How To Uncover The Truth Behind Hollywood’s Pregnancy Bells


Actresses sometimes become pregnant while working on a movie or TV show, even if they have a contract. Studios usually find creative ways to hide the growing baby belly of the main character. However, these photos show that their attempts don’t always work. From using pillows and newspapers to creative camera angles and clothing choices, take a look at how studios tried but failed to conceal the pregnancy bellies of their leading ladies on screen.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay in Friends, was the first among the main cast to become pregnant. When preparing for the fourth season, the show’s producers chose to acknowledge and incorporate her pregnancy into the storyline. Phoebe Buffay’s character was given a unique and interesting tale to go along with it.

Gal Gadot


Gal Gadot was five months pregnant during the filming of Wonder Woman, yet she impressively performed many of her own stunts, making the action scenes appear realistic. The use of CGI played a significant role in achieving this. During filming, Gal wore a green fabric around her stomach, allowing her pregnancy belly to be digitally removed in post-production through special effects.

Blake Lively

While filming the shark attack film “The Shallows,” released in 2016, Blake Lively was simultaneously expecting the birth of her daughter, Inez. The filming process was challenging for her as she had to navigate through the demanding scenes, many of which involved risky stunts. Despite the difficulties, Lively managed to fulfill her role in the movie even during pregnancy.

Cynthia Nixon

In season four of Sex and the City, actress Cynthia Nixon was pregnant, and fortunately, the show integrated her pregnancy into the storyline. This creative decision led to the introduction of baby Brady for her character, Cynthia, and Steve in the series.

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson was pregnant during the filming of Grey’s Anatomy, and the producers took a unique approach. As season two was just beginning, they decided to incorporate Chandra’s pregnancy into the storyline. The famous birth scene that resulted from this decision was well-received by fans, making it a successful and appreciated idea.

Melanie Scrofano

The producers chose to incorporate Melanie Scrofano’s pregnancy throughout season two of Wynonna Earp. The big reveal, however, didn’t happen until the fifth episode, surprising fans. The best part is that there was more to come, adding an element of anticipation for viewers.

Vanessa Morgan

When Vanessa Morgan was pregnant with her baby, the production of season five of Riverdale was already underway. Vanessa Morgan expressed gratitude on her Instagram post, commending the show’s handling of her pregnancy. She thanked the showrunner and producers for their understanding and for incorporating her pregnancy into the storyline.

Melissa Fumero

While working on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, actress Melissa Fumero faced the challenge of filming while pregnant, portraying the leading female role of Detective Amy Santiago. The experience wasn’t easy for her, and she recalled the intensity of swelling in her ankles during that time.

Teri Hatcher

During the filming of Tomorrow Never Dies, actress Teri Hatcher faced challenges as she had recently become pregnant and was dealing with pregnancy side effects. Unfortunately, Pierce Brosnan, her co-star, expressed frustration, stating, “She annoyed me. She kept me waiting for hours.” This highlights the difficulties that can arise on set when actors face personal challenges that affect the production schedule.

Chyler Leigh

During the filming of Grey’s Anatomy, actress Chyler Leigh, who played Lexie Grey, was pregnant. The show’s writers chose not to incorporate her pregnancy into the storyline. To manage this, they utilized wide-fitting hospital scrubs to cover her belly. At times, additional creative measures were required to conceal the pregnancy while filming.

Naomi Watts

When Naomi Watts was filming the thriller Eastern Promises, she was in the early stages of her pregnancy. Despite her efforts to conceal it from the cast, she couldn’t keep it a secret from everyone. This illustrates the challenges that actors sometimes face in trying to hide personal aspects of their lives, especially during film productions.

Kristen Bell

In House of Lies, Kristen Bell was confident that her pregnancy wouldn’t impact her character. To deceive the audience and avoid the pregnancy being noticeable, the director had to come up with creative solutions to hide or work around Kristen Bell’s pregnancy on screen. This is a common challenge in the entertainment industry when actors’ real-life circumstances differ from their characters’.

