People Share the Moment They Knew They Wanted a Divorce


Yes, sometimes, things just don’t work out for two people who decide to get married. For the following stories that you’re about to read, the people sharing them knew that their marriage was over.

Different views can be problematic

No one is going to argue against the fact that husbands and wives will always have their differences. Even if they are minute, they’re always going to be there. You can allow some differences and even some differences in opinion.

When it comes to the matter of love, though, it’s a bit more serious. It would probably help to have some more context on this one, but you can’t blame the person here for keeping the story short and sweet. Perhaps ignorance is bliss on this one.

A very awkward situation

The gall of that man to do what he did. We’re just going to call this one as we see it. Now, if the woman with the husband was his sister, mother, or any other relative then maybe this wouldn’t have been so bad. But for it to be a “friend” is a bit much considering the circumstances.

We’ve certainly all had the urge to sit down and watch The Matrix (love that movie) but perhaps you should either do it by yourself, with your spouse, with your family, or with a group of friends.

Too many cardinal sins at once

It’s only until you get to the end of this message that you begin to realize why the divorce made perfect sense. At first, you start thinking to yourself that a divorce would be extreme for what’s happening.

However, when you then realize that the husband was with another woman, it all makes sense. People aren’t perfect – they can be forgetful, they can even be distant at times. Yet, when all that is due to another woman (in a romantic sense), that’s a major problem.

A comical story with a bad ending

Divorce is a very serious topic and it’s something that we understand completely. The reason we brought that up is due to the somewhat hilarious nature of this next story.

Though it’s a shame that divorce resulted from all this, can you imagine witnessing a cat being thrown at someone in an aggressive manner? The dialogue leading up to the cat throw is one thing, but to actually take a cat and chuck it at your husband. Wow, who honestly would do that?

Better to just leave

Man, when you actually hope that you get cheated on. Yeah, that sounds about the time where you need to talk with your spouse. Again, this is one of those situations where we don’t have all the facts on the table.

We can only speculate what the situation must’ve been like, but something must’ve been fishy. You don’t get to that point unless something is seriously wrong. At least that’s the way we look at it. It’s not as if we’ve never been wrong from time to time before.

She didn’t want her son to be like her dad

For better or for worse, having children will severely change a relationship. Some couples are totally up to the task, and the hardships of child rearing only make them feel closer to one another. Other couples realize that they don’t actually love each other once they are put into the context of being parents.

This mother knew she wanted a divorce when she had the thought one day that she didn’t want her son to grow up to be like his dad. Judging by how she describes his tone with her, we can totally understand that desire.

The truth hurts

All over such a simple thing of forgetting milk. That’s a sign of the wife probably knowing that things weren’t going to go very smoothly down the road. There’s just no way that something so silly would result in such anger under normal circumstances.

We mean, when you’re looking forward to a glass of milk and you don’t get it, anger is easy to resort to. But for an entire week not to say a single word to your husband for it? Yeah, that’s too much.

They had nothing to talk about

While some of these divorce stories feature people rising out of nasty circumstances and discovering their own independence, this one just kinda makes us sad. Not all relationships go out with a bang. In fact, it seems that this one went out without even a whimper.

This couple knew that something was wrong when they went on their traditional Friday night date night and realized that they had nothing to talk about anymore. Their relationship had simply gone its course, so they called it quits not too long after that. They just couldn’t make it work anymore.

Not just one, but two

For many relationships, infidelity truly is the final straw. While we have heard of some couples that have managed to make it past a round of cheating, it’s pretty rare. This person knew that they wanted a divorce when they found out about their partner’s infidelity, and man, it was pretty bad. They were becoming intimate with their spouse’s best friend…s.

As in, multiple of his best friends. Two of them, to be exact. That’s not even a long triangle at that point. It’s like a love trapezoid or something. We don’t fault him for wanting a divorce.

That’s a definite sign

Oftentimes, people go about life looking for signs to tell them how to go about things. The problem is the signs aren’t always there, though sometimes they pop out right in front of you. To have something like this occur, we can confidently say that’s what happened to this woman.

To get to the point where you don’t even care if your spouse is out cheating on you, that’s when you know something’s not right. Yep, that pretty much says it all right there.

An old-school mentality

For this one, you can understand both sides of the story. Looking at it from the husband’s point of view, a lot of people have that old-school mentality. While times have certainly changed, many people still believe the wife should be at home with the kids while the husband works.

Yet, from the wife’s point of view, you can understand her being upset that he’s so upfront and forward about it. We guess everything depends on the point of view from which we look at things.

An eye-opening revelation

When you read a bunch of these stories, it’s amazing how many people just have epiphanies about their marriages. It’s like one day they wake up and just have a random thought, and that thought makes them realize that they’re not happy in their respective marriages.

When you read this story, it’s exactly what we’re talking about. On the outside looking in, you wonder to yourself how random this thought really was. Looking at it through the wife’s eyes makes it a bit clearer.

The audacity of some people

Some people can really surprise you in life, and this is a classic case. For this poor woman’s husband to have a dating app profile in the first place is already unbelievable, but to use a photo from his wedding—with his wife in the picture? That’s a whole new level of audacity.

