer can serve cosmic-themed “space cocktails” (non-alcoholic, of course) to party attendees.
  • LED lights in the “cocktails” can change colors, giving the impression of otherworldly concoctions.

The Casino Caddy

  • This costume features a LED-lit casino table with miniature roulette, poker, or blackjack setups.
  • The wearer can engage partygoers in humorous gambling interactions, with LED lights simulating the excitement of a real casino.
  • “Winning” at the table could involve handing out playful prizes or funny casino chips.

The Sushi Soiree Server

  • This costume takes on a sushi-themed design with LED-lit sushi rolls, soy sauce, and chopsticks.
  • The wearer can offer partygoers “sushi” made of funny props like rubber fish or candy.
  • LED lights in the sushi pieces create a visually stunning and comical effect, making it appear as if they’re glowing.

The Game Night Guru

  • This strolling table costume resembles a board game table with LED-lit board game pieces.
  • The wearer can initiate impromptu board game sessions with party attendees, complete with oversized dice and LED-illuminated game cards.
  • The humor lies in the unexpected game night at a party setting, adding an element of surprise and laughter.

The Dessert Delight Dispenser

  • This costume features a dessert-themed strolling table with LED-lit cupcakes, donuts, and ice cream cones.
  • The wearer can offer “desserts” that are actually small party favors or humorous treats.
  • LED lights create a sweet and amusing atmosphere, adding a delightful twist to any event.

The “Alien Abduction” Aperitif Server

  • This costume features a UFO-themed table complete with LED-lit alien figurines, flying saucers, and cosmic props.
  • The wearer can playfully offer partygoers “alien-themed” appetizers or cosmic cocktails.
  • LED lights in the UFO and alien props create an otherworldly atmosphere, adding a humorous touch to the event.

The Time-Traveling Tea Trolley

  • This strolling table costume resembles a vintage tea trolley with a quirky time-travel twist.
  • The wearer can serve “time-traveler’s tea” (regular tea, of course) and engage in playful discussions about historical events.
  • LED lights can simulate time-travel effects, making it seem like the wearer is “disappearing” and “reappearing” throughout history.

The “Pasta Party” Platter Presenter

  • This costume turns the wearer into a walking pasta buffet with LED-lit spaghetti strands, meatballs, and sauce.
  • Party attendees can “order” their favorite pasta dishes from the walking table, which can involve comical exchanges about pasta preferences.
  • LED lights in the pasta dishes create a whimsical and appetizing visual effect, making it appear as if they’re freshly cooked.

The “Garden of Gags” Grazing Table

  • This strolling table costume is adorned with LED-lit flowers, garden gnomes, and miniature garden tools.
  • The wearer can offer partygoers “garden-fresh” snacks or drinks with a comedic twist, such as oversized vegetables or “magic” flower potions.
  • LED lights in the garden elements add a playful and enchanting atmosphere to the party.

The “Bookworm Buffet” Butler

  • This costume transforms the wearer into a walking library table with LED-lit books, reading glasses, and bookworm figurines.
  • Partygoers can “borrow” books and engage in playful literary discussions while enjoying snacks or drinks.
  • LED lights can mimic the flickering of book pages or create a cozy reading nook ambiance.

The “Dance Floor DJ” Dish Dispenser

  • This costume combines a DJ booth and a strolling table with LED-lit turntables, disco balls, and dance-themed props.
  • The wearer can spin “food tracks” (party snacks) and playfully encourage dance-offs among attendees.
  • LED lights can synchronize with the music, creating a lively and hilarious dance floor experience.

These funny types of Led Neon Strolling Table Costumes are sure to bring laughter and entertainment to any gathering, making them a memorable addition to parties and events.

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