How to Make the Most of Halloween Couples Costumes


It’s Halloween, and we know you’re looking for a great costume. If you want to have fun with a friend or partner, you’ll need some extra creativity. We found some amazing couples costumes that are really special. Take a look and feel free to use these awesome ideas!

This Couple Showed Us What We Look Like With No Filter at All

Back then, Photoshop helped us make our pictures look better with colors and contrasts. But now, there’s Facetune, a big change! It’s tricky to know who you’re talking to online, especially for dates. Filters can change how you look a lot! This cool couple dressed up as this idea. On the left, they’re using a filter. On the right, they’re showing reality. How do you think they did?

We’re pretty sure everyone will find this idea unique. Plus, it’s easy to create quickly. If you’re short on time, just get your bearded boyfriend, a wig, a sign, and match your outfits. Voila! Or maybe we should say, not as flawless as it seems.

Happy Halloween From Edward Scissorhands and His Shrub

Dressing up as a famous movie duo is always fun! In this pic, Edward Scissorhands is standing with his beloved shrub. This character had scissors for hands and ended up cutting lots of stuff in the movie, like plants and ice sculptures. Accidentally, he even cut people because of those sharp hands. Poor Ed was often misunderstood. But you know what? That makes him a great Halloween costume idea! Grab a friend or partner and get ready to go leafy!


You’ve got lots of artificial plants to choose from for this one-of-a-kind costume. Scissors are easy to get, too. If you had regular hands, you’d be just like everyone else. And that’s not what we’re aiming for this year!

Just a Few Artistic Geniuses From History

Sometimes, the art world can feel a bit exclusive. We often don’t recognize those mysterious figures at fancy exhibits. But there are a few famous painters we all know, and this couple chose to celebrate them. On the left, there’s Frida Kahlo. On the right, it’s Vincent Van Gogh. Finding real look-alikes is tough, but these costumes really nail it!

For Frida, grab a red flower crown and some eyeliner to draw her famous unibrow. Wear a colorful dress and lots of beaded necklaces, just like her iconic look. As for Vince, get ready to cut off your own ear and wrap it in a bandage for the party… Just kidding! Please don’t try that!

This Beekeeper Showed up With a Sweet Old Bee

Some folks say Halloween is only for kids, but we beg to differ, and here’s proof! After college, many adults lose their spooky spirit. But one 88-year-old woman and her husband prove that wrong. It’s never too late to rule the internet with a costume contest win. When they were invited to a Halloween party, they knew exactly what to do. It’s time to bee-amaze!

Grandma dressed up as a honeybee, and Grandpa was the beekeeper. They probably fluttered around, making everyone smile. Just as sweet as honey, these two have won our hearts too!

Behold, It’s Couples Against Humanity

Who can honestly deny their love for Cards Against Humanity? It’s a secret pleasure for many who’ve played it. And for some, there’s no guilt at all—they thrive on the sarcasm and wit! If you’re one of those folks, think about this Halloween costume for couples. Couples Against Humanity just needs a few simple things. Grab a black t-shirt and some black tagboard. And get the same in white for your partner in crime.

Use markers to write any wicked message that suits your dark heart. Pick your beloved cards from the actual game or get creative and give it a Halloween twist. You’ve got endless possibilities, you tricksters!

You Could Be Aladdin and His Carpet

Are you good at thinking on your feet? If you are, being Aladdin for Halloween could be fun! And if you’re looking for a costume for a friend or partner, you can do more than just Jasmine. She’s beautiful, but lots of people dress up as her. Instead, try something new: wrap yourself in a rug and be the magic carpet! Have any of your friends tried this idea before? Probably not! Get ready to roll into Halloween with this creative costume!

Just cut out a hole for your face in the rug you pick, and you can munch on “stolen loaves” all night. But remember, no chatting because this character never talked. Sorry about that!

This Tiger King Couple Used Contour To Transform

Tiger King became a huge hit on Netflix unexpectedly. Who would’ve guessed we’d get so into big cat conservation? Nobody saw that coming! This couple chose to celebrate their favorite characters from the show for Halloween. With some makeup and a few props, they brought Zookeeper Joe Exotic and activist Carole Baskin to life. They really do resemble them. Maybe a bit too much!

