Life-Ruining Tattoos That Make You Want Off This Planet


The tales are renowned… mistakes committed while choosing tattoos in stressful situations, intense emotions, strained relationships, or under the influence of substances. However, ultimately, you are solely accountable for your body art. Presented here are remarkable individuals who possess tattoos that will attract attention from all, but for all the inappropriate reasons.

Star Light, Not Too Bright

At the top of the list of bad ideas is an undeniable winner, who decided to commemorate her drunken night out by attempting to draw a poorly done night sky on her face. It is clear that she is already making plans to remove the ink before morning, as her facial tattoo demonstrates the harsh reality that when in doubt, it’s best to test it out with a Sharpie beforehand.
Looking at the positive aspect, those around her can enjoy the sight of the stars every night. I’m curious if there are any unseen constellations, although it’s unlikely as that would require deep thinking.

When Millennials Take it Too Far

This is a scenario where a millennial has chosen to permanently showcase their affection for avocados through a tattoo. It seems that merely sharing pictures of avocado toast on Instagram or expressing their love for guacamole publicly is insufficient for them. Instead, they have opted to get a tattoo of an avocado in a rather unique location—underneath their armpit.
This tattoo is absolutely amazing. I really hope the person who got it receives a lifetime supply of free guacamole from Chipotle as a reward for their brave choice. It’s unbelievable, but they might have actually made avocados seem unattractive. Thank you so much, my friend.


Got My Order?

There exists a thin boundary between genuine affection for something and being entirely misled. At present, it appears that Stian Ytterdahl from Norway falls into the latter category. Indeed, he has permanently inked his McDonald’s receipt, although it seems like an acceptable order if I were able to understand Norwegian.
However, there are only a few food orders that are worth permanently tattooing on a visible part of the body. It is a sign of extreme dedication. Stian, you deserve to treat yourself with a Big Mac, but please refrain from getting the receipt tattooed on you.

Marilyn, What Happened?

We cannot be completely certain about the identity of this person. It seems like it began as Marilyn, but then something went terribly awry. Maybe some anti-itch cream could have caused it? The individual’s appearance resembles that of a decaying body left exposed to the sun. We hope this was not the intended outcome.
In any case, it requires a specific kind of individual to desire a permanent tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, a picture that has been excessively used. It seems probable that this individual possesses other unpleasant tattoos as well. It is likely that their knowledge of Marilyn Monroe is superficial, limited to her physical attractiveness.

Aaron Carter’s Massive Medusa Tattoo

Aaron Carter face tat
Aaron Carter appears to have been facing numerous challenges, such as struggling with addiction issues and engaging in a highly publicized rivalry with his brother Nick. In September 2019, he revealed a prominently placed facial tattoo. The 31-year-old singer posted a picture of the sizable tattoo on social media, accompanied by the caption stating that he believes he currently holds the highest significance in the music industry and cannot be disregarded.
It appears that the tattoo could have been even bigger if he had been allowed to proceed. RockRollG, the tattoo artist, informed TMZ that Carter had desired additional facial tattoos. However, the artist had to intervene and prevent him from continuing, as covering his entire face with tattoos was deemed too extreme and unfeasible.


Two-Headed Monster

I’ll make an educated guess and say that the tattoo on his face is likely a depiction of a baby. Hopefully, that’s the case. I’m curious to know what this person was thinking when they decided to get a tattoo of a child that resembles a creature, with small, dark eyes. They probably didn’t give it much thought, but that doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for this individual.
The tattoo has an interesting detail as it extends partly onto his earlobe without any logical purpose, except perhaps to make it appear even more foolish than it already is. Congratulations on becoming a parent, my friend. I wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

Time of Whose Life?

Wow, where do we begin? Should we talk about the band or the tattoo? It’s perfectly fine to have a beloved band, and there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about them. However, it’s a different story when someone gets a huge back tattoo of their favorite band that appears as if it were crudely drawn by a middle schooler.
If the tattoo didn’t have the words Green Day in its debatable location as a tramp stamp, it’s uncertain what the tattoo is referring to. I wish it appeared more appealing in the initial design phase, as this seems to be a significant error. If that’s not the case, it’s hard to express what this person’s connection to Green Day is like.

