Surprising Features On Common Things We Never Knew About


In our daily lives, we often overlook small details that could simplify things for us. Take a look around your home, and you’ll find everyday items that we think we know how to use, but surprise – many of us have been using them wrong! Don’t feel bad; the inventors didn’t clue us in either. But no worries, we’ve got some fantastic tips to make your life 150% easier by unlocking hidden features on these commonly used items.

Peeling An Orange Doesn’t Have To Be Hard And Messy

Peeling oranges can get messy, with juice spraying everywhere and sticky fingers. But here’s a simple trick to peel any citrus fruit, be it oranges or clementines, without the mess.

The Right Way To Heat Things In The Microwave

Ever notice how reheating leftovers in the microwave can leave some parts cold while others are boiling hot? Piling the food on a plate or leaving it in the container doesn’t distribute the heat evenly. Next time, try this trick for more consistent reheating.

Every Beauty Product Has An Expiration Date On The Bottom

When you buy new beauty products, you might not pay attention to the symbols at the bottom of the packaging. Yet, these small symbols can actually inform you about when it’s time to toss the product or how long you have to use it.

A Quick Way To Clean The Blender

Cleaning a blender can be a hassle, and even when it looks clean, that lingering smell of what you made can be annoying. But here’s a simple and effective way to effortlessly clean your blender and make it smell fresh without much effort.

Staplers Have More Than One Function

Surprisingly, most people are unaware of this, but every stapler actually has multiple functions. Have you ever noticed that you can adjust the tightness of the staple? By rotating the metal plate on the stapler, you can control how tightly the staple bends when you use it.

The No-Spill Milk Trick

Remember the Milk Master 2000 infomercial that Joey starred in on Friends? Well, if he knew about this trick, he might not have embarrassed himself on TV. You don’t need a special apparatus to pour milk without spilling; there’s a simple way to hold the carton to prevent splashing.

What Is That Extra Scrap Of Fabric For?

Ever wondered about that extra piece of fabric and a button attached to the tag when you buy new clothes? Most folks know the button is a spare, but there’s confusion about the extra fabric – it’s not for patching holes. Surprisingly, it’s for something else entirely.

Wooden Hangers Are The Best Option To Hang Your Clothing

Seeing people use wooden hangers in their closets might seem like an aesthetic choice, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Wooden hangers were designed with a specific purpose in mind, and they happen to be one of the best options for your closet.

The Arrow Next To The Gas Icon Actually Has A Purpose

Ever found yourself in a new car, unsure which side the gas tank is on? The usual routine involves getting out to check, wasting time at the gas station. However, there’s a simple trick inside every car that tells you which side the tank is on without stepping out.

The Loops On Grocery Carts Are There For A Reason

Big grocery shopping trips can be challenging when trying to fit everything in the cart without squashing your fresh groceries. Softer fruits and eggs often end up precariously balanced on top, risking a fall and breakage. But there’s a simple trick to avoid this mishap.

Use Your Microwave More Efficiently

Microwaves can be inconvenient when you can only heat up one thing at a time due to their limited space. This becomes a hassle when hosting dinner for someone, as you end up reheating dishes one by one, leaving the others to get cold while your guest waits to eat.

Chill A Beer In Minutes

On a hot summer day, the taste of a perfectly chilled beer is unbeatable. But when you forget to put it in the fridge beforehand and don’t want to wait an hour, there’s a trick to cool your beer within five to ten minutes.

The Tic Tac Container Has An Easy Dispenser

Resisting the temptation to eat just one Tic Tac at a time can be challenging because, let’s face it, they’re crazy delicious. However, for those with a bit of self-control, there’s a simple trick to get just one Tic Tac without shaking the box too much.

Prevent Your PC From Sleeping When You Need To Step Away

Stepping away from your computer for a few minutes only to return and find it in sleep mode can be frustrating. While you could type in the password or shake the mouse to wake it up, some people prefer it to stay unlocked no matter what.

