How to Avoid Misinterpreted Photo Editing Requests


Mastering Photoshop is like becoming an artist—it's a skill all by itself. You can do a bunch of cool things with it, making images your own way. People usually use it to make their photos look better, but this guy named James Fridman does it in a totally unexpected and funny way. He takes requests and does them exactly as asked, but with a hilarious twist. Some of his creations are super famous online for being so clever and funny.

  1. 1 More Interesting You Say?

    There was a cool picture with a girl in it, but she wanted something extra fun. So, the person who fixed it added a bullfighting scene with a bull. Nothing beats the excitement of a bullfight, right? Especially since the girl was already wearing a red dress—it makes you almost worry for her in the new picture!

    However, we reckon the final picture would've been slightly improved if there were some people in the stands. It's odd for a bullfighting arena to be completely deserted, don't you think?

  2. 2 Poor Guy Never Saw It Coming

    This guy wanted the nuts in the left photo taken out, but honestly, the whole pic seemed a bit weird. They both looked like they just rolled out of bed! He got what he asked for, and now in the right photo, he looks like he just had surgery. Who knows what kind of surgery he meant in the first place!

    We suspect his request about the bowl of nuts had something to do with it, but that's part of what makes these edits amusing. Plus, in the right photo, his girlfriend was completely taken out as well.

  3. 3 A Covid Version For Remembrance

    Wanting to remember getting married during the crazy Covid times might seem strange, but hey, that's when these two tied the knot. They sneaked off and got married during lockdown. The bride wanted a pic of them wearing masks to remember it all, but they didn't end up with regular Covid masks. Nope, they got masks from this movie about a special mask, which is way cooler, honestly.

    How many folks can really claim they have wedding pics with THAT mask on? Probably not many, unless you happen to be someone who worked on The Mask movie set, right?

  4. 4 Turned To Stone

    Isn't it super irritating when someone random messes up a photo you love? This girl felt that and wanted the guy on his phone in the background gone. They swapped him with a stone statue like the one on the right, but he's still glued to his phone. Must've been one fascinating thing on there to make him turn to stone!

    The coolest thing about this picture is how it sneaks in a statue that doesn't quite fit. If we didn't have the left photo, we might've taken a while to notice it!

  5. 5 Pool Anyone?

    Candid pics are cool, but sometimes they catch weird moments. This lady's sister-in-law's arm was in a funny position, so she wanted it fixed. But to make it seem normal, they ended up adding a pool table and stick—seems that was the only way to make it fit!

    However, similar to the rest of the pictures here, the final image does deliver exactly what was requested. She appears way more natural, getting ready for a shot.

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