#1 Fan

Do you think she supports Meek Mill or Drake? It’s such a sophisticated way to express allegiance to your preferred hip hop artist. It’s likely that even Drake himself has come across this online, and his reaction might have been something like, Oh dear, no. Come on, now, what were you thinking?
People who have experienced their day being ruined upon finding this definition of a mistake would have a similar negative reaction. The only way this tattoo could become even worse is if it becomes infected, and it seems like it’s heading in that direction. Perhaps Drake will cover the cost of its removal so that he doesn’t have to bear the guilt of you having done this to yourself.


Too Much Ink For Elementary School

Meet Sylvain Helaine, a kindergarten teacher from France who has a striking appearance due to his extensive tattoo art and undergoing surgery to have the whites of his eyes removed. However, his distinctive body art only became a concern for a parent after a complaint was raised.
According to Helaine, his passion lies in getting tattoos, and he finds that people are no longer afraid of him once they get to know him. It is only when people see him from a distance that they may jump to negative conclusions. After losing his teaching position, Helaine has found alternative opportunities in the field of education. However, there is some concern that his tattoos might potentially hinder him from securing another job.

At Arm’s Length

I’m not entirely sure about the situation, but the tattoo is really bad. I think that image is usually displayed on the screen when your computer is about to shut down unexpectedly, causing you to lose all your recent work.
Most individuals would feel frustrated to the point of wanting to physically harm their computer screen in this situation. However, this individual has a different perspective. Instead of reacting with anger, he prefers to ink the message onto his right arm as a constant reminder. It might seem illogical for someone with such a permanent reminder to lack the basic knowledge of operating a computer, let alone restarting it, but that is why he felt the need to get it permanently tattooed on his arm.

Checkerboard Face

This individual went to the extreme of having his entire face tattooed. The session he endured must have been intensely uncomfortable, considering that even his eyelid and lip are now etched with ink. We can only hope that he has already found true love, and that his partner loves him unconditionally, as it seems he may face challenges in attracting women from this point on.
We are curious if he drew inspiration from the checkered tapestry that can be seen in the background. Coming up next: We understand, you have a strong passion for music!


Heavenly Playlist

On the eighth day, Jesus descended and graciously introduced us sinners to the musical talents of Nickelback, Three Days Grace, and Avril Lavigne. It is quite surprising to discover that Jesus possesses such an impeccable taste in music. Despite misspelling Gwen Stefani’s name, it’s delightful to have all these renowned artists gathered here.
Furthermore, it is crucial to promptly update this tattoo as The Jonas Brothers, Good Charlotte, and even Disturbed were omitted. However, it is somewhat commendable that Nickelback and Gwen were witnessed twice. On a serious note, it is preferable if this tattoo is either concealed or meant as a joke, as otherwise, it suggests that the person likely faced numerous hardships during their youth.

It’s is a Bad Tattoo

I feel sorry for Bon Jovi because this fan is damaging his reputation and music. The handwriting is extremely bad, the grammar mistakes are so amusing, and on top of it all, the fan doesn’t even know Bon Jovi’s actual name. I am curious about who is to blame here – the inexperienced tattoo artist or the person who is overly obsessed with this Jon Bovi persona.
No matter what, it doesn’t require much exertion to simply glance and ensure everything is going well. Nonetheless, there is a feeling that this individual either couldn’t bear to witness or was unable to see due to their tears.

Down For The Cause!

At times, once you have permanently marked your body beyond a point of reversal, you can freely sport unconventional tattoos without facing any inquiries. However, when your skin is completely unmarked and you choose to have a tattoo saying “Jeb 4 Prez” on your neck, it is likely to attract attention and speculation.
Is this for Jeb Bush, possibly a friend who is running for senior class president? It’s not really important though. This person can only rely on the possibility of having genes that promote fast beard growth in their family or the rapid advancement of tattoo removal technology.


