Halloween Face Tattoo Mishap Leaves Woman in Disbelief”


The eerie season might have concluded, but a woman discovered herself grappling with the repercussions of a bold Halloween decision in the days that followed.

Recognized asElizabeth, going by the handle@makeupandmeltdowns on TikTok, she faced a harrowing challenge as the “temporary” tattoo she had put on for Halloween resisted washing off, leading her to scrub her face in a state of panic.

At first, Elizabeth chose the temporary face tattoo to embrace the Halloween spirit, even applying the same design to her seven-year-old granddaughter. However, her plans took an unforeseen twist when her daughter called to ask about the removal process.


In a humorous video, she recounted, “I slapped on a tattoo sticker, joined in the Halloween fun, even put some on my seven-year-old granddaughter. Then, my daughter calls and asks, ‘How do we get these off?'”

Although Elizabeth initially thought it wouldn’t be much of a challenge, she quickly discovered herself scrubbing vigorously, to no avail. “It can’t be this difficult, can it?” she sighed. “I have meetings tomorrow.”

Worried viewers promptly filled the comments section with a range of home remedies, suggesting the application of baby or olive oil, makeup remover, rubbing alcohol on cotton wool, or even Sudocrem on a makeup pad to tackle the persistent sticker.

In a follow-up video, Elizabeth explained how she successfully got rid of the tattoo using parcel tape, albeit the process left her with a face that appeared as if she had undergone multiple slaps. Employing brown tape, she was amazed to see the sticker effortlessly peel away after gently applying it to her cheek.

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