To nail your Joe look, grab a baseball cap and a blond wig. Cut it to fit and add cat prints and claw marks. For Carol, keep the long blond wig and include a flower crown. Get creative with shading, and you’re all set for a Tiger King Halloween!

The Home Alone Bandits Are Back for More Mayhem

These two people seem familiar, but we’re not sure who they are. One of them dropped a clue in the caption of the photo. He said, “My first boyfriend and my first time celebrating Halloween with someone special… we used our height difference for our costumes. Plus, it’s my favorite movie from when I was young!” Oh, now we remember! They’re dressed up as the bandits from Home Alone. They make a great couple’s costume!

To nail this style, go for a grungy vibe. Grab oversized jackets, stretchy winter caps, and cut the fingers off some inexpensive gloves. Don’t forget a crowbar. Paint one hand red, like you got burnt in a prank by a mischievous kid named Kevin. We all remember that, right?

It’s Those Freaky Little Girls From the Shining

Thanks to The Shining, there’s a perfect costume for those who like creepy vibes: the haunting twins from the movie. This year, why not spook everyone at the party by becoming part of the Overlook Hotel? You can wander around repeating, “Come and play with us. Come and play with us. Forever and ever, and ever.” All you need are matching blue dresses, a white ribbon sash, wigs with bangs, and plenty of fake blood.

No matter what, it’s crucial to fully embody the characters. Please, no smiling or laughing—just emulate the unnerving gaze of this captivating duo, fixed straight ahead at all the guests. That’s how you achieve “ghoul goals.”

Watch Out For This Deer and Crossing Sign

In some areas, deer are real dangers on roads. They unexpectedly run out from the forests and can even crash through car windshields. That’s why there are warning signs around. It’s hard to prevent these incidents, so bright yellow signs are the best defense. In this picture, a couple creatively shows the challenges of rural roads. It’s pretty clever and we’re big fans!

The man is dressed up as a deer in a full animal suit. Meanwhile, the woman represents the road, complete with a classic deer crossing sign, a traffic line, and real lights resembling car headlights. It’s an amazing Halloween do-it-yourself idea, one of the best we’ve seen!

Jack and Rose From Titanic Is a Top Choice

In Titanic, Rose said, “To everyone else, it was the ship of dreams. But to me, it felt like a slave ship, taking me back to America in chains. I looked perfect on the outside, but inside, I was screaming.” Hey Rose, we know you survived the shipwreck, and we’d rather not hear about it. But we’d love to see you and Jack as a Halloween costume idea for couples!

To pull this off, grab a pair of suspenders and a nice dress. Then, get crafty with cardboard and paper mache. The ship is the key element for this costume!

Hello, Willy Wonka and Violet the Blueberry

Violet Beauregarde was definitely a passionate gum enthusiast! Her love for chewing gum was unparalleled. She wasn’t much of a chocolate fan, hence her switch to candy bars in pursuit of the golden ticket. But her heart and taste buds belonged to the world of gum – she chewed it incessantly, even saving it behind her ear during meals. Her dedication to gum-chewing was hard to miss!

Regrettably, her experiment with gum ended in an unexpected way at the factory, causing her to swell into a large, blue sphere. She disappeared following that incident, until today! Here stands a duo dressed as Wonka and Vi, complete with their canine companion portraying an Oompa Loompa. Doompity doo!

The Cat Showed up With Her Scratching Post This Year

Cats come equipped with claws that require upkeep, leading your pet to inadvertently shred beloved items—it’s not intentional; their “fingers” are just razor-sharp. Savvy pet owners mitigate this by providing a substantial scratching post, solving much of the issue. At a Halloween gathering, a devoted cat enthusiast and her human boyfriend made a statement by dressing as a cat and a scratching post, showcasing their creative take on the situation.

