Quarantine Couture: The Viral Trend Taking Social Media By Storm

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Coronavirus is putting our wardrobes at risk. Numerous sightings of stain-laden sweats, washed-off PJs, and Xmas jumpers gifted last year have been reported around the globe. And as we get more comfortable with the quarantine lifestyle, people are likely to commit much more severe fashion crimes.

But boredom breeds creativity, and we're seeing the rise of a new wave of self-confessed fashion aficionados. Whatever people can get their hands on at home, be it domestic or unidentified objects, turns into corona fashion. You heard me right. Quarantine fashion is the newest craze for keeping boredom at bay, and frankly, if that’s a crime, then we’d love to be criminals! Let’s get some spring-summer fashion inspiration from dailyjugarr list of the most hilarious looks to date.

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