Alyssa Milano

During the second season of Mistresses, actress Alyssa Milano filmed while being pregnant with her second child. Describing the experience, she humorously compared keeping her pregnancy a secret to a Saturday Night Live skit. This comment likely reflects the challenges and absurdities of trying to conceal a pregnancy while actively engaged in acting.

Ivana Milicevic

Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter, a pregnant actress, starred in Angel, a spinoff series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, during its fourth season. The production team initially made efforts to conceal her pregnancy, employing various tactics. However, there came a point when concealing the pregnancy became impractical or impossible, and the reality of her pregnancy was eventually acknowledged on the show. This situation reflects the challenges TV productions face when dealing with unexpected real-life events impacting their actors.

Chelsea Peretti

During season four of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chelsea Peretti and her husband, Jordan Peele, announced they were expecting a baby. Rather than concealing the pregnancy, the show decided to incorporate it into the storyline. The pregnancy was added to the show, introducing a new element of mystery. Chelsea Peretti expressed relief at not having to worry about hiding the pregnancy bump, highlighting the positive experience of openly acknowledging and incorporating real-life events into the show’s narrative.

Amanda Righetti

When Amanda Righetti became pregnant during the production of season five of The Mentalist, the writers chose not to include the pregnancy in the show’s storyline. To navigate this, scenes featuring Grace, the character played by Amanda Righetti, often showed her standing behind something or sitting down with her hands strategically placed in front of her stomach. This creative approach allowed the show to manage the situation without incorporating the pregnancy into the character’s narrative.

Candice King

When Candice King announced her pregnancy with her husband, Joe, fans of The Vampire Diaries were curious about its potential impact on her character. Surprisingly, the show’s writers chose to embrace the real-life pregnancy and incorporated it into the storyline. This unexpected decision added a new dimension to the show and likely delighted fans with the creative approach to integrating the actor’s pregnancy into the narrative.

Anna Paquin

During season six of True Blood, when Anna Paquin was visibly pregnant, her growing belly didn’t align with the show’s plans for her character. To address this, a stunt double stepped in for scenes where her character needed to display her body. Anna Paquin even shared with Todd Lowe at the time that the stunt double worked harder than necessary to ensure continuity and consistency in the storyline despite the real-life pregnancy. This highlights the behind-the-scenes efforts made to maintain the show’s narrative integrity.

Nana Visitor

Nana Visitor, who played Kira Nerys in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, was pregnant while filming the show. However, the writers decided not to incorporate her real-life pregnancy into the character’s storyline. This choice meant that Kira Nerys did not have a baby on the show, reflecting the creative decisions made to manage real-life events without necessarily integrating them into the fictional narrative.

Kaitlin Olson

During season six of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, actress Kaitlin Olson was pregnant for many episodes. To align with her real-life pregnancy, the show decided to incorporate it into the storyline. As a result, Olson’s character, Dee, became pregnant on the show, leading to several episodes focused on exploring and incorporating this aspect of the character’s life. This creative decision allowed the show to adapt to the real-life situation while maintaining the comedic tone of the series.

Betsy Brandt

During season two of Breaking Bad, actress Betsy Brandt was pregnant, which was not part of her character’s storyline. To conceal her real-life pregnancy, her character Marie Schrader’s pregnancy wasn’t addressed in the show. Interestingly, Anna Gunn, who played Skylar White, was required to wear a dummy baby belly on set to portray her character’s pregnancy, creating a humorous and somewhat ironic situation behind the scenes. This kind of behind-the-scenes trivia showcases the creative solutions used to navigate unexpected real-life events during TV productions.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner discovered she was pregnant while filming the fifth season of Alias, where she played the action-packed role of Sydney Bristow. In response to her pregnancy, the show decided to accommodate her by incorporating the real-life pregnancy into Sydney Bristow’s storyline. This decision allowed Jennifer Garner to continue her role while navigating the physical demands of her pregnancy, showcasing the flexibility and creativity of the show’s writers in adapting to unexpected real-life events involving their lead star.

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