What Happened When Australians Were Caught Being Extra?


Many countries are in lockdown or stay-at-home mode, so we’re mostly stuck indoors, only going out for essentials like food and medicine. People have been living in comfy clothes for weeks—no makeup, no fancy outfits.

But here’s a fun thing happening in Australia: folks are dressing up just to take out the trash. Yep, throwing out garbage has become a glamorous event. People are sharing pictures of their trash day outfits on a dedicated Facebook page, and the trend is spreading worldwide. It’s a simple, silly way to have some fun during these stay-at-home times!

 Super Girl

This guy is rocking the trash duty! Not only is he doing an excellent job, but he’s also looking pretty sharp. He seems ready to take off, almost like he’s about to fly away with that trash bin. Talk about taking out the trash with style!

Garbage Elegance

Jack is the epitome of elegance! All glammed up with nowhere to go except to the curb to drop off the trash. Even though he might not have a fancy destination, he’s making every moment, even the trash run, a stylish affair. Cheers to glamming up the mundane!

The Colonel

This guy is enjoying some chicken while tossing out the old stuff. He’s representing the Colonel and KFC Australia. Talk about brand loyalty—eating and cleaning up with style, all in the name of fried chicken!

Taking the Bin Out

Folks are taking their bins out, and some are taking it quite literally. Check this out—she’s taking her bin out for a romantic date! Who says trash cans can’t have a little love too? It’s a quirky way to add some fun and humor to the daily routine of taking out the trash!

Lego Lady

Is this Legoland? This costume is absolutely fantastic. She’s rocking it as a Lego cowboy. The creativity is off the charts! Who knew taking out the trash could be so much fun and stylish at the same time? Yeehaw for the Lego cowboy on trash duty!

Trump and America

It seems like this portrayal might reflect a perspective on America, and many Americans might even agree. The imagery suggests that America doesn’t seem too happy in this scenario. It’s interesting how humor and creativity can capture different perspectives and feelings about a situation, even if it’s just taking out the trash.

Motorcycle Bin

This guy is taking his bin out to the curb, but he’s not just walking it — he’s riding it! And let me tell you, he looks pretty cool doing it. Who needs a regular stroll when you can roll out in style with your trusty bin? Talk about making the mundane look effortlessly cool!

Joe Exotic

The quarantine situation right now? According to Joe Exotic, it’s all because of “Carole f**kin’ Baskin.” That’s what he’d tell you, with a bit of passion and maybe some colorful language. That ongoing feud is quite the spectacle, isn’t it?


Even beautiful mermaids have to deal with taking out the trash. This particular mermaid isn’t going solo—she’s got her whole crew with her, including an octopus and a lobster. Trash duty with a touch of underwater glamour—talk about a fantastic sea adventure!


Seeing this in your neighborhood might be a bit creepy, especially with that little bike adding an unsettling touch. Even homicidal murderers apparently have to deal with taking out the trash, or so it seems. It’s a quirky and darkly humorous take on the mundane task of garbage disposal.

Bearthday Boy

Here we have a “Bearthday Boy” celebrating his seventh birthday. Half bear, half boy—what a unique and whimsical way to mark the special occasion! Wishing the Bearthday Boy a beary happy celebration!

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil is on a mission to get her hands on some Dalmatians, and she’s not letting anything stand in her way, not even taking out the trash. But, of course, she’s going to do it in style. Because when you’re Cruella de Vil, even mundane tasks become a fashion statement!

Toilet Paper Topper Doll

Given the toilet paper craze during the pandemic, this little girl decided to embrace the theme and dressed up as the toilet paper doll, the one that goes over the top of the roll. And let me tell you, she’s really pulling off the look! Talk about turning a household item into a creative and adorable costume.

50 Years

This couple, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, decided to mark the occasion in style—by taking out the trash dressed in their best outfits. Who says you can’t glam up even the most everyday tasks? Cheers to fifty years and making even trash duty a special celebration!


Where’s Waldo? Well, he’s not in the crowd this time—this Waldo is hiding behind the bin! Looks like he found a new spot for his elusive adventures. Keep an eye out for that distinctive red-and-white striped shirt next time you take out the trash!

 Maude Pearl Boate

Maude Pearl Boate is being her fabulous self, and let me tell you, Maude is absolutely working it! Whatever Maude is doing, she’s doing it with style and flair. Here’s to Maude Pearl Boate, the epitome of fabulousness!

Bin Chicken

Ah, the infamous “bin chicken”! It’s a colloquial term for the Australian white ibis, a bird often seen scavenging in urban areas, including around trash bins. While it might not look like a traditional chicken, the term likely comes from its scavenging behavior around bins, giving it a rather fitting nickname.

Swamp Thing

Taking out the trash just got a whole lot more interesting—imagine encountering Swamp Thing or some kind of lagoon creature in your neighborhood! That’s a sight to see, adding a touch of the mysterious and fantastical to the mundane task of garbage disposal. What a unique and entertaining way to make an ordinary chore extraordinary!

The Greatest Showman

Even The Greatest Showman has to put on a show, even during quarantine! In this case, he’s not under the big top but in his own neighborhood, putting on a spectacle just to throw out the garbage. It’s a testament to the idea that the show must go on, no matter the circumstances. Garbage day becomes a stage for a bit of theatrical flair!

Bin Model

Well, if there ever was a sexy garbage can, this one takes the prize! Just look at those luxurious locks and that handsome beard. Who knew garbage cans could be so stylish and charming? It’s a whole new level of garbage bin glamour!

Canadian Kangaroo

It seems there might be a bit of confusion here. Kangaroos are native to Australia, not Canada. Canada is known for its wildlife, including bears, moose, and beavers. If there are “kangaroos” in Canada, they might be part of a creative or humorous display, as kangaroos are not naturally found in Canadian ecosystems. And you’re right, orange kangaroos would indeed be a rare sight, given their typical gray or brown coloration in the wild.

Gangster and a Stiff

Sounds like a scene straight out of a dark comedy! A gangster with a face mask and a cigar, all while not forgetting the essential accessory—a rose next to a “dead body.” It’s a quirky and humorous way to inject some levity into a situation that, under normal circumstances, might be quite serious. A touch of dark humor can certainly make even the most unusual scenes entertaining!

Muppet Monster

It could be a homemade costume or perhaps a creative interpretation of a famous Muppet or monster character. Whether intentional or not, the combination of weirdness and adorableness adds a delightful touch. Sometimes, the charm lies in the uniqueness and creativity of homemade costumes that bring a smile to everyone who sees them!


That’s a hilarious and clever twist! Pennywise the Clown from “IT,” luring people not with the promise of a red balloon, but with the precious commodity of toilet paper. It’s a playful and timely spin on a famous character, turning a horror theme into a humorous take on the current times. Who knew toilet paper could be so enticing, even for a creepy clown?


Even Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil, has to deal with bin removal! It seems that even dark and powerful sorceresses have to handle the mundane tasks of daily life. The juxtaposition of such a powerful character taking care of something as ordinary as bin removal adds a humorous touch to the mystical persona of Maleficent.

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