How to See What Celebrities Really Look Like with Zero Makeup


In Hollywood and beyond, we often see TV and movie stars looking perfect, even while doing everyday things like taking out the trash or walking their dogs. This includes not just actors but also radio personalities, comedians, and other entertainers. Many of them have hairstylists and makeup artists to thank for their flawless looks in public, especially at big events. But the truth is, without all the glam, they look just like normal people. Some celebrities even look better without makeup. Check out these 75 images of famous people with and without makeup!

Lea Michele

Lea Michele, known for her role in Glee, is not just a talented actress but also an accomplished writer and singer. Whether she’s wearing makeup or not, she’s beautiful. With a natural glow, she doesn’t need anything to enhance her appearance. Her charm shines through effortlessly!

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid first caught the attention of many on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where her mom, Yolanda Foster, starred. Today, she’s a prominent runway model and emerging actress. Without makeup, she looks like an everyday young woman, showcasing a natural and relatable side to her glamorous public persona.

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele is among the most sought-after and highest-paid runway models, and when she wears makeup, she’s undeniably drop-dead gorgeous. However, even without it, she maintains a natural beauty that’s truly captivating. Whether glammed up or bare-faced, her beauty shines through.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie is not only one of Victoria’s Secret Angels but also an actress. What’s interesting is that with makeup, she has an exotic look, almost like two different people. Yet, without it, she takes on a more familiar, “girl next door” appearance. It’s a testament to her versatility and the transformative power of makeup in the world of beauty and fashion.

Jessica Alba

Jessica has had a long and successful acting career, and when she’s out on the town, people usually see her impeccably dressed and made up. However, she’s also not someone who puts on a front, as seen in this barefaced photo. It reveals a more natural and authentic side of her, showing that even celebrities have moments when they embrace their bare beauty.

Tori Spelling

Tori, known as the daughter of the late film and television producer Aaron Spelling and a star on Beverly Hills 90210, is quite the interesting individual. With makeup, she exudes an early Hollywood glam vibe. Yet, without it, she appears like a normal wife and mother of five, showcasing the everyday side of her life. It’s a testament to the transformative power of makeup and the relatability of celebrities in their personal roles.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea, a TV host personality known for her wicked sense of humor, has found herself in hot water more than once. Even in her 40s, she looks fresh-faced both with and without makeup. She credits her good skin to laser treatments, highlighting her commitment to skincare and maintaining a youthful appearance.

Sarah Paulson

During her time on American Horror Story, Sarah has showcased many different looks. In real life, she’s beautiful when wearing makeup, radiating glamour. Without it, she may not be as glamorous, but she still appears ageless, revealing a natural and timeless beauty. It goes to show the transformative power of makeup while highlighting her inherent charm.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie, known for being married to President John F. Kennedy and serving as the First Lady, is a timeless icon. There’s no such thing as a bad photo of her, whether she’s wearing makeup or not. Her grace and elegance seem to transcend any era or photographic style, making her an enduring symbol of poise and beauty.

Demi, known for her acting and angelic yet powerful singing voice, always looks fresh and perfectly made up. However, even without makeup, she boasts flawless and youthful skin, showcasing her natural beauty. Whether she’s glammed up or barefaced, Demi is undeniably a beautiful woman in every sense.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler, renowned for her role in Lord of the Rings and as the daughter of Steven Tyler, has a preference for simple makeup. When she opts out of wearing anything on her face, there’s not a drastic difference. This reflects her natural and understated beauty, showing that sometimes less is more, and simplicity can be just as stunning as elaborate makeup looks.


Beyoncé, known for having one of the best voices in the music industry, always rocks flawless makeup during tours and performances. While she is undoubtedly beautiful without it, there is a noticeable difference. The makeup enhances her features, adding to her stage presence and making her performances even more captivating. It’s a testament to the power of makeup as a performance art in the entertainment industry.

Selma Blair

Selma Blair’s most distinct facial feature is arguably her exotic hazel eyes, and especially with the smokey eyeshadow effect, they draw you in. Without makeup, her appearance is more simplistic, yet at 47 years old, she boasts few lines and wrinkles, showcasing her youthful complexion. It’s a testament to her natural beauty and skincare regimen, highlighting her timeless elegance.

Kristin Cavallari

When dolled up, Kristin looks like she could be competing in a beauty pageant. As a TV personality, she understands the importance of taking proper care of her skin. Fortunately for her, she’s naturally beautiful, showcasing a combination of both well-maintained skin and inherent charm.

Lili Reinhart

As an actress on Riverdale, Lili is still quite young. She openly admits to dealing with acne, a common issue for many women in their 20s. Without makeup, outbreaks are more visible. However, with a bit of concealer, she instantly achieves a fresh-faced look, demonstrating the transformative power of makeup in providing confidence and a polished appearance.