The gentleman’s costume was undeniably more challenging. To replicate his appearance, you might have to dismantle a cat condo or several scratching posts, ensuring there’s a section for each limb. The hat could cleverly utilize the cat hole as a head opening. It’s the purr-fect touch. Meow!

We Love This Girl Scout and Cookie Combo

Selling cookies door to door is something lots of American girls do when they’re growing up. If you were in the Girl Scouts, you probably remember it. You knock on doors, and there’s a cute girl selling cookies. Some of our top picks were the peanut buttery Tagalongs or maybe the Carmel Delites, also known as Samoas in some places. They had chocolate, caramel, and coconut—super yummy! They were so good, you couldn’t stop eating them, almost like they were too tempting to resist.

For this Halloween, grab a super-sized Junior Girl Scout outfit and attach some badges. Craft a huge cardboard cookie. Then, the discussions can start! Were Thin Mints tastier when frozen? Some say they were, others disagree!

The Zombie Fast Food Apocalypse is Here

Guess who showed up in New Orleans? Ronald and Wendy! They’re usually those lovable mascots many folks adore, kind of like classic American icons. But this time, something’s not quite right. Maybe it’s the Big Easy vibe, or perhaps it’s because it’s Halloween, but they look a bit creepier than usual. Check it out—they’re holding the Burger King’s head!

Did a big debate go down about the top-notch fries? Our vote goes to Mickey D’s. But let’s face it, discussions about fries can turn into real battles. Let’s hope this was just a costume choice for a couple!

We Love This NASA Astronaut and His Alien Lover

These two make us think that everyone can find real love, maybe even here on Earth. But hey, if we need to look beyond our planet, well, that’s an option! A NASA astronaut found love with a green girl from a different galaxy. When they came to a Halloween party together, some people might’ve just thought it was a cool costume for a couple.

To mimic their style, grab a jumpsuit, stick on a NASA logo, and add some shiny green paint. The rest is open to your imagination. Just like space, there are endless possibilities for your look!

Friday and Saturday Sure Look Different Side by Side

We’ve all dolled up in our fanciest clothes and hit the town on a Friday night. But as the night goes on, things can get messy. Hair gets all over the place, and our lipstick starts to vanish. If you’ve ever woken up on a weird couch with makeup stuck in your eyes, you know Saturdays are far from glamorous compared to the night before. Sometimes, when we finally see ourselves in the bathroom mirror, it can be a bit of a shock!

For Halloween, give your friends a fright with a Friday-Saturday combo look. Maybe even convince your boyfriend to wear a dress and a messy wig—that’s the Saturday morning vibe for sure! Let’s keep it real!

Guess Who Can Be a Real Life Game

“Guess Who” stood out as an amazing board game, even though it wasn’t much of a traditional board—and that’s what made it awesome. The real thrill came from the cryptic hints we’d trade. Trying to guess the characters on the other side was a challenge! Why not bring back some good memories with a friend on October 31st? Here’s a simple DIY project that everyone will enjoy!

To nail the costume, grab red and blue outfits that contrast and add a question mark sticker to your shirts. Craft cardboard windows for your faces, and you can write your actual names. Remember, not everyone was part of the game!

Colonel Sanders Parties with His Own KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for its finger-lickin’ good taste. People adore the crispy coating on wings and thighs, and KFC has sold billions of these. It’s no secret—it’s all about chicken! Some wonder if the old colonel ever really knew his chickens. Judging by this photo, it seems like they were buddies before becoming a meal. But maybe it’s just a smart couples costume. What’s your take?

They’re clearly just a couple, no doubt about it. They probably didn’t fool anyone, but hey, you can give it a shot! Grab a real KFC bucket to carry around, and you’ll be the life of the party this year.

Cleopatra and Caesar With a Twist

Cleopatra ruled over Egypt and hailed from a Macedonian family, near Italy and Greece. Perhaps that’s why she had a thing for Italian guys! Her most famous lover was Mark Antony, a Roman General who played a role in changing Rome’s political landscape. He shifted things away from democracy and brought back the Caesars. Dressing up as Cleopatra is a fun way to celebrate that historical connection with a touch of humor.