We don’t even know what we’d do if we were in this woman’s situation. Thankfully her friend discovered what he was doing and exposed him for the cheat he is!

He didn’t care that she was flirting

This guy realized that he wanted a divorce in a pretty unique way. It didn’t involve fighting or crying or screaming. In fact, he was happy in the moment that he realized it. He was at a party with his wife and looked over to see her talking to another man. After watching them for a bit, he realized that she was flirting with him.

Rather than being mad that she was being a flirt, though, he just felt happy for her. This feeling is what convinced him that he truly didn’t want to be with her anymore.

Really bad timing

If you went ahead and asked this woman, she would probably even admit that her timing was awful. It would’ve been much better for everyone if she had figured out her true feelings before the wedding.

What a terrible feeling that must’ve been, though, walking down the aisle and realizing that you might be making a mistake. Let’s just say that we wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. Hey, at least the two are still very good friends – that couldn’t have been an easy thing to do.

It was doomed to fail

Honestly, you always hate to hear the divorce stories that were doomed from the start. Let’s just say, and you can see this for yourself, this marriage was doomed from the very beginning. If you ever get married because of guilt that should be the first sign that it might not be right.

Everything that happened afterward is definitely unfortunate, but the sign was there before the wedding day even happened. It was at that point the wedding should’ve been called off.

Better off on her own

We have to applaud single moms for all the work they do. It can’t be easy raising a child on your own, but it also really makes you think about how much moms’ other halves are really doing to share the workload.

Sharing responsibilities or dividing up tasks seems like the most successful formula for good parenting, but if this woman didn’t even feel a difference once her partner was gone, maybe it was for the best. Good riddance and more power to you, lady.

The final straw

This is honestly how we imagine a lot of divorces go. Either party just hits a breaking point where they can’t take it anymore. This right here is actually a very sad story.

We can’t help but imagine seeing the daughter depressed and disappointed when she realized her mom wasn’t able to pick her up from daycare… again. The line she said to her father, that must’ve broken his heart. We can’t blame this dad for finally calling it off with his wife.

The trust just isn’t there

If there is one thing that your relationship will suffer without, it’s trust. It’s the very foundation of all healthy relationships, and you are in serious trouble if you don’t have any. This person realized that they wanted a divorce at the same moment that they realized that their spouse just didn’t trust them. They caught their wife going through their phone multiple times, just looking for a reason to validate their distrust.

After this happened a few times, they had had enough and just decided to get divorced, knowing they couldn’t be married to someone who didn’t trust them.

Why don’t you say what you really feel?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall to see the look on her face when he said that to her. That’s what we want for Christmas this year.

This husband actually came home one day and told his wife he was going to start getting intimate with other women – and she should just accept that. We can’t think of a quicker way to end a marriage than to say what this husband said to his wife. Unbelievable.

A simple but eye-opening thought

You know, it really doesn’t get much more simplistic than this. The human mind is a very interesting thing, and it’s crazy how much it can toy with you. It’s also kind of crazy how one thought can literally change everything.

The said thought can sometimes open your eyes to realize the truth of whatever situation you’re experiencing. That pretty much explains this divorce story to a T. There’s really not much else to say here, to be honest.

He wouldn’t even do the dishes

Relationships are all about compromise and cooperation. One person can’t be doing everything; they are going to get sick of it. We suppose this husband never really grasped that concept. Either that or he was just extremely lazy. It was probably a bit of both, to be honest. His wife was doing a deep clean of the entire house and she asked him to do the dishes in the sink.

Once she finished hours later, she checked the sink. All the dirty dishes were still there. Realizing her husband would never pull his own weight, she filed for divorce.

When it all hits you

Life can be really weird sometimes. Events can happen and your body doesn’t really react to them. Them, on a literal random day, it hits you like a ton of bricks. We’ve all probably had this feeling, and that happened to this woman right here.

On the outside looking in, this is kind of a harsh story. It’s not as if the husband did anything wrong, it was just an example of the wife not being ready to settle down with him. The very thought of growing old with him made her want to flee the marriage.

A quick way to know it’s over

Man, it’s honestly hard to believe some of this stuff. No, we’re not insinuating that most of them are made up. We’re just pointing out that some of them are simply hard to fathom. Most certainly, this is one of them. For a spouse to do this is literally impossible, right?

To not even call your spouse while they’re in the hospital recovering from major surgery, let alone visiting them. How can someone be deprived of that much compassion for their own spouse?

A wake-up call

Isn’t it amazing how something can be so crystal clear, yet it takes something to get you to realize it? After everything’s said and done, you look back at it and wonder how you never figured it out beforehand. Something with yoga, though, makes sense as it’s used to relax your body and calm you down.

It makes sense that it could cause someone to have a revelation, so to speak. It just kind of sucks when the revelation is something like this.

Telling it how it is

There comes a point where you just need to speak your mind. Sure, there are times where it isn’t going to be appropriate. Yet, in certain situations, it’s what needs to be done. This story here is a great example of that.

