How to Make a Special Marriage Proposal That Will Melt Your Heart


Marriage embodies a beautiful connection between two deeply caring individuals, a commitment they pledge to uphold for a lifetime. If you’re considering proposing to your partner and seeking inspiration, exploring these heartfelt proposals is a must. Get ready to be moved—prepare your tissues before delving in!

Inside The World’s Biggest Cave

When both you and your girlfriend are passionate about traveling, selecting a unique spot to propose can pose a challenge. Many opt for historical or extraordinary locations, making it a bit trickier to find something truly exceptional for your momentous proposal.

He popped the question to his girlfriend of six years within the world’s largest cave. With bended knee, he asked those cherished words, “Will you marry me?” Her instant and heartfelt reply? A resounding “Yes!”

A Crazy Ride

Let’s kick off our list with a rollercoaster ride—an unexpected yet romantic setting for a proposal. The real standout? The sheer creativity woven into this unforgettable moment.

What a surprise! The girl had no clue until the ride’s conclusion when the photo appeared on the screen, revealing the heartfelt proposal. Talk about an incredibly memorable way to pop the question!

After a 9-Hour Long Hike

After nearly two years of dating, Connor was set on proposing to Kourtney in a way that was truly one-of-a-kind.

“After a grueling 9-hour hike to Trolltunga, he surprised me,” recounted Kourtney. “Just as I turned towards the camera, Connor gently tugged my hand, and when I looked back, there he was, down on one knee.”

Can’t Say No To That

In the serene countryside, he found the love of his life and orchestrated a remarkable proposal, marking a significant moment in their story.

When Joanna was asked, “Will you marry me?” she knew that saying ‘yes’ to the love of her life was the only answer.

Doggo Proposal

Here’s a proposal that’s hard to resist. Remember, when a furry friend is part of the proposal, the answer is always yes!

The adorable doggo sported an innocent expression, making it impossible for her to resist. With an immediate ‘yes,’ she showered the doggo with kisses before turning to her future husband for an embrace.

Imagine How Long It Took To Do That

Without a doubt, it’s evident that crafting this proposal involved a significant amount of time and effort to ensure its extraordinary nature.

It appears he had some assistance, but his meticulous attention to detail in executing this proposal deserves recognition and appreciation.

A Safe (And Romantic) Landing

David and Nichelle, high school best friends with secret crushes, took their relationship to new heights just one year after graduating.

Mid-air during their skydiving adventure, she caught sight of the proposal banner. Upon landing safely, he took the opportunity to officially propose to her.

On The Top Of The Mountain

Andrew and Tiffany’s journey began four years ago. Before they officially met, Tiffany noticed Andrew hurrying to put on his shoes for a cross-country race. Curiosity sparked, and she sought his name. Eventually, fate brought them together. Over time, after sporadic encounters, Andrew finally asked Tiffany to dance a year later, marking the beginning of their romantic story.

After four years of dating, Andrew proposed, and Tiffany, overwhelmed with emotion, said ‘yes’ with shaky legs and tears of joy streaming down her face. In that moment, she felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Cutest Proposal In The World

As mentioned before, saying ‘no’ becomes nearly impossible when a furry friend is part of the proposal equation.

Seems like the doggo might have been more intrigued by the treat, eagerly waiting for her to take the ring so it could savor its own ‘precious’ treat.

 A Magical Proposal

In 2007, Glenna and Mike moved in the same circles, sharing mutual friends and frequently crossing paths. Little did they know, as they encountered each other, love quietly began to bloom between them before they officially started dating.

After years of dating, when Mike decided to propose, he orchestrated a magical moment at the ice skating rink. As the doors opened, a surprise awaited Glenna—a red carpet laid out on the ice leading to a box at the end. Overwhelmed with joy, she instantly said ‘yes’ to his heartfelt proposal.

Movie Night With A Happy End

This is how you turn a regular movie night into an extraordinary one. While she anticipated a cozy movie session together, he had a surprise in store.

Sitting beside her in the teepee, he became visibly emotional, trembling and shedding tears. Despite the overwhelming emotions, he proposed, and with tears in her eyes, she joyfully said ‘yes’ to the heartfelt moment.

On Stage

For some, proposing can be nerve-wracking, but not for this singer, who seemed to breeze through the moment with ease.

