The Guy Rumors: Pedro Pascal and Omar Apollo’s Love Story


Pedro Pascal, the actor who supports LGBTQ+ rights, caused a stir when he was spotted with singer Omar Apollo.

Chile to the Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal (born April 2nd, 1975) started acting in Chile before moving to the US and setting Hollywood on fire! He did plays at first, then jumped onto TV and movies.

Remember that bad-ass dude Oberyn in “Game of Thrones”? That was Pedro in 2014, and it totally launched his career! He then played a cool agent in “Narcos” and even fought alongside Wonder Woman!

But being the Mandalorian in Disney+’s hit show made him a superstar! Even though you never see his face, his acting is amazing, and fans love him. Plus, he played the main villain in Wonder Woman 1984, showing he can be both good and bad!

And get this: he crushed it in other movies too, like The Great Wall and The Equalizer 2. He even had a hilarious role alongside Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent!

In 2023, he starred in the epic HBO show “The Last of Us,” wowing everyone with his performance. He even made history as one of the few Latino actors nominated for an Emmy for that role!

But Pedro’s not just an actor – he’s also directed and written plays! This guy is talented beyond belief!

Pedro’s Pride Partner

Pedro Pascal is Gay: Fans were thrilled as Pedro Pascal and Grammy-winning singer Omar Apollo were recently seen together.

Omar Apollo, born on May 20, 1997, is an openly gay American singer and songwriter under contract with Warner Records.

Singing in both English and Spanish, Apollo has been candid about his sexuality, addressing any queerbaiting claims and stressing the significance of authenticity.

During a 2022 interview, he proudly affirmed his identity, declaring, “I’m very gay.”

Unraveling Pascal-Apollo Connection

Now, fans are figuring out why Pascal and Apollo were seen together in that famous photo that’s spreading everywhere.

“One TikTok user, @mariahkat, has gathered a timeline of public interactions between Pascal and Apollo. She began with: ‘Pedro Pascal and Omar Apollo were spotted together in New York City today, and this photo is blowing up on Twitter. Fans are going wild over their hangout. It seems Omar had a show at Madison Square Garden just six days ago, so he was in New York around that time. Let’s dive deeper and see if there’s more to their connection.'”

Omar Apollo and Pedro Pascal are dating

Pedro Pascal and Omar Apollo were seen together in New York City on October 24, just enjoying the moment. Pascal sported a familiar outfit, down to his New Balance shoes. Could this be a hint at a musical collaboration between the two? Maybe we’ll hear an Omar Apollo track featuring Pedro Pascal soon! It’s exciting to see these two talented guys vibing together in the city.

Let’s not assume Omar Apollo and Pedro Pascal are dating just because they were out late in New York City. Guys can hang out without any romantic stuff.

Both have had big years. Omar Apollo got the Inspira Award, and Pedro Pascal’s been everywhere in 2023, from a LOEWE campaign to “The Last of Us.”

Pascal’s been called “daddy” online for his style, and he even did SNL with Bad Bunny (though he’s part of the SAG-AFTRA strike, which is a whole thing).

I’m not a Hollywood expert, but I’m a fan of Pedro Pascal and Omar Apollo chilling together. Can’t wait for Pascal’s music debut!

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