Never Struggle With A Key Ring Again

Putting a new key on a key ring can be a real struggle – it’s challenging to get those things open. Once you manage it, though, you know the key isn’t going anywhere. If you also find it difficult, here’s an easy fix to help you out.

An Easy Way To Keep The Tin Foil In The Box

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re trying to get a piece of foil, and the roll keeps falling out of the box? It may not seem like a big problem, but there’s a simple solution right on the box to keep it in place. We only recently found out about this, but the box actually has tabs to hold the roll.

There Is A Better Way To Peel A Banana

If you’ve ever watched monkeys eat bananas, you might have noticed they don’t peel them from the stem side. Most of us have been peeling bananas the other way our entire lives – but fear not, it seems like the stem is misleading in its function.

These Slotted Patches Have An Actual Purpose

If your backpack has a slotted patch on it, chances are you’ve never used it. Many people consider it part of the decorative design, but it actually serves a purpose. It’s called a lash tab, originally designed to carry tools like axes or knives.

Are You Loading Your Blender Efficiently?

When making smoothies, do you find unblended chunks at the bottom? It might be because you’ve been loading your blender incorrectly. The common belief is to put solids in first to minimize mess, but there’s actually a better way to do it.

The Tab On The Rearview Mirror Can Help You See Better At Night

When it comes to cars, understanding every little piece and button can be confusing. However, we did finally figure out the purpose of that tab on the mirror. If someone behind you has their high beams on or their lights are too bright, press this tab to angle the mirror down, moving the light out of your eyes.

Say Goodbye To Dry Peanut Butter

If you’re a peanut butter fan like we are, you know the disappointment of reaching the bottom of the jar only to find it all dried up. It might have started with oil on top, but it seems like that oil never made it to the bottom. The struggle of spreading dried, crumbling peanut butter can be real, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Different Plungers For Different Purposes

None of us want to find ourselves in a situation where we have to use a plunger, but it’s good to know which type you need for different clogging situations. There are a few different types, but the most useful ones have a tapered end or are the big circular kind.

Is Your Padlock Giving You Problems?

Over time and exposure to external elements, padlocks can rust, making it difficult to turn the key in the keyhole. Eventually, you might find yourself unable to turn the key at all, creating a problem when you need to unlock it. Fortunately, there’s a simple thing you can keep with you to prevent your padlock from getting stuck.

Keep Your Kitchen Sponge Clean And Sanitized

Ever thought about the amount of bacteria that accumulates in a dish sponge? Considering all the dishes you wash, it can be unsettling to think about the microscopic particles lingering in those sponges. While there isn’t a perfect solution, there are ways to keep your sponge cleaner.

Next Time You Make A Charcuterie Board, Don’t Forget The Dental Floss

Charcuterie boards have been quite popular lately, and creating the perfect one involves not just delicious cheeses, meats, and crackers but also an appealing presentation. However, cutting softer cheeses can be tricky without squishing them. The good news is, there’s an easy fix for tha

Potato Peelers Can Do Much More Than Peel Potatoes

Just when you thought potato peelers had only one function, think again. Potato peelers can be surprisingly versatile, capable of doing more than just peeling. They can make thin slices without the need for special kitchen tools. Apart from peeling, they can also grate cheese into super thin pieces.

The Drawer At The Bottom Of Your Oven Is Not For Storage

In the realm of kitchens, the aim is to maximize available storage space and functionality. While many believe the bottom drawer in the oven is for storing baking pans and pots, it actually has a specific use that could truly benefit you.

Bobby pins can be a frustrating hair accessory, seeming to disappear the moment you place them on the bathroom counter. They also have a tendency to slide off your hair, making hairstyling a bit frustrating. The reason might be that many of us have been using them the wrong way.

The Black Dots On Your Windshield Might Not Be A Useful As Your Thought

Have you ever wondered about the black dots on your windshield? Some might think they serve a useful purpose related to radio signals, but it turns out that’s not the case. These black dots are called frits, and they actually serve two purposes.

