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Choosing the right wedding dress is usually hard because it’s a really personal decision. Normally, we don’t judge a bride for her choice. But this time, things are different. Some brides have picked dresses that are really unusual. They’ve used weird colors like orange or black, strange materials like balloons or shredded paper, and even things like disposable forks and knives! Their dresses aren’t what most people would call traditional. These brides wanted to stand out, but maybe not in the best way.

A Moment of Silence for All Those Poor Peacocks

Designers often look to nature for ideas when they’re making new things, and sometimes they create stunning pieces that celebrate the beauty of plants and animals. But, not every attempt turns out great. Sometimes, their creations can end up looking a bit silly instead. Just imagine what the peacocks might think if they saw their colorful feathers used in a wedding dress that didn’t quite hit the mark!

It’s almost like we can imagine them squawking, “Really? This is what you did with my feathers? Are you kidding me? No way, this is not okay. Put those feathers right back where they belong, in my tail!”

A Wedding Ensemble Worthy of Mama June and Sugar Bear

Even if you haven’t seen the show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” you might know about Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and her mom, June “Mama June” Shannon. They’re known for their unique style. Take a peek at the clothes Mama June and Sugar Bear wore to their wedding in 2013. They went for a mix of camouflage and bright neon orange. That’s a color combination you don’t usually see at weddings!

Honey Boo Boo joined the celebration too, and her flower girl dress was just as special. It was a mix of neon orange and neon pink, decorated with lots of beads. Definitely a one-of-a-kind look for a flower girl dress!

Yeah, We’re Gonna Go Ahead and Skip the Cake This Time

Some brides really want their wedding to be super memorable. If we went to a wedding and saw the bride wearing this… um, “dress,” we’d definitely remember it. We might even remember it as the wedding where there was no cake! But seriously, what were they thinking? That poor woman’s arms are all covered in icing!

Wedding cakes are usually a hit, but with this unique choice, we might find ourselves heading straight for the chocolates, petit fours, cake-pops, cupcakes, fruit tarts, truffles, and chocolate-covered strawberries instead. Hmm, what were we saying about cake again? There are just so many delicious options!

Please Welcome to the Dance Floor, Mr. And Mrs. Jellyfish

We really want to know more about this dress! It’s super fascinating. It’s made from unusual stuff like paper, plastic, and cellophane, and it’s got such a unique shape! It reminds us of mysterious sea creatures, like a huge jellyfish—wet but also maybe strangely flammable!

The most important thing is that the couple is happy, and these two definitely look head over heels for each other. Let’s give a warm welcome to the newly married couple as they take their first dance – introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jellyfish!

Pretty in Pink Meets All Sorts of Chaos

It sounds like this article has you at a loss for words! Following the “if you don’t have anything nice to say” advice would turn it into a picture book, and that’s not the job at hand. This dress is a mix of “Pretty in Pink,” “Little Bo-Peep,” and “My Fair Lady,” but not in a flattering combo.

Usually, when drawing from various sources, people aim to gather the best aspects from each. However, the designer of this dress didn’t quite manage to accomplish that goal.

When a designer runs out of fabric but they’ve got plenty of old newspapers

Fashion designers are fantastic for always trying out new materials, and that’s a good thing. Their continuous exploration helps us find fabrics that last longer, are more manageable, and are kinder to the planet. We admire their creativity and their drive to find the next amazing thing. But sometimes, their experiments don’t quite hit the mark. Take, for instance, a wedding dress entirely crafted from what appears to be old newspapers—definitely an unusual choice!

We might not be fashion experts, but using old newspapers for a dress doesn’t seem practical. Still, gotta give credit—the shape and style of the dress are pretty impressive!

Pregnant and Proud Would Be a Good Name for a Reality Show

Today, being a pregnant bride isn’t as frowned upon as it once was, but it’s still a reality that society tends to judge them, even if it’s not as much as before. That’s why many expecting brides opt to hide their baby bumps, using flowing dresses or large bouquets to cover up.

However, this bride isn’t bothered by critics. She’s proudly flaunting her pregnancy. Speaking of which, “Pregnant and Proud” would make a great title for a reality show featuring expecting brides. TLC, consider this a suggestion!

Don’t Look Directly at the Bride

When folks witness a stunning bride prepared for her special day, they often share uplifting comments like “she looks like an angel” or “she’s a princess.” But in this case, observing this bride might prompt people to exclaim, “she looks like the sun” — not because she radiates warmth and sustains life, but because staring directly might seriously harm the eyes or even cause blindness.