I Mustache-You About Your Tattoo

I have a feeling that not everyone in his family takes part in this so-called tradition. If they do, their Christmas card must be quite unique. However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t his only face tattoo; he also has a beautiful star and even what appears to be a solid rectangle on his temple.
There are many wise choices being made in this situation. Observing tattoos like this one makes me question whether tattoo artists consider offering guidance to individuals, such as suggesting they take time to think it over before getting something like this done on their face.

Hot Dog Fonz

We understand the Happy Days reference, but why isn’t the ketchup bottle getting any love? These individuals must be hot dog enthusiasts who strongly believe that mustard is the only condiment suitable for hot dogs.
I am confident that at some past moment, this individual, who has a fondness for hot dogs, must have thought that getting this particular tattoo was a fantastic idea. However, it is important to consider beyond the present and contemplate the future. Will your future wife, if you happen to find one, be comfortable with you proudly displaying this tattoo at a neighborhood pool party? Moreover, will it still be amusing and relevant in your life two decades from now? Most likely not.

Hooray Meat

It seems that dating a vegetarian, going to college, and even focusing on being fit, toned, tanned, or attractive are not priorities for her. She seems content with her current situation.
The hot dog enthusiast and this woman would make a great pair enjoying hot dogs together, and maybe even getting some more tattoos related to their love for meat. It’s a perfect match. This lady is extremely passionate about meat, to the extent that even vegans don’t have dedicated tattoos for their plant-based lifestyle.


Bike Wreck

It appears someone has not got the training wheels off their tattoo gun just yet. Hopefully, that was just a test run with Sharpie or something. Nevertheless, nowadays, this tattoo could be a hipster’s dream. Rugged yet simple, a great discussion piece to spark up any conversation at your local gin bar.
Whoever got this done also probably has a minimalist arrow running down their wrist, or an infinity sign on one of their fingers. They also probably spend their evenings at “secret” art shows with equally as impressive art pieces as their tattoo.

Soup’s On

The bad armpit tattoo tradition continues. What happened to leaving some things up to the imagination? And is that an ONION? I wouldn’t want to advertise an onion odor anywhere near my pits.
Also, I didn’t want to go here, but I think that a whole onion tattoo would have at least helped to avoid any misunderstanding of the tattoo at first glance, if you catch my drift. Regardless what the tattoo even is, there’s really no explanation for any type of pit tat, especially of the onion variety.

Chuck Taylor Forever

Either this person really, really, REALLY likes red high top converse, or they’re in the middle of the process to becoming a real-life cartoon character. No matter what the answer is, this tattoo was a mistake.
They could’ve just gotten a simple All-Star logo somewhere on their body to commemorate this timeless show, but no, they had to actually have it tattooed on their foot. Also, if you’re going to go this far, you might as well get the whole shoe tattooed.half of it is missing so it looks dumber than it already is.



Strike one, that is not the definition of courage. Strike two, that is not how you spell courage. Strike three, those are some atrociously hairy pits, you’re out buddy. Misspelled tattoos are always good fun, everything could have so easily been avoided with one simple Google search.
You don’t even need to type it in these days, you can just talk to your phone and it will tell you how to spell it. Apparently, this guy was so confident in his spelling of courage that he didn’t even need to look. Wonder if he knows its spelled wrong to this day?

Eye Want A New Mom!

You know a tattoo is a fail when even a newborn baby recognizes how bad it is. This infant can’t seem to tear his or her new eyes away from the circle that’s permanently inked around Mom’s eye.
That’s a real look of shock there! To be fair, this new mom probably looks a lot better when she’s fully made up and in character, but her tat really doesn’t seem to fit into this photo of an otherwise beautiful and natural scene. I bet the baby is a little nervous about whether it will be expected to get a matching tattoo.

You’ll “Roo” the Day

Nothing like some good old-fashioned Australian patriotism. Once again, this person could have gotten their point across so much more effective and tastefully if they had just kept it simple or maybe asked for a little bit of advice from a friend.
I mean, come on, the two tattoos are two completely different shades, and those stars are so 90’s. Perhaps, the most hilarious part of this masterpiece is not the kangaroo, nor the love of pointed emblems, but that the shape of the stars actually, just barely, resembles Australia. If you squint, mate.