The Lollipop Stick Can Prevent Children From Choking

Ever wondered why there’s a hole in the stick when you’re eating a lollipop? Besides making a nice whistle after finishing the candy, it’s also there for safety. Children sometimes swallow things they shouldn’t, and to address this, many candy companies added holes to the sticks of lollipops for safety reasons.

Both Ends Of A Utility Blade Can Be Useful

Utility knives are everyday tools that can be very useful, even though we might not use them often. However, they come with hidden features that you might not be aware of if you don’t use one regularly.

Floss Your Teeth Easily With This Trick

When you visit the dentist, even if you floss regularly, they might advise you to floss more – it seems like a default recommendation to ensure you take extra care of your teeth. While flossing is pretty straightforward, there’s actually an easier way to do a better job.

The Art Of Loading A Dishwasher

Do you ever find your mother insisting on the right and wrong way to load a dishwasher? Maybe you’ve been maximizing space to reduce handwashing, but it turns out our mothers might have been right all these years – there is indeed a right and wrong way to load a dishwasher.

Cover The Seat Properly And Protect Yourself From Germs

Public toilet seats are known to be loaded with germs, and when you really have to go, sometimes squatting isn’t an option. Many bathrooms offer toilet seat covers in the stalls, but it turns out many of us have been using them the wrong way all these years.

Never Mess Up Your Perfectly Round Cake Again

After spending hours making the perfect rolled-up cake, the moment to cut it arrives. You’ve invested so much time in perfecting it, and now you’re faced with the challenge of slicing it without messing up its soft and delicate texture.

The Diamonds On A Measuring Tape Can Help You During A Home Renovation

When using a measuring tape, you might not have paid much attention to all the markings on it. If you pull one out of your drawer right now, you’ll likely notice tiny black diamonds along the top and wonder what they are there for because they aren’t just decoration.

When You Have Long Nails, This Will Help You Open Cans Easily

For all the ladies with long nails who struggle to open soda cans, this trick will save you. Dealing with soda tabs can be a hassle when you have long nails, and you don’t want to risk ruining them. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to crack open soda cans, but this one is by far the easiest.

The Pointy Bit On A Cap Of Tubed Medicine Actually Has A Purpose

Struggling with the safety seal on new ointments is a common challenge. The small and often difficult-to-peel seal can be frustrating, but there’s an easier way to open it by using the cap on the tube.

Don’t Remove The Plastic Disks In Your Drink Cap

When we were younger, many of us used to peel the plastic disks out of drink caps out of sheer boredom. Those who did might recall that the drink would mysteriously become flat or start leaking out of the bottle. Now, we finally know why this happens.

The Pocket On Women’s Underwear Isn’t Actually A Pocket

It sounds like you’re describing a tag or label found in some clothing, and you mentioned it being called a “panty gusset.” However, it’s important to clarify that a panty gusset typically refers to the piece of fabric sewn into the crotch area of underwear for comfort and hygiene purposes. If you have a specific item or fabric in mind, please provide more details so I can offer accurate information.

French’s Mustard Wants To Keep Your Sandwiches Clean

It sounds like you’re describing an issue with the design of mustard bottles, particularly the messiness that can occur when pouring the mustard. While you didn’t explicitly mention the secret, I can offer a common solution for such situations. Some mustard bottle caps have an inverted triangular tab under the lid. By pressing this tab against the inside of the bottle neck, it can help remove excess mustard, preventing spills and keeping the cap clean. If this isn’t the secret you were referring to, please provide more details!

The Little Loops On Men’s Shirts Can Still Be Very Important

It seems like you’re referring to a detail in modern fashion that has historical roots and may not serve an essential purpose today. Examples like shoulder pads or neckties, which were once highly functional, have persisted in fashion. While their original purposes may have evolved or become less critical, they continue to be part of certain styles. Some people still find them useful for professional settings, like offices or formal events, while others view them as nostalgic or purely aesthetic elements in fashion. If you have a specific detail or item in mind, feel free to provide more details for a more precise discussion!

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