There’s a whirlwind of elements to unpack here; it’s hard to decide where to start. The dress, the oversized necklace, the towering crown… And what’s that? Is it a bouquet or perhaps the planet’s most colossal brooch?

It’s Not a Phase, Mom, This Is My Wedding Outfit

Have you ever seen old pictures of yourself and felt kinda embarrassed by how strange you looked and how seriously you took things? Remember those times when your parents wanted you to wear “normal” clothes, and you insisted, “This is who I am, not just a phase!” How did that turn out? We’re curious how this young couple will feel when they see this picture years later.

Their outfits definitely speak volumes, and their color choice is pretty intriguing. Typically, the groom goes for dark colors while the bride wears white, but they flipped the script here.

And the Bride Wore a White Barely-There See-Through Tulle Onesie

We can tell this isn’t a real wedding photo. Judging by the woman’s pose, hair, and makeup, it looks like a model strutting down a fashion show runway. We know not everything on the runway ends up in stores, but generally, designers showcase their work at a fashion show to get people interested in buying their stuff, right?

I wonder if any brides see this super sheer tulle onesie and think, “Yep, this is the designer I want for my wedding dress!”

When the Veil Offers More Coverage Than the Dress

We’re scratching our heads over brides like this one. They pick a really revealing outfit for their big day but then cover up their arms with long gloves. Nobody’s focusing on their forearms! This bride skipped the traditional wedding dress for a glitzy crop top and mini skirt combo, complete with lots of sparkle, a standout garter, and is that an embroidered star over her belly button?

We were a bit puzzled seeing that big white thing trailing behind her from the limo, but turns out, that’s her wedding veil. Surprisingly, it covers more than the rest of her outfit!

When You Already Spent All Your Budget on Fancy Ice Sculptures

That’s probably not the real story, but it’s hilarious to imagine! Maybe, just maybe, this couple splurged their entire wedding budget on extravagant ice sculptures. Left with no cash for attire, they crafted their outfits from the lace originally meant for the bride’s veil.

With limited fabric, they did what they could, and all we can say is, thank goodness for the strategic placement of that ice sculpture.

A Wedding Dress for a Fashion-Forward Lady

Usually, folks expect brides from fancy families to wear classic dresses. But Lady Mary Charteris didn’t care about that. When she got married in 2012, she didn’t pick famous designers like Vera Wang. Nope, she went to Pam Hogg, who dresses Lady Gaga a lot. That was a big deal!

We’re completely puzzled by this outfit! There are satin panels with cutouts, see-through bits showing skin, and layers of messy tulle as a skirt. And wait, is she wearing that necklace underneath the dress?

Kiss From a Rose, or Kiss From an Onion?

No offense to the designer—the idea of a dress inspired by a lovely flower is great and well done. But after rewatching the Shrek movies, all we can think of when we see this dress is the onion carriage Fiona and Shrek used for their honeymoon and to travel to Far Far Away in the films.

I won’t forget that warning! If you’re not familiar, search for “Shrek onion carriage” on your favorite search engine. But fair warning: once seen, it can’t be unseen!

Kid Rock and Pam Anderson in the Most Kid Rock and Pam Anderson Wedding Ever

Absolutely! Kid Rock and Pam Anderson had quite the whirlwind in 2006. Despite dating from 2001, getting engaged in 2002, and briefly splitting in 2003, they reunited in 2006 and went all out. They ended up having four wedding ceremonies that year, but the first one stands out the most—it was so “Kid Rock and Pam Anderson.”

Their wedding took place on a yacht in St. Tropez, France, and here’s the twist—the bride didn’t go for the traditional dress. Instead, she stunned everyone by wearing a tiny white bikini, leaving many lost for words!

When a Bride Really, Really Wants to Be the Center of Attention

For many little girls, dreaming about their wedding day is a big thing. They imagine marrying their love in a gorgeous ceremony, rocking a flawless dress, and being the center of attention. Some brides really want that spotlight and won’t let anyone steal it—even if it means wearing an outfit like this one, which, we guess, weighs a good few dozen pounds.

The details are incredibly intricate, no doubt about that. But this seems more suited for a Mardi Gras parade than a wedding, don’t you think?

