Chooo-San’s Latest Creepily Realistic Body Art: Prepare To Be Amazed

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With Halloween approaching, many of you are probably looking for costume and make-up ideas. Maybe this Japanese art student Chooo-San, aged 19, could inspire you: her new body art started circling the Internet and would definitely pass for an impressive Halloween costume.

As we wrote before, Chooo-San uses only acrylic paint for her realistic drawings and her talent to transform herself into a mutant or cyborg. Multiple mouths, six eyes, or even batteries protruding from her forearms – these are just a few examples of what she can do with her body painting techniques.

What started as a cool art form of procrastination before her university exams (Chooo-San’s first body drawings were eyes and other objects on her hands) has turned into a very characteristic and unique art. Probably that’s not exactly what the professors would teach her!

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