The Disabled Nipple

This is one messed up decision. The subject and location are both questionable. I’m going to assume this guy is in a chair himself and isn’t making fun of others who are. But maybe I’m giving him too much credit and he’s a jerk who makes fun of handicapped people.
Why the nipple man, why? There are no many other locations on a person’s body that could make this a meaningful tattoo. Now, not only do people have to see your thoughtlessly placed tattoo, but now they’re eyes will be diverted to your nipple, jerk.

Nightmare Fuel

What better way to celebrate a bad decision then by tattooing the result of one. Britney’s mega-meltdown, umbrella-swinging, head-shaved freak out memorialized for the ages. The acne in her teeth is primo, too! This tattoo isn’t just bad, it’s downright horrifying.
This is the stuff nightmares are made of. This is the kind of thing crawling around in the seventh circle of hell while you’re forced to shave it’s head alongside Judas for eternity. While everyone else is startled by this tattoo, do you look at your skin and smile? I bet you do.

Well, I Can Think of One…

Is this an honest mistake, or did neither the artist or the client know how to spell regrets? The placement, the font, the phrase, the misspelling, what isn’t wrong with this tattoo? This may be low, but this person got exactly what they deserved for every single decision made surrounding this tattoo.
Something also tells me that this isn’t the first regret they’ve had in their life, they just had to get a tattoo to convince themselves otherwise. I can only imagine what’s on the other arm…


I Like Turtles (A Little Too Much)

No better way to wake up every morning than having a surprised Michelangelo on your honker. He looks equally as surprised to be on this guy’s nose than people who first see this tattoo.
At least the tattoo is kind of done well? Okay no, there’s nothing redeemable about this tat. Who even likes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anymore? What are you five? You get one face, and you did this to it. I’m sure your mother is really thrilled about your life choices.

Feeling Blue

When your Blue Man group tryouts don’t go as planned, you might be in the mood to do something crazy, like this guy did. Trust him though, it’s a Japanese traditional so it’s totally chill! Although we’re focusing on the tattoo, the eye-piercing simply cannot be ignored.
Did you lose an eye and this is your form of eye-patch? If so, that’s kind of cool, if not, you’re weird. This was probably the guy in college who said he wasn’t looking for a relationship because he feared commitment but then went and did something like this during his mid-life crisis.

Tyson Tribal

As if biting someone’s ear off isn’t savage enough, our favorite boxer Mike Tyson had to go and get a facial tribal tattoo to prove his point. We get it Mike, don’t mess with you.
This was either a huge publicity stunt on his part, or a way for people to hopefully stop making fun of his lithsp. In an interview, it sounds like the tattoo is here to stay and it wasn’t just a phase for Tyson to get some long-desired media time.


Demon or Grandpa?

The rule that tattoos look bad later in life is on full display here. So many questions about this one. The man himself, plus his creepy tattoos, make it seem like he’s about to grow some horns and wings only to fly off into the night sky. Is that a depiction of hell on his forehead?
I wouldn’t be surprised. Also, lets not forget about the classy face swastikas or the random circle tattooed around his eye. Well, on the bright side, this guy looks like he’s in prison, probably for the better. More time for him to add onto his prison tat collection.

Brrr…It’s Cold in Here

There’s no better way to show how cool you are than displaying your favorite frosty treat on your face. Slushies, ice cream cones, Italian Ice, it all looks cool man. Gucci Mane’s lyrics, “Tattoos on my face it’s my face not yours” have some serious meaning here, and at least he owns his interesting face tats.
The only question here is why he decided on such a poor quality tattoo when he has more than enough money for a better one. Yet, considering his past criminal record and rap lyrics, I don’t think anyone is going to be telling him it looks bad anytime soon. Keep doing you, Gucci.

