Fitness Model Ellie Gonsalves Shares Secret To Her Amazing Physique

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Fitness model Ellie Gonsalves has captured the attention of many with her stunning physique and dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her commitment to fitness, combined with her positive outlook, has made her a role model for individuals seeking to achieve their own fitness goals. With a vast following on social media, Ellie Gonsalves has decided to share the secret behind her incredible physique, inspiring and motivating others to embrace their own fitness journeys.

Keeping your metabolism hot

Ellie Gonsalves, an Australian model who has worked for renowned brands like Guess, shared her health and fitness secrets. She emphasises the importance of consistent eating throughout the day to keep the metabolism “hot” and burning calories effectively.

Learn about the human body

Ellie’s journey to achieving her current figure involved working closely with trainers and nutritionists, gaining knowledge about the human body. She learned that the body’s metabolism isn’t simply fast or slow, but can be kept “hot” by regularly consuming good-sized, easily digestible meals.

Food and exercise

Ellie admits that her enviable figure on Instagram wasn’t always the case. At the age of 17, she lacked knowledge about food and exercise and struggled with body image issues. However, she took the initiative to educate herself and underwent a transformation over six months.


Heaps of cardio

Consistency is a key factor in Ellie’s approach to healthy eating. She believes in balance and doesn’t deprive herself of indulgences like doughnuts or drinks. However, she ensures that she compensates for those treats by hitting the gym the next morning.

Consistency to be the key to healthy eating

Ellie discovered that it’s essential to find a balance between enjoying life and staying fit. She acknowledges that having a great physique doesn’t guarantee happiness. Therefore, she focuses on maintaining a healthy mindset by working out regularly and embracing a well-rounded lifestyle.

It’s all about balance

Ellie realized that she couldn’t eat whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Instead, she developed a consistent meal plan that prioritizes clean and healthy eating 80% of the time, while allowing herself to indulge in treats for the remaining 20%.

Enjoying life and staying fit

Previously, Ellie attempted to cut out all “bad” food from her diet but found that it made her unhappy and wasn’t sustainable in the long run. She now emphasises the importance of meal prepping and consuming nutritious lunches to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

Can’t eat whatever you want whenever you want

Although Ellie strives for consistency in her diet, she understands that it’s not always feasible. In such situations, she opts for nutritious alternatives like salads with tofu or brown rice sushi to ensure she gets the necessary nutrition and energy.

Meal plan

Ellie does enjoy occasional indulgences, such as raw cookie dough, red licorice with white chocolate, and soft Krispy Kreme doughnuts. She believes in finding a balance where treats are part of a healthy lifestyle.

Love to meal prep

Ellie’s exercise routine includes a variety of workouts, with her favourites being weighted hip thrusters, the Stairmaster, and weighted squats. She also incorporates exercises like donkey kicks, occasional runs, and burpees to keep her workouts diverse and challenging.

Lunch is super nutritious

Ellie’s journey in the modelling industry started when she was a child, as her parents encouraged her to explore various extracurricular activities. However, she faced rejection from modelling agencies during her late teens due to industry standards. This setback didn’t deter her from pursuing her dream.

Mix up the exercises

Despite the initial rejections, Ellie decided to take matters into her own hands and leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to build her presence. She became her own boss and contacted businesses directly, aligning herself with brands she genuinely loved.

Extra curricular activities

Ellie’s determination and entrepreneurial mindset led her to contact Guess directly. Her dream was to become a Guess girl since she was 12 years old. Through persistence and multiple test shoots, she eventually secured campaigns with the brand.

Always about being yourself

Social media plays a crucial role in Ellie’s life, as she aims to use it positively by sharing not only the highlights but also the struggles she has faced. Through her platforms, she inspires others by showcasing her journey of overcoming challenges and achieving personal growth.

You can control how you react

Ellie advises aspiring individuals to stay true to themselves and collaborate with brands and companies they genuinely love. She believes in showing authenticity and being a real person.

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