A Dress so Big, It Enforces Social Distancing

Katie Price made quite the deal when she tied the knot in 2005—the ceremony was covered by a magazine that essentially footed the bill. She went all-in, spending around one million pounds (that’s over one million dollars) for her dream wedding. While she looks happy, looking at this photo today might make some laugh because of how far apart the bride and groom are standing!

It’s a classic case of a dress so huge that even your husband can’t get close! Almost feels like this was taken in 2020 with them practicing social distancing, doesn’t it?

This Looks a Little Inappropriate

You probably noticed that most of the photos here aren’t from a church, and there’s a reason for that. Religious ceremonies often stick to traditional attire, and that’s not what you’ll find in this collection. This specific image left us utterly puzzled—it looks like a serious religious ceremony, yet the bride’s wearing… well, that thing!

It’s hard to tell which faith this represents, so we might be off-base here, but does it seem a bit inappropriate for a wedding outfit to you too?

A Dress Made From the Most Precious Material of 2020

Wedding dresses often use materials like chiffon, organza, satin, lace, and tulle for their delicate and graceful touch—words that usually go hand in hand with wedding dresses. Plus, they have that expensive look, making any bride feel like a million bucks. Now, this dress isn’t made from any of those materials, but in the context of what went down in 2020, it does seem quite precious.

If you survived The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, you’d know that a dress like this would’ve been the ultimate show-off move at that time. But in any other year? Not really.

Our Heart Will Go on but That Dress Needs to Go Away

The 1980s often get teased for their wild fashion choices, but have you ever closely examined 1990s fashion? Seriously, take a good look—it’s quite a humbling experience. Begin with the major celebrity weddings of the ’90s, like Celine Dion’s, and you’ll see what we mean.

Celine Dion is undeniably a diva, but some folks just can’t forget her wedding outfit choice when she married Rene Angelil in 1994. That dress had an enormous amount of fabric, and that hairpiece with 2000 Swarovski crystals? It weighed seven pounds and had to be sewn into her hair to stay put!

When You Do a Throwback, but You Go Too Far Back

Some brides aim for trendy and cutting-edge, while others prefer time-tested classics, seeking inspiration from the most stunning dresses of the past few decades. Typically, brides searching for vintage styles lean towards the 1950s or 1960s, which are big references in bridal fashion. But this bride seemed to take inspiration from a different era—the 80s, specifically the 1880s!

The back of that dress has us puzzled. It doesn’t seem like anything folks have worn in the past century. If she aimed for a vintage look, well, she nailed it—extra vintage indeed!

This Wedding Dress Definitely Ruffled Some Feathers

At first glance, this dress seemed alright—white, long, and covering enough for a church ceremony. But then, those details caught our eye. What’s the deal with the wings and feathers? We wouldn’t mind them if this were a costume—maybe for cosplay or even Halloween!

Those choices do seem a bit unusual for a wedding, right? And those white boots—quite the statement! But hey, she seems thrilled with her look, and ultimately, her happiness is what counts.

An Expensive Dress We Wouldn’t Want to Buy Even if We Could Afford It

some dresses hold that prestigious fashion pedigree and are deemed iconic by critics and fashion houses. Yet, at the end of the day, this is a wedding dress. Would I wear it? Nope, not my style either. It might be expensive and prestigious, but even if I could afford it, it wouldn’t be my pick.

Absolutely, the design and craftsmanship must be top-notch, no doubt. But I’m with you—it does appear quite uncomfortable. And those flower buds—do they cover the entire back too? Just picturing sitting on those during toasts gives me pause.

A Dress Inspired by Ivy Looks Exactly Like What You’d Think

It’s an interesting thought—would Poison Ivy swap her iconic green attire for a more traditional white gown if she ever decided to tie the knot? Uma Thurman did look stunning in green as Poison Ivy in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin, so it’s definitely a bold switch. But hey, options are always nice to have, right?

You’re right, compared to some other outfits here, this dress isn’t too bad! Personally, I’d skip the ivy bouquet, but I have a feeling a bride wearing an ivy-inspired gown might want to keep that greenery close by.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Present You the Diaper Dress

It’s amazing how some folks can think on their feet! You know those talented and resourceful people who can tackle any challenge? Well, it seems the designer of this dress is one of them. They ran out of fabric while making a wedding gown but didn’t let that hinder them. Instead, they improvised with what they had—turns out it was a bunch of diapers!

You’re likely right about that! This looks more like it’s from a diaper commercial or some promotional content. It’s a relief because hopefully, there aren’t any designers out there thinking a diaper dress would sell!

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