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Stretch marks, scars, and even menstruation are all things women are routinely told to hide. However, one Barcelona-based artist is turning these supposed flaws into beautiful new ways to appreciate the female body.

Cinta Tort Cartró, also known as Zinteta on social media, uses rainbow paint and glitter to create colorful depictions of stretch marks, period blood, and the female anatomy. Her aim is to promote self-love among girls who may feel ashamed of their bodies.

Cartró states on Instagram, “Stretch marks are part of our essence, our moments, our lives, our stories, and us.” She encourages self-acceptance as a way to embrace one’s roots and history.

  1. 1 Rainbow Art Redefines

    Spanish artist Cinta Tort Cartró, also known as Zinteta, is using rainbow paint to transform the way women perceive their bodily "imperfections." Through her vibrant and expressive art, she redefines stretch marks, scars, and menstruation, encouraging self-love and acceptance. Cartró's work sends a powerful message that celebrates the beauty of the female body as it truly is, embracing its uniqueness and individuality. Her creative journey serves as an inspiration for women to appreciate their own bodies and reject societal standards of beauty.

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  3. 3 She beautifies women's "flaws," like stretch marks and periods.

    The artist redefines beauty standards by transforming women's supposed flaws, such as stretch marks and periods, into empowering works of art, challenging societal norms and fostering self-acceptance.

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  5. 5 Self-love through art.

    Cinta Tort Cartró, inspired by her own arduous journey to self-love, has emerged as a powerful advocate for body acceptance. Through her mesmerizing artwork, she transforms what society deems as "flaws" into striking visual celebrations. Cartró's vibrant depictions of stretch marks, scars, and menstruation redefine beauty standards, conveying a message of self-acceptance. With each stroke of her brush, she encourages individuals to embrace their bodies, acknowledging their history and uniqueness. Her artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-love and acceptance.

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