60 of the creepiest and most outrageous mugshots ever


Getting arrested is no walk in the park, and your mugshot probably won’t be a contender for your best photo. Whether it’s bruises from a scuffle with the police, exhaustion from sleepless nights, or the aftermath of substance use, mugshots generally capture people at their least polished. Then there are those who take eccentricity to new heights, earning viral fame for bizarre expressions, unsettling tattoos, or head-turning outfits. Dive into this slideshow featuring 60 of the most outrageous mugshots on the internet, a quirky mix that serves as a reminder to buckle up, follow the law, stay in school, and steer clear of drugs—if you want to avoid a spot in the next peculiar mugshot roundup.

I’m curious about the hairnet

Certainly, the standout feature here is the guy’s teeth, but the real mystery lies in that hairnet. Is he a cafeteria worker or perhaps safeguarding his curls during slumber? The story behind it remains elusive, leaving us to wonder about the peculiar tale hidden beneath that curious accessory.

That’s one reaction to getting arrested

The story behind this woman’s arrest remains a mystery, but that expression speaks volumes, leaving us with nothing more than a bewildered “What the heck?” to capture the sheer puzzlement of the moment.


Whether caught in a paint-huffing act or apprehended at a Halloween bash dressed as the Tin Man, this guy appears oddly enthusiastic about the situation. The reason for his arrest may be unclear, but his undeniable excitement adds an extra layer of intrigue to the peculiar circumstances.

That’s quite the getup

In an era where matching hair to the shirt is a trend, this guy takes it to the next level with his facial hair and furry vest combo. The overall ensemble suggests there’s probably an interesting story behind his unique style, leaving us curious about the narrative that led to this arresting fashion statement.

He commits crimes for AMERICA

No surprises that this guy was arrested in Florida, even though the specific crime remains unknown. Judging by his expression and the prominent face tattoo, one can confidently speculate on his strong opinions about both his country and facial ink. The details may be unclear, but his unmistakable demeanor hints at a story that likely aligns with certain expectations.

He makes interesting style AND life choices

Perhaps this guy got arrested mid-haircut, as it’s hard to fathom any other reason for having only half of his face shaved—unless it’s an exceptionally questionable fashion choice. The peculiar grooming situation adds an intriguing layer to the mystery surrounding his arrest, leaving us to wonder about the circumstances leading up to this halfway-done look.

Sir, there’s a curtain on your chin

This guy might be compensating for the lack of hair on his head by relocating it all to his chin. The peculiar beard choice becomes even more noteworthy when considering the possibility of him getting arrested on a full moon. The mix of baldness and the extravagant beard adds a touch of humor to the situation, leaving us to ponder the circumstances that led to this unconventional grooming decision and a potential lunar connection.

Sure, just your friends

Wearing a shirt that boldly proclaims “Bad Decisions” might not be the wisest choice if there’s even a slight chance of encountering legal trouble. Judging by his expression, it seems like this guy may have indeed indulged in a few questionable decisions, possibly involving some indulgence. The shirt, combined with his demeanor, hints at a story of regrettable choices and perhaps a bit of revelry that led to an encounter with the law.

Seems about right

Once you land in jail, you’ve basically already made your first impression. But you still have the chance to make a more lasting one. For example, this guy fell asleep while holding his sign stating he was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Wait, wait, wait

The question lingers: did this guy go out that day anticipating an arrest, or was it pure chance that he happened to be wearing a shirt featuring his own previous mugshot when he encountered the police again? The intriguing scenario raises curiosity about the intention behind his choice of attire and whether it was a deliberate statement or an uncanny coincidence that led to this peculiar alignment of past and present encounters with the law.

I don’t think they do

Speaking as a lady, it’s safe to say that the sentiment is a resounding “no” when it comes to the tattooed mustache. In fact, it’s seen as somewhat intimidating. The suggestion ranges from opting for tattoo removal to the more traditional approach of growing a real mustache—anything to divert attention from the unconventional facial ink choice.

Is she okay?

Acknowledging the inherent awkwardness of posing for a mugshot, where the appropriate facial expression might be elusive, why not opt for a pirate impression? Smiling may not be the go-to, but channeling a bit of swashbuckling flair could add a touch of humor to an otherwise uncomfortable situation. Arrr, matey, even in the face of legal woes!


With a face adorned in mystery, questions abound about what exactly is going on with this guy’s facial decor. Regrettably, answers remain elusive. Opting for a more comforting assumption, one might guess he was in costume, as that seems to be the least disturbing option in the absence of clarity about the peculiar face adornments.

They’ll have no trouble identifying him

This guy, donning a peculiar “mask” of sorts, unfortunately, fails to protect his identity. If anything, it achieves the opposite effect, making him easily noticeable in a crowd. The unconventional choice in facial coverings adds a layer of distinctiveness that raises questions about the thought process behind this curious attempt at concealment.

Crime: that combover

The mystery surrounding his nose aside, there’s no denying that the hairdo on display is a potential crime against humanity. A plea is issued to the gentleman: kindly put down the comb and make a hasty retreat from whatever styling choices led to this follicular misadventure.

When you love doughnuts a little too much

Honestly, deciphering what’s happening here is a bit of a challenge, but it does give off the impression that he might have sprinkles all over his chin. Could he have been arrested for an overly zealous cupcake-eating spree? The absurdity of the situation adds a touch of humor to the mystery, leaving us to concoct whimsical scenarios to explain this peculiar arrest.

Wouldn’t want to share a cell with this guy

If your goal is to strike fear into the hearts of everyone in prison, this terrifying face paired with a clown-like shaved hairdo might just do the trick. The combination of an unsettling expression and unconventional hairstyle creates an aura of intimidation that could leave an impression on those sharing the cellblock. It’s a unique approach to asserting dominance through an undoubtedly eerie appearance.

Sir, please stop singing for just one second

It seems this guy was arrested for engaging in suspicious behavior at a dollar store, specifically for creeping out female customers. With such unsettling conduct, he indeed has a lot going on, making his arrest an eventful encounter that likely left both customers and authorities questioning the motivations behind his peculiar actions.

A lot is going on here

The sheer complexity of this individual’s appearance is perplexing. From the wild hair and half-shaved head to the captivating eyebrows and distinctive lips, every element raises more questions than answers. Each aspect contributes to a unique and enigmatic presence that leaves observers with a multitude of curiosities about the choices that led to such an eclectic combination.

Pippi Longstocking goes rogue

Living in a time when hair can be a canvas for expressing creativity is indeed fun, but as with any form of expression, there are limits. This guy, for instance, took the freedom to style his hair in a unique way and opted for bizarre pigtails. While it’s a testament to individuality, it also serves as a cautionary example of the fine line between creative expression and, well, an unconventional hair choice that may not resonate with everyone.

When you forget your cover-up

Micah Musser’s arrest at 18 on trespassing charges sparks some skepticism about him acting alone. The neck covered in hickeys suggests a different kind of extracurricular activity, and it’s safe to assume they’re not the result of a vacuum cleaner mishap. The curious detail adds an unexpected layer to the narrative, leaving room for speculation about the events leading up to his encounter with the law.

It’s Medusa!

The surreal quality of this guy’s hair does indeed resemble a cluster of little snakes, and it’s hard not to draw parallels with the mythical snakes of Medusa. Move over Percy Jackson; it seems we’ve discovered the heir of Medusa, as this unique hairstyle adds a mythical and whimsical twist to the individual’s appearance.

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