25 Weird Tattoos That Fits Perfectly Into Reality


They say you’ll regret it, get bored with it, and it’ll look terrible as you age. But we know better, don’t we? The prejudice against tattoos still exists, mainly among those whose skin is as plain as a blank canvas. However, sometimes even the coolest and most beautiful tattoos can take an unexpected turn. And that’s okay! In fact, there’s a hilarious corner of the internet called “Shitty Tattoos” on Reddit, where people come together to share and celebrate their less-than-perfect ink creations. It’s not just about mockery, but also finding inspiration for cover-ups and having a good laugh.

So, sit back, scroll down, and prepare to witness the funniest and finest examples of tattoo fails that will leave you in stitches!

 1. Mom Knows Best

2.Thankfully She Had The First “Artist” Stop Before It Was Too Late To Save

3.  Beautiful Cultural Tattoos

4. I Drunkenly Tattooed Some Inspiration On Myself From Nessie

5.Found On Ig. This Makes Me Appreciate All My Tattoo

6.Got A S**tty Tattoo Today! Girlfriend Is Starting Out Trying To Learn How To Tattoo And I Thought It’d Be Fun To Get Her To Tattoo Me. Obviously Wasn’t Expecting Much. I Think The Sloppy Lines Really Add To The Character Of A Depressed Ratatouille!

7. Yikes! Showing It Off Like A Boss

8.  Wolf Tatoos Are The Best

9.  This Is It, Guys

10. One Of The Sexiest Pinup I’ve Seen

11.  This Sh**ty Apartment Tattoo Of A Pikachu I Got, They F***ed Up The Left Eye So I Said Just Throw An Eye Patch On There

12. But Why?

13.I Am Simultaneously Convulsing And Crying. This Is Terrible

14. Gosh

15. They Did Timon Dirty

16.  Somke Weed

17. When You Have 9 Attempts At A Circle And Fail Every Time

18. They’ve Worked Out The Formula For Life

19.  Oops, I Meant Hollie

20.  It’s.. Kinda Cute Though

21.  My Brother’s Many Drunken Nights Tattoos

22. Saw This Loser At The Local McDonald’s

23.  What A Subtle Coverup

24.Imagine Having This Kind Of Cover Up, I’d Be Livid

25.Live, Laugh, Limp Bizkit

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