Kaitlyn Bristowe

For fans of the Bachelorette and Bachelor franchise, Kaitlyn from the 11th season is likely a familiar face. The hot lights during her performances on Broadway took a toll on her skin. Despite this, with a light touchup, she manages to look beautiful, emphasizing the impact of makeup in enhancing features and radiance.

Elizabeth Banks

Here’s another big star, this time from the Hunger Games. To achieve her high glam appearance, she relies on heavy eye makeup and prefers natural lips. For her, healthy skin is more important than makeup, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing skincare for a radiant and glamorous look.

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley is a talented actress known for her role as Sharpay in High School Musical. Blessed with excellent genes, she boasts beautiful skin and prefers to go light on the makeup, achieving her famous natural look. Her approach highlights the idea that sometimes simplicity can be the key to showcasing one’s inherent beauty.

Sarah Hyland

For Sarah, applying makeup all the time is both unnecessary and stressful. That’s why she commonly goes without any or very little makeup. However, when she wants to dress up, her makeup is always flawless. This approach reflects her preference for a more natural and low-maintenance look in everyday life, while still having the ability to glam up when the occasion calls for it.

Camila Alves

Although most people know Camila as Matthew McConaughey’s wife, she’s also a Brazilian model. With beautiful olive skin, she doesn’t need to wear a lot of makeup. However, when she does, she often goes for bright lipstick and false eyelashes, adding a touch of glamour to her natural beauty. This approach emphasizes enhancing specific features while allowing her radiant complexion to shine through.

Ashley Graham

As a successful model who has worked with some of the biggest magazines, Ashley is one of those celebrities blessed with natural beauty. Consequently, she doesn’t go overboard when wearing makeup. Her approach highlights a preference for a more understated and natural look, allowing her inherent beauty to take center stage.


Ciara, a popular music artist with many hit songs, is typically seen heavily made up, showcasing a radiant glow. Without makeup, she looks quite different from how people are accustomed to seeing her. With a baby, she seems to have relaxed her style a bit, reflecting a shift in her personal preferences and priorities. It’s a reminder that personal styles can evolve, especially during different life stages.

Lupita Nyong’o

The Oscar-winning actress for Black Panther is as cute as a button. Despite wearing bold outfits in public, she keeps her makeup to a minimum, as she doesn’t even need much to enhance her natural beauty. This approach reflects a confident and effortless style, highlighting that true beauty shines through without the need for heavy makeup.

Hillary Duff

Thanks to Hillary’s diligent skincare routine, she doesn’t need much makeup to look stunning. As a busy mom, she prefers to embrace her natural beauty and be just an ordinary woman when out and about. Going without makeup, she still looks great, showcasing a down-to-earth and relatable style that many can appreciate.

Allison Williams

In addition to her talent, Allison has a natural glow about her. While she sometimes makes bold makeup choices, when posting to social media, she often prefers something simple. This showcases her versatility and the ability to effortlessly switch between striking looks and a more understated, natural appearance.

Barbara Bach

With her stunning face, Barbara was chosen as one of the famous Bond girls. Today, at 71, she remains just as beautiful as always. Whether with or without makeup, her looks haven’t changed much over the years, highlighting her timeless and enduring beauty.

Christiana Aguilera

Christiana doesn’t shy away from makeup, but recently, she appeared in a magazine without any at all. Many people felt she looked younger and fresher, showcasing the transformative effect of a makeup-free look. It’s a testament to the beauty that can come from embracing one’s natural features and allowing authenticity to shine through.

Selena Gomez

Selena, a gifted music artist, has a chic appearance with makeup, but without it, she appears much more like a teenager. Depending on where she’s going, she either wears makeup or chooses to go without it. This flexible approach to makeup reflects her adaptability and willingness to embrace different styles based on the occasion.

Golden Hawn

Goldie got her big start in show business as the “Laugh-In girl” and then went on to star in many big films. At 74, she’s much more relaxed with her appearance. Consequently, she’s comfortable not wearing makeup or opting for very little. This laid-back approach reflects her confidence and ease with herself, showcasing a more relaxed and natural style.

Susan Sarandon

Susan, another big-time movie star, much like Goldie Hawn, is in her 70s and isn’t afraid to go makeup-free. Even with lines and wrinkles, she remains a beautiful woman. This showcases her confidence and authenticity, embracing her natural aging process with grace and beauty.


Without makeup, you might swear Lorde was in her early teens, but once she dolls up, she transforms into a sophisticated celebrity. This talented vocal artist looks great with or without makeup, showcasing her ability to adapt her appearance to different styles and occasions. It’s a testament to her versatility and the power of makeup in creating different looks.

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