How to Utilize a Dog to Save a Pregnant Woman’s Life


Lots of people think their pets understand things we don’t. Here’s a story about Alhanna and her dog Keola. Alhanna was going to have a baby, and her dog Keola started acting weird by poking at her belly. At first, they didn’t pay much attention, but later they found out something scary was going on.

Dreaming of Becoming Parents

Alhanna and Ricky instantly clicked when they met. They were so sure about wanting to be together forever that they decided to start a family right away.

Trying for a baby didn’t work out at first, and it felt like their dream was slipping away. But one day, Alhanna got the most amazing news ever: she was finally pregnant.

Keola Started to Behave Oddly

At first, Keola acted like usual, but around four months into her mom’s pregnancy, she began behaving really strangely.

Keola, who used to watch over her mom calmly, began acting strangely. She started whimpering and poking at Alhanna’s belly, almost like she wanted to communicate something. However, the couple didn’t think much of it at first.

Things Started to Get Scary

Alhanna had an easy pregnancy until she reached 16 weeks, when she began feeling really sharp pains in her lower back all of a sudden.

The pain was so bad that Alhanna could barely speak or move. Ricky quickly took her to the hospital and hoped for the best.

Anticipating Bad News

Alhanna got to the hospital fast, and the doctor saw her immediately. The couple started getting worried about their baby.

The couple felt relieved when they heard the baby was okay, realizing it was just the pregnancy causing trouble for Alhanna’s body. The doctor advised her to take it easy and rest more. But despite this, something still felt off.

Relieved But Exhausted

Constantly worrying about the baby’s well-being exhausted the couple, and all they wanted was to go home and rest.

Even though Alhanna still felt those sharp pains, she trusted the doctors and went to her comfy bed to finally get some much-needed rest.

 Sharing Updates on Facebook

The next day, Alhanna updated her family and friends on Facebook, letting them know what was happening. She shared details about her symptoms and even mentioned how Keola had been acting strangely in the past few weeks.

Alhanna’s friends and relatives quickly offered their support, and some suggested she trust Keola’s instincts and consider going back to the doctor.

Was Keola Trying to Tell Something

Alhanna had been utterly exhausted these past few days and felt unsure about what to do. She was hesitant to go back to the doctor since they had assured her everything was fine earlier.

Despite the doctor’s reassurance, Alhanna’s pain persisted, making her start to think that Keola might actually be onto something.

Alhanna’s Mom Knew Something Wasn’t Right

Even with advice from friends and family to see the doctor, Alhanna struggled to decide. It wasn’t until her mother intervened, insisting she seek a second medical opinion, that Alhanna considered taking further action.

Alhanna’s mother was convinced Keola’s odd behavior meant something. The next day, as Alhanna went to work, she had no idea something bad was about to occur.

Everything Was Looking for Answers

Alhanna was in the emergency room, and her condition began to improve. Doctors conducted several tests to figure out what was causing her pain and to determine if it was something serious.

After waiting anxiously, the results came in confirming Keola’s instincts were correct: the news wasn’t good.

Undergoing Treatment

The doctors realized that Alhanna was in serious danger, not just of losing her pregnancy, but also of losing her life.

The doctors acted quickly, putting Alhanna on a strong antibiotic regimen. They began providing the necessary care and treatment to prevent further damage to her kidneys.

Welcome to The World Baby Boy

After such a stressful period, the wonderful news arrived: Alhanna gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in November of 2015.

They named the baby boy Lincoln. The couple was absolutely ecstatic and incredibly thankful to Keola for everything.

Bringing Lincoln Home

After Lincoln was born, the couple spent a few days with him in the hospital. They were extremely excited to take their new baby home and introduce him to Keola.While reflecting on her pregnancy, Alhanna couldn’t stop thinking about how her pup wanted to tell her that something was wrong. She didn’t know how she would ever get to repay her beloved furry friend.

Looking After Her Baby Brother

Now, the couple understood that Keola had been trying to communicate that something was wrong, and it made sense how strong her bond was with their son.

Wherever Lincoln went, Keola stayed close, never leaving his side.