In this portrayal, Cleopatra embodies her classic glamorous style. However, it appears that the idea of Caesar got a bit twisted at the costume shop. A life-sized bottle of salad dressing isn’t quite what the grandeur of ancient Rome was known for!

They’re Also a Real Life Tinder Match

Tinder has become the go-to for millions of daily dates, a concept our parents couldn’t have fathomed in their era. Technology has really taken the lead, and we’re aware that killer robots might be the next big thing. But for now, we’re grappling with the reality that our love lives are condensed into a small profile on a phone screen. Is that really all there is to us?

For Halloween, it’s doable. Crafting these relatable costumes is a breeze. All you’ll need is a cardboard cutout, a red marker, and a sprinkle of creativity. And remember to mutually super like each other!

This Shark’s Victim Really Lost His Arm

A while back, “Jaws” gave us quite the scare, but we still catch glimpses of Shark Week now and then. We’re well aware of how terrifying these sea creatures can be, and TV is about as close as we want to get to them. This girl chose to embody the apex predator for Halloween alongside her boyfriend. Wonder where his hand is? She captioned it: “My boyfriend has one hand. We get inventive for Halloween.”

You know, if you’ve already lost a hand, it’s a fantastic way to spook everyone on this awesome holiday. This costume was made for it. That fake blood adds a nice finishing touch!

These Friends Literally Did Netflix and Chill

It’s a divisive activity for sure. Some find it mundane, while others see it as a thrilling night in. “Netflix and Chill” has completely revamped the old “dinner and a movie” routine for today’s daters. Getting out of the house is a challenge now. With a vast library of movies at your disposal and an easy subscription, why bother, right? Some may never venture out again. But these girls have decided to playfully mock those laid-back dates for Halloween. Take a peek at their costumes!

On one side, we’ve got Netflix, and on the other, it’s chill. But spotting them separately wouldn’t be all that interesting. To pull this off, they’ve got to stick together all night, arm in arm. Seems like they’re managing just fine so far!

This Trunchbull and Matilda Costume is Pure Nostalgia

Let’s reminisce about Matilda, a wonderful story that captivated us in both its movie and book forms. Matilda, a gifted young girl, found herself in a school ruled by a very cruel principal. The punishments there were quite random. Headmistress Agatha Trunchbull famously said, “Even if you didn’t do it, I’m going to punish you, because I’m big and you’re small, I’m right and you’re wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Trunchbull, you weren’t exactly a favorite, but that greasy chocolate cake made with the effort of poor Cooky was oddly memorable. How about trying this eerie couples costume this year? Well, by “adorable,” we mean delightfully dreadful.

Lovin’ This Playboy Bunny and Hugh Hefner Switcheroo

You’ve heard about Playboy magazine and the famous LA mansion. Hugh Hefner, now in the great party in the sky, was a true pioneer in his day. Who else strolled around in a bathrobe 24/7, surrounded by a crew of blondes? Practically unheard of these days! Back in the ’50s, it was beyond imagination. But not for Hugh. Just for you!

In this case, a couple chose to portray the CEO and one of his bunnies. But here’s the twist! The woman is dressed as Hugh, while the man takes on the role of the playmate. That’s definitely a conversation starter!

Be Part of the Suicide Squad for a Night

We’ve witnessed the Joker and Harley Quinn trend at Halloween gatherings lately. But this couple went for a jaw-dropping twist. The girl embodies the Joker, while the guy rocks the Daddy’s Lil Monster look. That movie was wild, but reality seems to be catching up. “They’re not gonna kill ya, they’re just gonna hurt ya bad. Really, really bad.” Well, perhaps they’ll just slay you with laughter!

How did they manage it? It seems the fellow here purchased a typical female costume, and it’s not a perfect fit. Yet, that’s part of the fun! Check out that belly, folks. Margot Robbie would definitely be intrigued!

They Totally Pull off Bob Ross and Leaves

This guy went all out with the public television theme for Halloween, and we’re totally cheering him on! He roped in his partner for the adventure, and their photo says it all. His caption said it best: “I spent over a year growing my hair to be Bob Ross for Halloween. My wife was a happy little tree.” Recognize this fellow? If you’re not familiar with the charm of Bob Ross, you’ve been missing out on some serious magic.