Squeeze ‘Em Good

Back at it again with the clever nipple tats! Not only did he get a tattoo of a giant shellfish on him while incorporating his nipple, but he also got a tattoo of one of the ugliest shellfish around.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a good lobster tail, but I’ll pass on having one blasted across my shoulder and chest for life. It also looks as though it could have started out as a giant koi fish, but somewhere along the way he went, “Wait! Wait! I just got a way better idea!”


Evolution of a Tattoo

The subject matter and tattoo are on the same track…in progress. Darwin himself would be proud of this ink. Perhaps a little confused as to why so many modern humans receive such dumb tattoos though.
However, I think he forgot to add himself in between neanderthal and man, right in the spot where people with that amount of brain capacity get tattoos like this.

We’re Done Here

What we have here is what looks like an attempt to re-create a half-erased Etch-A-Sketch drawing. If that’s what this woman was going for, I commend her, excellent work. Yet, something tells me that’s not what the original plan was.
What it really looks like is that she came out of a sever blackout, looked down, and realized she was getting a naked lady tattooed on her arm, freaked out, and the rest is history. Now she’s forever stuck with half a naked lady, and lord knows what is even below that, Still, some hipster might find that to be hip these days.

Vroom Vroom

These planes seem to be angry, and dive-bombing down towards something, just not quite sure what. Surely, there’s some great meaning behind these two planes forever present on her once clean chest.
Her grandfather that she never knew was probably a pilot in World War II, or her boyfriend of four months may just have applied to the Air Force Academy. Aside from the tattoos themselves, the positioning of them is another aspect deserving of discussion. One of the plane wings is disappearing into her left armpit, maybe there’s another tattoo under there as well?


Mates For Life

Nothing says true friendship like having three of your best friend’s names terribly tattooed on your forearm, even when you can just tell them they’re your best friends. It’s either that or he had a really hard time remembering their names.
One good thing about this tattoo is that it actually looks like it was written in sharpie, so he never really has to explain to everyone that it’s a tattoo until they eventually find out. Patsy, Ritchie, and Alice, you’ve got a dedicated friend right here, hold onto him close, or don’t, it’s totally up to you.

No words

I enjoy a bit of humor as much as the next guy but really can’t help feeling sad for this chick. Even if her current significant other finds this tat amusing, chances are that the next one won’t.
And it’s nothing but a turnoff when you’re trying to get busy with someone and end up coming face-to-face with a giant steaming turd, complete with swarming flies? I hope this woman knows that skin grafting is a thing, because if I were her, I’d be saving up for an entirely new back.


I really do hope that super lucky girl Nina said yes, or this poor guy has to live with this rejection for the rest of his illiterate life. Hopefully, after she gave him her answer, she took this struggling individual back to finish his GED and maybe brush up on his spelling.
I’m also surprised that he didn’t provide her with a “yes” and “no” checkbox’s which she personally got to fill in with a tattoo gun provided for her. That would have really helped to seal the deal on this beautiful union and make it official.



Wow! This guy looks so hardcore, I’d never want to mess with him! If you come too close he might slap you with one of his fearsome man boobs. But in all seriousness, was there any inspiration behind this tattoo, or did he find the stupidest tattoo in the book and asked to have it blown up onto his chest?
We can see his body is riddled with tats, and after seeing his sweet chest piece, I wouldn’t mind seeing whatever other lifelong mistakes this poor fella has made.

Don’t Do It

I know that Nikes and other sneakers have grown ridiculously expensive, but a tattoo is just not going to give you the athletic support that an actual shoe will. Save the tat money and invest in a pair of real trainers.
However, apparently, this guy wants to display his athleticism even when he’s not on the court or at the gym, proving that he’s always on the grind. Also, this tattoo would only really be appropriate on somebody’s body if let’s say maybe they started the company or had some sort of personal investment in the Nike brand. But hey, that’s just me.


There’s really nothing to be said about this unfortunate decision made by this clearly ignorant and insensitive human being. Is this racist? I at least I think so. I hope she knows that tattoo is more than just a life-long commitment for the ink on her back, but also for her selection in the male population which is probably looking very small for her now, no matter what the race.
Although I know this is a saying commonly said as a joke, she clearly took it to heart. have fun explaining that to your children and grandchildren!


