The Truth About 32 Before-and-After Weight Loss Photos


Scrolling through Instagram photos could get pretty depressing when you start comparing yourselves to the perfect bodied bikini models posing for pictures. But now, bloggers and fitness models are proving that the pics we see online are not what we think – the models in the pics most likely look like that just 1% of the time.

Bloggers and fitness models from all over are posting what may look like before and after body transformation photos, but really are pics taken just seconds apart! Every single photo promotes body positivity and reveals that good posture, lighting, flexing muscles and striking the perfect picture poses could change the view more than you think. This, once more, proves how fake Instagram life truly is. Keep on scrolling to see the shocking differences, and feel free to add your own pics to the list!

  1. 1 Me 1% Of The Time VS 99% Of The Time. Taken Just Seconds Apart

    This title highlights the contrast between my appearance when I'm at my best, versus the majority of the time. These snapshots, taken seconds apart, reveal the journey of my weight loss transformation.

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  3. 2 My 3 Second Transformation!

    In just three seconds, witness my incredible weight loss transformation!

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  5. 3 Same Girl. Different Angles

    This phrase suggests that despite the different perspectives or views of the same person, it's still the same individual.

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  7. 4 Normal And Natural

    This message emphasizes that our bodies naturally appear different from various angles, even within the same day. It's a gentle reminder that this is completely normal and something to embrace.

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  9. 5 Just 2 Minutes After!

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