He painted landscapes with the most calming voice, capturing people’s attention for decades. It might have been the ASMR of its era, but we don’t really need to figure it out. What we do know is that this couples costume is fantastic, even if you’re not the artsy type!

We Have No Idea What Creepy Concept Is Going on Here

Let’s face it: Most of us have no clue how Halloween came to be. The origins are a mystery to many, including us. We’re in the dark about why we indulge in candy corn and transform into spooky creatures. Initially, this holiday had a different purpose, commemorating the departed in Europe. Perhaps that’s why ghosts linger in our decorations. Thankfully, they’re mostly adorable ghosts.

What’s this we’ve got? It appears to be the incredibly eerie and unforgettable moment of Adam and Barbara’s transformation from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. This has to be one of the most chilling couples costumes we’ve witnessed crafted from scratch. A truly spooktacular effort!

You Might Actually Enjoy This Moth and Lamp

Most people dislike creepy crawlies, but butterflies are an exception, despite being bugs. Their vibrant colors fascinate us, and their role in pollinating flowers is appreciated. However, moths, their less-loved relatives, don’t receive the same admiration. Besides nibbling holes in our sweaters, what do they even do? Well, they tend to flutter around our light sources—hardly endearing. We dare say we’re not fans of them. Apologies, but not really, moths!

In this scenario, a couple managed to bring some humor around moths, if only for a moment. The girl ingeniously placed a lampshade on her head with actual light, while the guy fashioned wings from a brown tapestry. Truly unique! Unless you decide to borrow the idea, in which case, feel free!

Morticia and Gomez Addams Is Classic Creepy

This Halloween, why not dress up as Morticia and Gomez Addams? They’re the ultimate spooky couple choice. Their love was a bit odd, but it was fascinating to watch. Getting into character for the night could involve using their famous lines to give your guests a good scare. Remember when Morticia said, “Last night you were so wild, like a howling demon. You scared me. Can you do it again!”

Putting on the dark suit and black dress should be a breeze, but remember to add a floating hand. It’s often overlooked, yet it’s the standout character of the show!

The Pulp Fiction Boys Are Always a Party Pleaser

Ah, Pulp Fiction, a classic Tarantino film. This well-dressed duo rocks an awesome double costume for any party. You could stroll around quoting lines like this: “The righteous man faces challenges from all angles, dealing with the unjust and the wicked. Blessed is the one who, with kindness and goodwill, guides the vulnerable through tough times, for they are the protector and the one who reunites lost souls.”

It might lead to some intriguing conversations. Then again, maybe not. You might end up scaring everyone off because you’re so easily recognizable. We all remember your actions from the movie!

We Suggest Princess Leia and Jabba Opposites

Star Wars enthusiasts have adored Princess Leia for ages. Maybe it’s that iconic gold bikini scene, or perhaps they’re simply captivated by her distinctive hairstyle. But one thing’s certain: They’re envious of Jabba for getting so close to her, even if he was a blubbery monster. Perhaps a Halloween couples costume could be their closest shot? Here’s a prime example!

Honestly, it’s likely not what they envisioned. In this scenario, a man is sporting a bikini while the woman seems concealed within a Jabba the Hutt costume, completely out of sight. Quite unfortunate, indeed.

You Could Be a Lego Bride and Groom With a Little DIY

Lego blocks click together in the most gratifying manner, which might be why they’ve taken over the world of building blocks, if that’s even a thing. They’re a significant export of Denmark, their country of origin, with around 20 billion produced every year. Let’s face it, who didn’t have a few Lego figures in their toy collection? They were the greatest! And that’s why it’s time for an incredibly Lego-themed Halloween.

Grab some protein powder buckets and paint them a vibrant yellow, adding simple faces with cut-out eye holes. Ensure your outfit is boxy, akin to the toys themselves. If done precisely, this could be top-notch costume contest material!

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