Growing Up Together

Ricky and Alhanna’s little bundle of joy turned one in the blink of an eye. He was growing so quickly right before their eyes.

Lincoln and Keola spent hours cuddling, playing together, and going on walks with mom and dad. They were quite the team!

Going on Fun Walks

The family loves doing things together, especially taking long walks around their neighborhood. It’s something they all enjoy!

According to Alhanna, the adorable thing is that Keola always knows when it’s time for their daily walk. She’s really in tune with the routine!

Winning an Animal Hero Award

Alhanna strongly believed that Keola saved both her life and the life of her unborn child. To her, Keola was a hero, and it seemed others felt the same way too.

Keola’s story became hugely popular, and she was nominated for an Animal Hero Award by the RSPCA. Keola attended the award ceremony with her mom and dad, where she received a well-deserved award for her heroic actions.

Happy and Healthy Lincoln

Now that Lincoln is a toddler, Ricky and Alhanna feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have had Keola giving them a warning when they needed it most. She’s been a true blessing to their family.

The couple feels incredibly blessed not just to see their child healthy and happy, but also to witness him growing up alongside Keola. It’s a joy to see them both thriving together.

Reflecting on Pregnancy Scare

The story of Ricky, Alhanna, Lincoln, and Keola shows that sometimes pets can communicate things that others might not see. Their bond and Keola’s intuition made a big difference in their lives.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Alhanna stated: “I have no doubt that both my son Lincoln and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Keola.”

Shana Saved Her Elderly Owner From A Snowstorm

This wolf-German Shepherd mix was abandoned when she was only two weeks old, and her caring owners rescued her. Little did they know that seven years later, Shana would end up rescuing them.

In 2006, Shana’s owners, Norman and Eve Fertig, were trapped under a fallen tree during a severe snowstorm in upstate New York. Shana dug a hole and pulled her owners to safety. Afterwards, she used her body heat to keep them warm until the fire department arrived.

Hero Pit Bull

That Pit Bull received the 2008 Honorable Dog of the Year Award for bravely saving her owner’s life from a vicious male attacker.

Maya’s owner, Angela Marcelino, a single mother, was attacked while returning from her birthday celebration. Feeling helpless, facing an assailant trying to force himself on her, Angela commanded Maya to act. The seemingly innocent Pooch swiftly delivered a fierce attack, causing the male perpetrator to flee.

Cat Daddy

Napoleon, an English Bulldog, is not a strong swimmer, but that didn’t stop him from leaping into a dangerous Michigan lake to rescue a burlap sack. He dragged it back across the street to his owners. Upon inspection, they discovered that Napoleon had bravely saved six tiny kittens from drowning.

Napoleon’s owners brought the kittens home, and he cared for four of them, nursing them back to health. Sadly, two kittens didn’t make it. The remaining healthy kittens were taken to the local shelter, where caring families adopted them into loving homes.

Miley Saved Her Family From Carbon Monoxide

Miley, a puppy from Arkansas, would make loud noises and disturb her owner, Stacie Pitts, to prevent her from sleeping.

Stacie soon noticed something wasn’t right when Miley disturbed their sleep. Waking her whole family, they discovered everyone was nauseous with severe headaches. Rushing to the hospital, they learned that Miley had actually saved them from a deadly poisoning that could have permanently damaged their lungs.

Doing Justice to Her Name

An 11-year-old Canadian boy named Austin Forman was rescued from a cougar attack by his loyal dog named Angel.

While Austin was playing in the backyard, a vicious cougar attacked him. Angel bravely intervened, keeping the cougar at bay long enough for Austin to reach safety inside the house. Sadly, Angel suffered serious injuries in the process. Thankfully, with the care and love of her family, she was nursed back to health.

Brave Nyla

Nyla’s owner, Sheila, found herself surrounded by smoke and flames, leaving her unable to see and unsure of what to do.

Nyla saved her owner from the deadly fire by guiding her toward the door. Sheila was immensely grateful to her brave and loyal companion, saying, “Nyla could have left anytime. Instead, she chose to stay, risking her own life and facing death to save me.”

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