Instead of the two fighting endlessly for the next X number of months and years, why not just get the inevitable over with? The ending of this story is pretty alarming, though, and kind of explains the marriage in a nutshell.

Never a good thing

You know, it’s never a good thing to discover that your spouse is sending inappropriate messages to another man or woman. What we kind of want to know, though, is how the husband was able to find out that the messaging was happening.

Marriage is supposed to involve trust, and this story reveals that not always being the case. And when that’s not the case, you can bet your bottom-dollar the marriage isn’t going to work out.

Not the right line

We can’t be the only ones wondering how this marriage even lasted 10 years. Now, this would be understandable if the husband was home 24/7 taking care of the kids. The last line, however, debunks that theory. The fact that the wife allowed that to happen is kind of mind-blowing, honestly.

Perhaps money was never an issue for them, we just don’t know. Looking at it from the husband’s point of view, what a finishing line to try and save it all. Can we have a baby to save our marriage? Priceless.

Not a bad relationship gauge

Even though this is some really deep stuff, you can appreciate it to some extent. Some may find it extreme to assess every boyfriend in this manner, but you can see where she’s coming from. If you envision your son being just like him and that terrifies you, it might be time to reassess the situation.

Sure, this could easily be taken out of context, and could even be abused. However, when thinking about the main qualities of the man, it makes perfect sense.

Following in his coworker’s footsteps

Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction when you’re having trouble making a hard decision. Can’t decide whether to move or to stay in the same apartment for another year? Maybe it will be an easier decision if your friend decides to move with you. Can’t decide whether to get a divorce or not? Maybe your coworker talking about their divorce will spur you into action.

This guy wanted a divorce once he noticed that he felt really jealous of his coworker’s divorce, taking that jealousy as a signal that it was time to end things.

Not a great thing to do

Honestly, what is the point of doing this? Even if the marriage is crumbling, you’d think that the mother would at least show some care for her own daughter.

Sometimes people do things in the spur of the moment, when they’re feeling upset or want to hurt back the people who’ve hurt them. But we can’t help but feel that the daughter was stuck in the middle of a domestic feud, and maybe her feelings needed to be the ones to be taken into account here.

Dark thoughts

If you ever have the thought of death being freedom, you know something is wrong. If a disease is in the mix and the “freedom” being discussed is to escape from the pain and suffering, it’s more understandable.

Back to the point at hand, though, this here is just not good. When this thought went through her mind, we can only imagine what her reaction was. We can only hope that the separation had a positive effect on this woman’s life.

Realizing it when she said it

Sometimes we are afraid to accept the things that are on our minds. We might be thinking of these thoughts everyday yet be unable to accept that they are actually true. That is what was going on with this person. They knew they weren’t in love, yet they didn’t want to believe the implications of that.

When their spouse finally owned up and honestly said that they wanted a divorce, however, they also realized that they wanted a divorce. Sometimes you just need to hear someone else say it to recognize that it is actually true.

Not the time to go golfing

Some men like to golf, and it seems to be a recurring issue between husbands and wives – especially if it takes up much of their time with the family. With that being said, the time for golf is probably not when your daughter is in the NICU.

That’s the time to be right by your partner’s side and ensure them that everything will be okay. When this woman realized her husband isn’t going to be by her side when things get rough, she decided to call it.

Way to show the love

There’s no doubt about it that children will cause your expenses to rise. However, to say that your own child is a financial burden is just wrong. Maybe if it’s something you think of in your mind when you’re upset about something, it would be better (not saying it’s ever ideal to think this).

But to say it in response to the question that you see in the photo. Good golly, Miss Molly, that’s not the way to get brownie points now, is it?

Couldn’t be any clearer than that

It really doesn’t get any clearer than that. The talk between these two is entirely their business, clearly, but even reading the shorter version of it is eye-opening. Is it too much to ask your spouse to grow as a person?

Sure, there are certain ways to go about the situation, but both parties should always be willing to grow. Humans are stubborn, and we all understand this. But life is all about growing and learning new things, can we all agree?

A total momma’s boy

Look, there’s nothing wrong with loving your parents. In fact, we really believe that you ought to care for your parents as an adult in the same way that you did as a child. They cared for you, right? They deserve it. But there is a line between loving your parents and being obsessed with your parents that you really shouldn’t cross.

This wife got fed up with her husband and called for a divorce because it seemed that he really cared about his mother more than he cared about his wife. His mom even rearranged their home!

Life is full of learning experiences

You know, that’s not a bad way to describe that experience. In life, we know that there are a ton of learning experiences. Some are a little harsher than others, much like this one. But, hey, at least the individual sharing the story doesn’t fully regret the marriage.

Whenever children can be born into this world, it can’t be seen as a total failure. As far as the disillusion of the marriage, it seems as if that type of stuff happens quite frequently.

From the young boy’s mouth

When you stop and think about it, children can often be the answer to our problems. We’re not talking about any one given problem, either. Take this story as a prime example.

How long do you think it would have taken for this husband to figure out there was another man in the picture? It could’ve been several weeks or possibly even months. It’s too bad the story had to go down like this, but at least he ended up with primary custody. Good for him.

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