AI Created a Barbie for Every State, Here’s How They Turned Out


Make no mistake; it’s the season of Barbie. And while the classic doll from Mattel has seen many, and we mean many, iterations over the years, as far as we know, there’s never been a Barbie for each U.S. state — until now. Someone asked AI to reimagine the United States of America as Barbies, and the results leave us wishing these dolls were actually available on store shelves. Keep scrolling to see for yourself.

  1. 1 Hawaii

    You just knew that there were going to be some floral patterns when it came to Hawaii Barbie, didn't you? The state's Barbie reflects Hawaii's lush and distinct native fauna, as well as native Hawaiin's distinct and cultural style. She's dressed in an all-floral dress with added flowers in her hair and glitzy jewelry. She's also got beautiful black hair. Hawaiin Barbie looks like she might be getting ready for a festival of some kind with Ken.


    We also absolutely love the background, which is dreamy yet still very distinct, with pink skies and flowers everywhere. It reminds us of a paradise, which is what Hawaii is.

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  3. 2 Massachusetts

    Massachusetts Barbie is another stylish entry, and best of all, it appears to be fall in the state. The area is known for its absolutely beautiful fall colors, and this Barbie might be out to take it all in. She's dressed in a super stylish coat so that the chilly fall weather doesn't hinder her stroll. If there's one thing that the New England Barbies on this list are, it's fashionable.

    Honestly, this looks like a great fall afternoon in Mattel, Massachusetts, and we could totally see ourselves taking a similar walk through a small New England town like this one.

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  5. 3 Arizona

    Arizona Barbie should come as no surprise to most. She's fitted out in a classic but still very Barbie western button-down shirt and cowboy hat. She's even got the oversized belt buckle to match. It's all a nod to the southwest and Arizona's iconic cowboy culture. This Barbie doesn't need Ken and looks like she should come with a matching horse and maybe even some rope in case she has to wrangle up some cattle.

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  7. 4 Washington

    Like her neighbor in Oregon, Washington, Barbie is dressed up in more earthly tones. She's rocking a gorgeous brown jacket over a light pink sweater, which might be a reference to the state's cold winters and falls. However, it also looks as though she's in a more cosmopolitan setting than her neighbor in Oregon. She might be living in Seattle or maybe even one of Washington's many small and vibrant towns and cities, which makes us want to see a Barbie movie set in a smaller town or city.

    Wherever she's at, we're sure that she's got a glamorous job in an artsy field and enjoys spending time with friends in the evening when she's not out hiking or kayaking.

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  9. 5 Idaho

    Like many of its neighbors, Idaho is known for its many national parks. However, it's also known for its forests, which stretch out and cover large portions of the state. And it looks like Idaho Barbie is spending some of her time hiking in one of those forests. However, she's doing so in style by wearing a glitzy black and gold shirt and sporting some stylish curly blonde hair.

    Idaho is actually one of the larger states in the U.S., which means that Idaho Barbie has plenty of places to visit and explore and plenty of outdoor activities for her and Ken to spend their time on.

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  11. 6 Montana

    Montana is one of those states that usually always comes up when discussing the heartland. There's just something really rugged and beautiful about the state. And Montana Barbie reflects that pretty well by wearing a flannel shirt and sporting big, curly hair. You can also see some of those iconic snow-capped Montana mountains in the background. If we had to guess, we'd say that Montana Barbie owns a ranch Barbie dreamhouse of some kind.

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  13. 7 Utah

    People don't really give Utah the credit it deserves sometimes. The state is home to some of America's most beautiful scenery and some of its most iconic parks, but most people don't know it. Utah Barbie certainly knows it, though, because it looks like she's out enjoying a nice hike in the wilderness. She could be at Zion National Park or maybe even Arches National Park. The state has five in total, so she's never going to be short on places to hike with Ken.

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  15. 8 South Dakota

    Next up is South Dakota, which is a state that we think of often when we think about America's heartland. South Dakota's Barbie is rocking a cowboy hat, along with a thick beige jacket and oversized belt. It just might be the perfect outfit for a Barbie from the state, and it reflects South Dakota's rugged landscape and history of cowboy culture. There's also the background, which looks very rural.

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  17. 9 Kansas

    Kansas, which is situated in the heartland, is known for its immense rural areas and iconic prairies. It's also known as the Sunflower State, which is easy to see from Kansas Barbie's outfit. Her bright yellow dress reflects both the state's nickname as well as the beige prairies it's known for. Kansas is also known as being the iconic home of Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz," and we're definitely getting some of those vibes from Kansas Barbie's dress.

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  19. 10 Nevada

    When most people think of Nevada, they think of beautiful red-rock scenery. That's certainly true, but the state is also known as being a great place for road trips, as well as for enjoying some nightlife. After all, it is the home of Las Vegas. Nevada Barbie is dressed up in a really slick jacket and what looks like a riding shirt. She's also sporting some stylish and bold pink hair.

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