Model’s Quest for ‘World’s Largest Bust’ Turns Painful


Model’s ‘World’s Largest Bust’ Quest Takes a Painful Turn: Navigating the Agonizing 30-Pound TTT-Cup Challenge

A model named Lorena Fabiana Colotta, who goes by the alias Sabrina Sabrok, claims to possess the world’s largest TTT-sized breasts and has disclosed that the weight of her chest feels like a sharp blade cutting into her back. This 52-year-old, hailing from Mexico City, frequently garners attention due to her voluptuous appearance and her intense fascination with plastic surgery. Since the age of 25, she has undergone a total of 15 surgeries on her breasts, originally opting for breast augmentation to address her dissatisfaction with her previously ‘flat chest.

Each breast: 15 pounds, $100,000 spent


Lorena Fabiana Colotta, known as Sabrina Sabrok, claims she has the ”World’s Largest Bust in the world’ at size TTT.


Sabrina, 52, has had 15 breast surgeries since age 25. Each of her breasts weighs 15 pounds and the surgeries have cost more than $100,000.


Surgeons are advising the Playboy model to remove her implants due to her severe back pain.

Sabrina, the Argentinian-born adult film star, has been advised by her surgeons to remove her beloved implants due to severe back pain caused by their substantial size. She describes the pain as akin to a slow knife cutting into her back but remains reluctant to reduce her breast size, as she can’t envision herself without the large implants. Despite her efforts to rehabilitate through radio imaging studies and exercises, the pain persists, and she fears the situation may worsen. Sabrina believes her implants have been instrumental in her career and holds great appreciation for them, making the decision even more difficult.


‘It feels like a knife is cutting into my back slowly but I refuse to reduce my breasts as I can’t see myself without the huge implants,’ she stated 

“As a last resort, I’m open to reducing their size,” she confessed. The 52-year-old is willing to downsize to a C cup, a significant departure from her current 38 TTT size.

To distract herself from this life-altering decision, the former teacher and Playboy model is concentrating on maintaining her youthful appearance. She claims that thanks to her skincare tips, people often mistake her for being 20 years younger.

Sabrina further advises, “Avoid alcohol as it dries out the skin, stay well-hydrated with water, and refrain from smoking to prevent accelerated aging. Eating a healthy diet is also crucial to ensure your skin receives all the necessary vitamins.”


Sabrina’s plastic surgery journey since she was 25 years old has not been smooth sailing. She previously sued her plastic surgeons because her prosthetic implants began decomposing

Sabrina’s experience with plastic surgery has been marked by challenges. In 2016, she took legal action against her plastic surgeons when her synthetic implants started deteriorating. This ordeal forced her to give up wearing high heels and exercising out of concern for the potential development of gangrene, a condition characterized by the loss of blood supply leading to the death of local soft tissues, as defined by Merriam-Webster. Her surgeries have incurred expenses nearing $1 million.

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