These People Should Have Thought Twice About Their New Tattoo


If you have a tattoo, you’ve probably heard common arguments against them like regretting it later or getting bored with the design. Sometimes, it’s worth listening to those warnings. Take a look at these not-so-great tattoos and learn what to avoid at the tattoo parlor.

When It’s Far From Purrfect

When you think of cat eyes, you probably picture something different than what ended up on this lady’s eyebrows. It seems she was aware of the permanent tattoo process, but eyebrows usually look like, well, eyebrows. Judging by her expression, it seems the artist didn’t quite nail the look she was going for.

It’s My Life Decisions

A typo in a tattoo is always jarring, but two in just six words? That’s a record, though not the right kind. This Jon Bon Jovi (or Jon Bovi) fan now sports a quote from a song title that never existed. Fixing tattoo typos is nearly impossible, so the cover-up solution? Perhaps Jon Bovi’s face?

Excuse Me, There’s Something On Your Face

We might not be in the “what will it look like at seventy” camp, but let’s consider the poor grandkids! Anyone around this guy needs to conquer any fear of spiders, because that eight-legged creature on his face is there to stay. Perhaps this started as a Spiderman tattoo request gone wrong? Instead of Spiderman ink, did the artist think this guy wanted to turn into Spiderman?

That’s Not Cardi B

Some fans take their love for their favorite artist to the next level with a permanent tribute. This guy chose to honor Cardi B, one of New York City’s charismatic rappers. While Cardi B might appreciate the affection, the artwork itself leaves a lot to be desired.

Mom’s Wise Words Backfire

Moms usually know best, especially when advising against impulsive decisions. In this case, mom’s advice on tattoos has ironically become the inspiration for the ink. It’s a creative twist, and hopefully, mom sees the humor in it. At least the text message got transferred onto the skin with proper spelling!

The Recipient Was Feeling Chirpy After This Rescue

This tattoo is like snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. What initially seemed like a terrible attempt at a blackbird (and a framed mirror) has been skillfully fixed by a talented artist. It shows that it’s perfectly fine to halt a tattoo session if you’re worried about the artistic direction, or in this case, the lack of it.

Let’s Hope Nobody From Sacramento Sees This

Tattoos, now mainstream in the Western world, have roots in specific tribes and cultures. Traditional Polynesian tattoos, as seen on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, hold deep meaning in Polynesian culture and are globally popular for their unique, intricate style.

When You’re Just Nessin Around

Let’s focus on the positives, shall we? No spelling mistakes in this tattoo, which is great. The caption carries a heartfelt message. However, we’re struggling a bit here. Assuming it’s a DIY job, the text appears lopsided, resembling the handwriting of a 5-year-old. Alright, maybe more like an 8-year-old.

This One Will Make You Howl

Unless the tattoo artist got a peculiar request for a wolf that appears scared of its own howl, it’s likely the customer left the studio less than impressed. Oddly enough, the landscape elements in the distance aren’t too bad. The humor kicks in with the wolf’s facial expression. Why does he look so… worried?

Talk About Making A Meal Of Things

While supporting your significant other’s new passions is great, being the willing guinea pig for certain pursuits is risky, to say the least. Here’s to the mister supportive boyfriend who let his practicing girlfriend tattoo her homemade sketch of the aspiring culinary rodent, Ratatouille, on him. We’re not sure how many cooks were involved, but this broth was definitely spoiled.

Heavy Metal Never Sounded So Sleepy

This DIY scrawl leaves us with a few possible explanations. It could be bad spelling, an inside joke among friends, or an attempt at branding for a mattress company inspired by the famous heavy metal group. We hope it’s not the first, but given the other “works of art” on this list, we can’t be too sure. Whatever the reason, the tattooist responsible might want to consider themselves ‘The Unforgiven.’

Running From The Wolves

There seems to be a challenge in artistically recreating wolves as tattoos. Whether it’s their distant stare or calm yet menacing exterior, this artist might need to spend more time studying the pack before inking someone’s skin again. While the overall quality of this tattoo is lacking, it’s the wolf cub (or is it a badger?) that truly has us LOLing.

Is That A Jackson Pollock?

Imagine the disapproving aunt who thinks all tattoos are inherently ugly. In her mind, this is the epitome of every tattoo. Even the most laidback “express yourself” types would find it challenging to say anything positive about this, let’s say, creation. It’s a stretch to even call it a “piece.” The only glimmer of hope is the possibility that not everything on this back is permanent ink—fingers crossed for Sharpie!

Now That’s What You Call A Pinup

The tradition of pinup tattoos endures, though this example falls short in many ways. There’s an irony in a tattoo style meant to showcase sensuality and seduction turning out to be anything but. Where to start with this one? Beyond this “pinup” looking like an elementary school kid’s doodle, it’s the wild proportions that make the piece amusing. Clearly, in this case, the long torso is the new long legs!

Pikachu Did That To You

Oh, poor little Pikachu, we feel terrible to see you in this state! While there are undoubtedly thousands of excellent Pokémon-themed tattoos, sadly, this is not one of them. Reportedly, the left eye was drawn so poorly that the unlucky recipient of this piece requested an eye patch to be added midway through. Making the best of a bad situation is commendable, but perhaps stopping would have been the safest option?

It’s Time To Face The Music

No matter how questionable (read: terrible) a tattoo is, there’s usually some method to the madness. The execution might be poor, but more often than not, it’s clear what was trying to be achieved. Not so much in this case. We’ve stared at this monstrosity for a long time, and it’s still a mystery! What makes this tattoo even more painful to look at is its location on the body—it’s not easy to cover up half a face.