The Best of Chairs

We all have our favorite chairs. They’re in the best spot in the house, they’re comfortable, maybe even nostalgic at times. Yet this guy loves his chair so much that he decided to commemorate it by getting a tattoo of it. Not everyone’s first choice, but certainly an interesting one.
When the chair is long gone, it’s legacy will live on your arm forever. Hopefully, there is a story behind this chair and has more meaning than this person simply “liked” it or thought it looked cool, so he figured he might as well get a tattoo. Oh, the questions I have.

Plan Ahea-

As if this person probably hasn’t gotten enough grief for this egregious tattoo, I’m going to give them some more. This image is so full of irony it hurts. I don’t know whether I hope it was meant to be ironic or it was actually a mistake. Seriously, how hard is it to mess this up?
Was this person so set on getting “Plan Ahead” on their hands that they took the loss on the “D”, or is this plain and pure stupidity? It’s legitimately concerning to me that there are people like this person walking among us on this earth.

Pit Crew

The rednecks are back at it again! Nothing tops off a day at the NASCAR races better than copious amounts of light beer and greasy food. However, I do like this guy’s approach to his tattoo.
He’s totally comfortable with himself and his body, so he’s decided to have a little fun with it. Show this tat to any guy at a bar and before you know it you’ll have a cold beer in your hand. Clever, tactical and funny. I like this guy. Something tells me he’s also been training for years to reach this specific body type so he can get that tattoo.


Maybe School is What You Need

It looks like this newly inked person dropped out of school, bought a tattoo gun, and got to work on himself. If they really thought he was too cool for school I hope that they know that they spelled school wrong which most people know how to spell by second grade.
Also, people tend to know how to draw better than that by the time they’re in third grade. Come to think of it, this may the unfortunate situation in which a child got their hands on tattoo gun. In reality, it was probably just another fool with a bright idea to get a tattoo.


Not too sure what this little guy is. A 3-year old’s depiction of a Smurf, perhaps? No matter what it is, it’s probably something that should be on the refrigerator and not your body for life. But who know’s, maybe it’s one of those meaningful tattoos people get of their children’s drawing.
Aside from the bruised and pale skin, it’s hard to look at without smiling a little bit. It sure beats having a scary looking baby covering half of your face, or a big steaming turd on your back.

The Night King

This tattoo very well might be the influence behind George R.R. Martin’s white walker characters in the Game of Thrones series. The facial structure, the bright blue eyes, it’s all there. Why it’s on the back of this guy’s head, I have no idea, but I can definitely see the humor in it.
Honestly, this dude seems to be rocking it confidently, incorporating his hair and everything. it looks like he made the best out his situation and I applaud him for it. I’d probably ask to take a picture with him if I saw him on the street.


Yes…You Are

I wish I could make out the tattoo on his arm more clearly, but the “STUPID” across his forehead says enough. They used to brand people with similar labels in the Middle Ages as a punishment, but it looks like he did it for fun!
At least he saved everyone the time of discovering that he’s stupid without him even having to open his mouth. Also, it appears that he’s drinking a beer in the car which is stupid, and he doesn’t even know how to drink from a bottle, further proving that stupid is as stupid does.

Everything’s For Sale

This mother of the year auctioned off space on her forehead on eBay. The highest bidder was, who paid $10,000 to tattoo their URL on her forehead. She desperately needed money to pay for her kid’s Private School.
Although the tattoo artist tried to talk her out of it, she insisted. Although surely there are easier ways to make $10,000 than ruining your entire life, what’s done is done. The kids probably would have turned out just fine in public school. Yet, if this isn’t motherly love, I don’t know what is. Only the best for the kids.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Ah ha! Another meat lover down for the cause! It turns out there are more people out there than you may think that felt the urge to get various meats tattooed on them. This wouldn’t be an unusual tattoo with just the sunset with the palm tree, but the cheeseburger takes it to a whole new level.
Aside from the inspiration of the cheeseburger tattoo, the other question about this photo is where this is on someone’s body. That could make all the difference if this tattoo is kind of fumy or downright sad.


