Jessica Gunning Sets the Record Straight on Piers Morgan’s Real Martha Interview


Baby Reindeer has caused quite a stir but Jessica Gunning, who plays Martha is not letting it bother her. The show is about a man named Richard Gadd, who is stalked by a woman named Martha.

Someone named Fiona Harvey says she is the real-life Martha and claims the show got her story all wrong. She talked about it in an interview with Piers Morgan and might take legal action against the shows creators.

Gunning, who plays Martha, says she is ignoring all the drama and focusing on supporting her co-star Gadd. She says Gadd did not want people trying to find out who the real-life characters are. Gunning also says she did not try to copy Harvey behavior for her role.

Playing Martha was tough for Gunning and she had a hard time letting go of the character even after filming was done. It was a new kind of challenge for her.

Before this Gunning spoke out against fans who were trying to find out who the real people behind the characters were. She said it is important to respect peoples privacy.

Harvey, who says she is the real Martha, went on Piers Morgans show to defend herself. She says she is never been in trouble with the law and might sue Netflix over how they portrayed her.

Even though the show suggests Martha went to jail, there is not much proof of that. A politician has asked Netflix to explain how accurate the show really is because some people have doubts about it.

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