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

What is it about tattoo artists and wolves? Alright, let’s be fair. What is it about lousy tattoo artists and wolves? It seems the fearsome wolf is an Achilles heel for many an artist, as perfectly demonstrated here. To give credit, even bad wolf tattoos usually resemble the animal! This one, on the other hand, looks more like the prey a wolf itself would be hunting. A sheep? Or maybe a deer?

Mermaids Sure Aren’t What They Used To Be

Freshly taken post-sitting — you can still see the blood oozing from the tattoo — one can only wonder about the thoughts of the poor guy who is yet to see the monstrosity that has just been permanently plastered onto his back. We can’t see his facial expression, obviously, but it must have been a picture. Let’s be honest, this “piece” is so awful it’s difficult to review it in any meaningful way.

When You Run Out Of Money For The Whole Cast

To be honest, this is a pretty good tattoo. But what happened to poor Timon?! Or should we say, what didn’t happen? It seems the tattoo artist wrapped up the session, and then the client pointed out they’d forgotten one of the Lion King cast members—the hilarious Timon. Not to worry, we’ll just add him in quickly. Poor little guy, he looks even more like a snack for a hyena now.

Is It A Bird, Is It A Former President?

Well, at least the person was brave enough to share this “interesting” tattoo with the hope of finding an artist to cover it up. While there are presumably plenty of people out there who might find this SuperTrump artwork wonderful, clearly not the owner, who sees it as a mistake. Mr. Trump would certainly love to be in possession of those abs. He’d be pretty happy with that jawline, too.

Someone Probably Smoked A Little Too Much

No, the irony here is not lost on us. Let’s just call it life imitating art—or, in this case, artwork. We’d imagine that the person who got this tattoo is partial to a toke on the good stuff, but perhaps they should’ve outsourced their tattoo to somebody who can spell. Or maybe someone who wasn’t high? Let’s hope the typo is on purpose and part of a funny joke, which, to be fair, would be kind of amusing.

Don’t Look At It Directly!

If you’re going to have a tattoo centered around perfect circular shapes, like moon phases (we think that’s what they’re supposed to be), it’s kind of important that the circles are actually… round. To be fair, tattooing on a limb isn’t the easiest job, given the uneven terrain, but this is especially terrible. Not only are the moons a funny shape, but the eclipse shadow is all over the place.

Keeping It Real Classy

Who’s going to break the news to him that his tattoo actually adds up to 489 and not “party time”? This is one of those tattoos you scrutinize closely, hoping it’s made with a permanent marker or biro pen, but alas, it is permanent ink. Yet, if anyone ever asks about this guy’s hobbies, at least he doesn’t need to open his mouth—he can simply roll up a sleeve.

Nothing Wrong With A Bit Of Self-Reflection

Most people who regret a tattoo they got when they were younger tend to consider removal or, if that’s too unrealistic, a convincing cover-up job. Less common is the disclaimer asterisk, but we’re kind of here for it! This little piece of self-deprecation transforms what is a slightly tragic tattoo into an amusing comedy moment—in a good way. Instead of hiding from the past, this guy is teasing it.

Gotham Probably Doesn’t Need A Hero Like This

Our first impression of this slightly scrawny version of the caped crusader is that it’s a kid’s drawing that’s been made permanent by a proud parent. If that’s the case, then we get it. Sort of. If this is designed by a grown-up, however, we have far less sympathy. There’s something quite menacing about the set of razor-sharp teeth in Batman’s wide-open mouth. He’s supposed to be a bat, not a shark, right?

No One’s Idea Of A Happy Meal

This might be one of the most bizarre concepts for a tattoo we’ve ever seen. This re-imagined Ronald McDonald is giving serious Heath Ledger ‘Joker’ vibes, and, to be honest, it looks like something out of a horror movie. Who knew that the mascot of the largest fast-food chain in the world was so jacked? Presumably, he isn’t eating burgers all day every day. Or perhaps that’s the secret to a six-pack?

Judgement Day Should Be Interesting

This is confusing. Let’s begin with the apparent mistake—assuming it’s a mistake. If it’s intentional, the joke isn’t clear. Awkward. Now, let’s talk about the odd image below. At first glance, it seems like a swollen hand with a ladybug on it, but it’s actually a fetus. Quite surprising.

Has Anyone Seen Brenda?

Brenda must hold a special place in someone’s heart. While the tattoo might come off as a bit creepy or even a tad psychotic, there’s a hint of romance, isn’t there? We all secretly hope that this guy and Brenda stay together forever. Imagine the awkwardness if they break up—especially for his next partner, unless, of course, they happen to be named Brenda too.

When You Have Eyes In The Back Of Your Head

Parents often resort to the classic “eyes in the back of your head” trick to keep kids in check. This might explain the logic behind this somewhat peculiar tattoo. Admittedly, the haircut doesn’t complement the artwork, but credit to the tattoo artist—the eyes on the back of the head are surprisingly realistic and well-done.

That’s A Little Bit Cheeky

We understand the pride of being a parent, but this face tattoo takes it to a whole new level. There’s something about the color and shading that gives it an unexpectedly aggressive vibe, which is a shame considering the cute subject. This tattoo might belong in a folder labeled “questionable face tattoos that artists probably should have said no to.”

Stating The Obvious

It’s hard to argue with the statement! Despite the jarring nature of this tattoo, there’s a sense of irony and self-deprecation that makes it somewhat less cringe-worthy than others on this list. On the bright side, all seven words are spelled correctly—an achievement! Beyond that, finding positives is a bit of a challenge. Maybe fans of red and black colors would beg to differ.

A Not So Killer Queen

Is this real life or just fantasy? Freddie Mercury would likely experience an emotional landslide if he saw this artistic interpretation of himself. While the tattoo is based on an iconic image of the Queen star, the execution falls short. The left eye, in particular, seems to have gone through some questionable changes.

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