Not Quite Famous

It is a very bold move to get a misspelled tattoo proclaiming that you’re finally famous when nobody even knows who you are. Although technically, now she’s finally famous enough to be a part of this slideshow of horrendous tattoos that make you want to leave this planet if that’s what she means.
Considering her pose, and the way she is showing off her new ink, I’m willing to bet that she put this up on social media to show to all of her other trashy friends.

Game On

Hmmm I don’t get it. Is this a cheat code or something, or is this girl unnecessarily obsessed with the now far outdated Game Boy? I don’t even think that’s a Game Boy color, not to mention it looks like it was colored in with colored pencils rather than a tattoo gun.
The arrows aren’t even color coded which just makes this whole tattoo confusing. Also, I didn’t want to bring it up, but why is her belly button so high up on her stomach? It’s distracting from the real issue at hand, her tattoo.

No Big Deal

Super cliche saying, check. Terrible tattoo placement, check. Avoidable misspelling, check. Awful font, check. A lifetime of regret, check. This guy covered all of the bases on this one. He’s right, no dream is too big, however, sometimes one letter can be too big for your tattoo.
This really is unfortunate considering that he probably got this tattoo as an excuse to take of his shirt the next time he goes paintballing with his boys. Now he has to endure a lifelong string of insults about his terrible grammar and poor decision making.


Bet Gone Horribly Wrong

No way this wasn’t the result of a drunken bet. I don’t care how in touch with his masculinity this guy is, a tat like this is sure to cause a whole lot of good-natured ribbing with his colleagues.
The one upside of this tattoo is that he hardly ever has to see it, however, he’s forever going to hear whispers behind his back when he’s at the beach, or bending down to fix someone’s toilet. Also, I guess this cute little butterfly is better than seeing than what we usually assume we’re going to see in a picture like this.


I thought it was common knowledge that doing laundry is one of the top five worst things to do on this planet. Most people could go the rest of their lives without hearing or seeing a washing machine ever again. Some people even pay services to come and get their dirty laundry and have it returned to them clean and folded.
Not this person, it appears they love doing laundry so much that they figured a tattoo was necessary in order to show the world. It’s certainly not the best tattoo, but we need people like this out there that can do the laundry for the rest of us normal people.

Look At The Stars, Look How They Don’t Shine For You

woman with chest tattoo that was meant to look like stars
This woman tried to get “stars” tattooed on her chest and all we cant imagine how this could happen. Usually tattoo artists with large-scale tattoos like this will show you it halfway or do a stencil so you know what it looks like.
If we were this woman and saw a stencil of what looks like spattered mold on our chest, we would have ran out of that tattoo shop as fast as we could.


Rocky Dennis

I think we’ve found the world’s most dedicated Eric Stoltz/Mask fan. Who else would have Rocky Dennis’ poor deformed face inked on themselves for all eternity? One aspect this person didn’t think about is that few people under the age of 30 will even know what this tattoo depicts.
So essentially, to most people, this is just a tattoo of a disfigured face. Not only is the subject a little odd, but the tattoo isn’t very well done either. Also, are those blemishes tattooed as well or does this person just have a skin condition on their arm?


I’m sure you do my friend. Not only is this tattoo in a hard to cover up spot, the ink looks like it was written in sharpie, and the font looks like the writing on the cover of Harry Potter novels.
My guess is that this tattoo was done on a dare. Or maybe it’s the ultimate in hipster irony? Either way, I’m sure it leads to a lot of funny conversations with strangers. 10/10 times when that conversation ends, the other person will walk away thinking, “What an idiot”.

People Might “Juge” You For This One

That’s a perfectly fine belief. I just hope that he believes just as strongly that God is illiterate, because he’ll certainly be pissed when he sees this monstrosity if he happens to be a grammar freak.
I also hope that this devout young man understands that God is not the grim reaper, and that the grim reaper does not appear anywhere in the Bible. What really makes this tattoo even more cringe-worthy is that “Juge” is in bold. That means they went over it several times without noticing that it was spelled wrong. God, if you can hear me, it’s time for another flood.