“I was trembling with excitement and couldn’t contain my smile. I stood there, mesmerized, as the man of my dreams knelt down and proposed to me, surrounded by the cheers of 7000 supporters,” recounted the fortunate girl.

Fairytale Winter Wonderland Proposal

The Scottish highland proposal holds a truly heartwarming essence. Amidst the wilderness, he had meticulously planned every detail, creating a moment that was utterly special.

Recognizing it as the perfect moment, he chose to propose. At first, she couldn’t believe it, but then, with overwhelming joy, she said ‘yes.’

 Street Art

How should you approach proposing to your girlfriend who has a passion for street art?

She was initially unaware that the proposal was intended for her. When the realization dawned, her emotions overflowed, unable to contain her tears. Oh, and she happily said yes, by the way!

 Christmas Is Now Even More Happier

He orchestrated everything in advance before they arrived at the Christmas tree farm.

As they approached one of the trees, she discovered an item hanging from its branches—a message that said, “Marry Me.”

‘Babe, Pizza Has Arrived’

It sounds like a proposal that allows for only one response: a resounding “Yes!” There’s no room for any other scenario or option.

Aware of her love for pizza, he made sure to order her favorite and cleverly concealed a little surprise for her beneath the lid.

The Best Fishing Trip

As they both cherished their fishing adventures, she suggested another trip, thinking it would be a delightful way to spend quality time together. Little did she know, this particular fishing trip would turn out to be incredibly special.

Randee instructed her to choose a new lure from the tackle box. Upon opening it, she was surprised to discover a small bag from a beloved local jeweler. When she turned around, he was down on one knee, waiting for her.

Tears In Her Eyes

It’s an incredibly romantic proposal. Not content with just scattering petals on the ground, he even brought his violin to add an extra touch of sentimentality.

“He guided me through the trail of rose petals to a spot at the edge of the rocks. At first, tears didn’t come right away. But when our eyes met, everything overwhelmed me,” she recounted.

 A Disney Fairy-tail

Whoever said Disney is just a fantasy for kids clearly hasn’t experienced how it can be a fantasyland for adults too.

She went to Disney just for some fun, completely unaware that it could turn into such a profoundly special experience.

In The City Of Love

Even though proposing in front of the Eiffel Tower might seem cliché since many have done it, to us, it remains an incredibly romantic and beautiful gesture.

Every proposal holds its own romantic charm, and regardless of how many times people choose the Eiffel Tower, we’ll always cheer and celebrate each heartfelt moment.

You Set My Heart On Fire

Having risked his life multiple times throughout his career to help others, he felt compelled to marry her, believing that together they could create a purposeful and extraordinary life.

On December 4th, 2013, just a week before her birthday, he chose to propose to her in front of his entire fire department.

On A Princess Carriage

Proposing to your girlfriend on a princess carriage sounds incredibly romantic, doesn’t it?

Riding in the carriage already made her feel special, but he made sure she knew she was not just a princess for that moment—he saw her as the princess of his dreams, the one he wanted to marry.

Harry Potter Themed Proposal

When planning a proposal, consider something they adore. In this case, the fortunate lady is a huge Harry Potter fan, so he chose to propose to her in the most delightfully unexpected way.

Using the Golden Snitch to ask her to marry him—now that’s how you propose to a diehard Harry Potter fan!

The Romantic Surfer

Since both of them share a love for riding the waves, he decided the best way to propose would be in a way that truly reflected their passion.

With an innocent gaze in his eyes, he went down on both knees and asked her to marry him. Overwhelmed by her good fortune, she didn’t hesitate for long before saying a resounding ‘yes.’

On Mt. Whitney

When he suggested going to Mt. Whitney, she simply thought it would be a good time together.

Unaware, she had no idea that he planned to propose to her on a heart-shaped rock atop Mt. Whitney.

The Penguins Are The Witnesses Of Our Love

Absolutely! Proposing is all about showing your future spouse that you truly understand and appreciate their likes and preferences.

Knowing her deep affection for penguins since her first-grade days, he found the perfect spot to propose to her.

Conquer The World With Me

He whisked her to the summit of a mountain and expressed the most profound wish of his life: he told her that he wanted to spend forever with her, to marry her.

Her heart aligned with the same desire, and she couldn’t wait for him to finish. Instantly, she said, “Yes!”

This Guy Took Sand Sculpting To The Next Level

Absolutely! This proposal is a testament that even a small effort can transform a proposal into something incredibly special and unforgettable.

Despite not spending a fortune, he created a uniquely special memory that she’ll cherish for a lifetime.


By proposing to her while they were scuba diving, he transformed an ordinary dive into an absolutely extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

He surprised her by revealing several whiteboards with messages written on them, building up to the moment when he finally presented a ring.

Now That’s a Proposal

Absolutely, proposing while engaging in something your future partner loves adds an extra layer of specialness to the moment.

He concealed a special surprise inside the box, and as soon as she opened it, she knew her answer. Instantly, she nodded and said, “Yes!”

Doctor Who Box Proposal

Proposing to a fellow Doctor Who fan can be creatively thrilling! Picture this: Consider proposing in a setting reminiscent of a TARDIS, using iconic references from the show, or even crafting a personalized message inspired by its time-traveling adventures. The key is to infuse elements from the series that resonate with your relationship and your partner’s adoration for Doctor Who.It is a proposal that made us think that “Who” would ever say no to it.

Waves Of Love

That sounds incredibly adorable! Starting the memorable proposal by playing the guitar and singing a bit must have been heartwarming and special.

What a beautifully unexpected twist! The crashing waves added an extra touch of romance to the proposal, creating an unforgettable moment. Despite the interruption, her eventual approval made the proposal even more special.

Proposing At The Top Of Larke La

As they planned their trip to the top of Larke La, he had already set in his mind that this would be the moment to propose to her.

At a breathtaking 5,135 meters, he proposed to her, filling her heart with warmth amid the harsh weather conditions.

The Best Gift For Christmas

Absolutely! Santa’s magic isn’t just for Christmas; he can definitely sprinkle some of that magic to help with a proposal to the love of your life too!

That’s such a heartwarming image. As tears of joy streamed down her face, Santa offered comfort, adding an extra touch of warmth to the moment.

Jumbo Elephant Proposal

Indeed, elephants are renowned for their sensitivity, social nature, and intelligence. Utilizing their assistance in proposing to the love of her life seemed like the perfect idea.

It sounds like she’s head over heels for him! Sometimes love can make it impossible to refuse, especially when it comes to something as significant as a proposal. How do you think their story unfolds from there?

The Most Special Surprise

That moment must have been so thrilling for her! When you sense something special is about to happen and then it unfolds just as you hoped, it’s a magical feeling. Did she feel surprised or was it more like a long-awaited moment for her?

Surprise proposals often bring a whirlwind of emotions! The mix of surprise, confusion, and then the realization of the significance of the moment—it’s all part of what makes it unforgettable. The beauty of the unexpected can add so much to the memory. How did she react once the initial surprise settled in?

Proposal On Empty Big Sur California Beach

Falling in love has this incredible ability to fill your world with joy, excitement, and a sense of deep connection with another person. It’s a feeling that can be both exhilarating and comforting, knowing you have someone special by your side. What do you think makes that feeling of love so uniquely beautiful?

That’s such a creative and thoughtful way to propose! A double-layered candle heart sounds incredibly romantic and unique. It’s wonderful when someone puts so much effort into making such a significant moment truly special. Did he set up the candle heart in a particular place or was it part of a larger surprise?

 Beach Art Proposal

A double-layered candle heart proposal does sound incredibly creative and unique! It’s not often you hear about such a specific and intricate proposal idea like that. Every proposal holds its own special charm, and this one seems to have an extra touch of creativity and personalization. The effort and thought put into it must have made the moment truly unforgettable. How did the recipient react to such a creative proposal?The guy’s artistic flair shone through his unique proposal—a double-layered candle heart—that wowed everyone. Angela was especially thrilled, loving the creativity behind it.

Under The Rialto Bridge

Proposing under the Rialto Bridge holds a unique charm because it symbolizes two souls embarking on a lifelong journey together. The setting adds a touch of timeless romance to the start of their shared life. Ultimately, it’s the promise of forever that makes any location special for such a significant moment.

That’s incredibly sweet and thoughtful of him! Learning how to say “will you marry me” in Italian, even if it’s just a few words, shows a sincere effort to make the proposal extra special and meaningful. It’s amazing how gestures like this can bridge language barriers and convey deep emotions. How did Angela react to this heartfelt effort?

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