To Beef And Ched Or Not To Beef And Ched, That Is The Question

Your first thought when you see this tattoo is probably the same as mine: who would commit to loving Arby’s enough for a tattoo? Arby’s is easily one of the lowest tiers of fast food restaurants in America. Nothing says “nutrition” like lukewarm shaved roast beef and fake cheese.
It does make us feel a little better to know that this person didn’t actually pay for their tattoo. Back in 2018, Arby’s was offering free tattoos from a flash sheet of drawings. You don’t get anything in return for pledging your allegiance to Arby’s, but at least you got a good story out of it.

In All Fairness, This Is Very Artisitc

blonde girl with crisscrossing face tattoo
I personally wouldn’t get a giant face tattoo, but I can appreciate the uniqueness of this style of tattooing.
It’s a very unique and mesmerizing pattern that pulls you in.

What A Mess

At first glance, I thought she had used her back as a place for classmates to sign their names. Just like they would in you know, a yearbook. You’ve got a couple of names, a bad sketch, and the cheesy “Peace” message. All that’s missing is H.A.G.S (Have a great summer). This woman also seems like she has a problem with commitment.
There’s a lot of what look like unfinished tattoos that she got bored of so she decided to start another one, and ended up with this masterpiece. This hurts just to even look at.


Panda lovin’

I didn’t know that it was possible, but his man-made pandas not look cute. Their bodies look like stuffed animals with their limbs sewn together. Also, it’s highly doubtful this guy knows that the symbol above the tattoo even means. He probably saw it on his favorite MMA fighter and thought it was a good idea to get a matching one. Oh, and throw in some pandas in there while he was at it.
From the sink to the nicely arranged magazine in the background, it’s hard to ignore that this photo looks like it was taken in a public bathroom. I guess he couldn’t wait to get home to show it to all of his friends.

Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

We don’t know who the lovely inspiration for this tattoo is, but it’d be great to see a picture. For the sake of this individual, I sincerely hope that this looks nothing like the actual subject.
She looks like she’s had one of her hands re-attached, brushes her teeth with ink, and hasn’t been to the gym in a few weeks. I’m sure this lady broke up this guy when she saw his representation of her, as she should. This tattoo is not just an insult to this guy’s body, but the lady as well.

Ah, The Ol’ Zipper Legs

A zipper, camouflage tattoo on the back of someone's legs
Have you been introduced to Debra Zipperlegs, amidst the mention of Edward Scissorhands? It’s perplexing what reasons exist that would make someone consider this as A) an innovative concept, B) a fascinating notion, and C) something they would desire permanently displayed on their legs.
However, we must acknowledge their confidence in proudly wearing a dress with camouflage zippers in public. It’s impressive to see individuals who are so secure in their attire, as I would personally opt for pants at all times if I had such unique zippers on my legs.


Don’t Let Us Rain On His Parade

back tattoo of clouds and rain
It is often said that individuals can be categorized as optimists, pessimists, or realists. Based on this individual’s choice to have a tattoo of an extremely rainy day on their entire back, it is safe to assume they might fall into the pessimistic category. It seems unlikely that they would choose such a depressing design if they held a more positive outlook on life.
Naturally, some might suggest that they maintain an optimistic outlook and perceive the rain as a metaphor for purging negativity. However, it seems unlikely that it holds as much depth as we desire to believe.

Freedom At The Forefront

tattoo of eagle face on a man's forehead
Expressing patriotism can be done in various ways, but this particular choice seems to be as far from appropriate as possible. While a tattoo of an eagle on the arm or a flag on the back of the calf are acceptable, having it prominently displayed on the forehead seems excessive.
Additionally, it is not advantageous that this individual now appears to have four eyes. Perhaps it serves as a symbol, reminding us that we are constantly being monitored by the concept of freedom.

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