Funny Hamilton Jokes and Memes That Aren’t Just for Fans


We love Hamilton so much. we couldn’t stop listening to all the music since the first cast recording came out, and now that it’s on Disney Plus and we finally got a chance to watch it for ourselves, we love it even more. So these memes here are for all the Hamilfans out there to laugh at and enjoy together. So don’t wait for it, and dive right in.

Actually, I would

Hamilton’s political acumen was out of this world, as his deal to pass his financial plan proves. He took a losing strategy and figured out that where the United States capital is really doesn’t matter all that much except for semantics.

But the financial system that the country is built on matters a whole lot, so the trade he proposed was a win for all, only they didn’t know that he was the biggest winner.

Blending right in

This is so funny, that we really have nothing else to add to this, meme-wise. But one thing that we would like to touch on is the brilliant move by Lin to keep the same actors who portray different characters between acts 1 and 2.

It symbolizes how Hamilton’s friends are all gone, and who he once thought he could count on are now the people who are now bringing trouble into his world.

About that…

Back in the good old days, if someone was involved in a scandal, that pretty meant much the end of their political aspirations, as Hamilton found out. After Hamilton’s Maria Reynolds scandal, he retreated back into his private life and never ran for office.

It looks like nowadays the same standards don’t exactly apply, and unfortunately, we can think of a person or two who did far worse things than Hamilton, but still ended up getting elected regardless.

The reason for the success

Lin Manuel Miranda might be a super talented guy, but we all have to admit that he owes quite a bit of his success to the fact that Burr rhymes with sir.

If the two didn’t rhyme, there wouldn’t be very much lyrical real estate for Miranda to work with, and we might not have gotten the masterpiece that Hamilton is. Maybe it wouldn’t have even been rap and would have just been a boring textbook instead.

Expectation vs. Reality

When it comes down to it, we’re all just big softies, who like our Hamilton music, and don’t really care what anybody else thinks. Sure, we might display a tough exterior, but deep down, we really can’t stop humming our favorite Hamilton tunes (or as we like to call them: Hamiltunes).

So, the next time you see some tough guy nodding his head to the beat, just remember that he’s probably just listening to ‘It’s quiet uptown’ and crying on the inside.

Hold up

You thought that Alexander was the only Hamilton to be unfaithful to his partner? Ell, think again because this can easily explain why Philip Hamilton looks so much like Laurens.

Maybe, Eliza and Laurens had a little get-together at some point, which resulted in Philip looking exactly like him. But if that theory was true, then how would we explain the fact that Jefferson and Lafayette look the same? That’s a good question.

Jefferson has beliefs, Burr has none

Boy, how the tables have turned on Burr when he least expected it. Poor guy, he waited for it for so long, that when he finally decided to take a stand and listen to Hamilton’s advice for once, Hamilton didn’t back him up on his endeavor and preferred to go with his arch-nemesis instead.

No wonder Burr got so upset and challenged Hamilton to a duel. We’re sure even Hamilton was surprised with himself over his decision.

We’ve had it up to here

Thankfully, 2020 is finally behind us, and boy was it draining. But for some reason, 2021 is not looking to be the light at the end of the tunnel that we were all hoping for.

The world is still seemingly going to hell all around us and there’s nothing that we can do about it, the pandemic seems to be here to stay (get vaccinated please) and this year seems to be just as draining as the last.

The damn fool that shot him

Burr might have had his reasons for disliking A. Ham, but that does not excuse his horrendous actions. Seriously, how petty do you have to be to kill someone who said some not nice things about you, and ruined your political pursuits, and made your opponent win, and…

okay, actually, we’re kind of starting to see why Burr didn’t like Hamilton very much towards the end, but we still can’t forgive him for killing our Hamilton.

That escalated quickly

Can we get back to politics? Truer words have never been uttered in history since all of this death and sadness really started draining us after the upbeat fun that was in the first act.

We’re not saying that it’s a bad thing, we love both acts, but one is clearly darker than the other, and it really shows. From a young upstart to a politician, Hamilton goes through a lot in the second act.

These are confusing times

So what is the deal with Alexander and Angelica, exactly? Did they have an affair, were they ever together? There is so much to unpack underneath the surface, and our theories are running wild.

Historically, the answer is most likely a resounding ‘no’, but in the show’s universe, there might be more than these two than meets the eye. We like to think that Alex not only had an affair with Angelica but with Laurens as well.

Give it up for America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman

We really need to give some love to Guns and Ships, and all of the people who broke their teeth trying to rap it as perfectly as Daveed Diggs does. A little known fact about the song – it actually holds the record for the fastest song in the history of Broadway.

Although that’s not saying much because there wasn’t that much rap, to begin within the history of Broadway. We wonder how long it will take this record to be beaten.

The world will never be the same

Science may have only now figured out the answer to why people wear glasses, but people who watched Hamilton know exactly what wearing glasses means.

Poor Burr, who thought that Alexander was taking deadly aim at him, when in fact he was reaching to the sky in a gentlemanly fashion. If only he had waited for it and not taken the shot, history would have turned out quite differently, and maybe we wouldn’t have this play to love.

But if you had to choose

We know that the musical likes to claim that Hamilton was actually the deciding vote in the election of 1800, but historical facts are actually quite different.

Yes, Hamilton had a major say, but it didn’t exactly come down to him like the show would like us all to believe. If you’d listen to the music, we can hear it conflicting with itself, first saying there’s a tie, and then when Jefferson wins, Madison says “you won in a landslide”.

All the way from London?

Angelica, all the way from London, coming in fast, who knows what she’s going to do? Will she go to Alexander? Did she come for Eliza? Nobody knows what’s going on, but one thing’s for sure – Alex messed big time, and we’re here for all the details.

She came all the way from London because Alex messed up big time, and now Eliza is lost in the mix of a scandal that nobody could have seen coming.

Say no to this

Talk about a transformation. We never thought that we can think of Peggy in any other way, but there came act 2, and Jasmine Cephas morphs into a smoking hot babe, and we really can’t say no to this.

We can totally understand why Hamilton went the way that he did, though we’re pretty sorry that things ended the way that they did. Maybe in the future, people will learn their lesson and think a bit before doing something so rash.

Suddenly, he’s helpless

Mr. Alexander Hamilton might be the hero in this story, but there’s no denying he had his fair share of mess-ups throughout his tumultuous life. He was charming at the start, but he also made huge mistakes along the way.

By the time he decided to cheat on Eliza, he didn’t exactly have much honor left. Wow, even men from the 1700s lie like they do today! But hey, if he didn’t have such a rollercoaster of a story, it probably wouldn’t have made for such an exciting musical.

Making casting changes

Hamilton was a massive hit, but it did cause quite some raised eyebrows with the casting on the show. Historically, all the founding fathers were, well, white, and most of them are being portrayed by people of color on the stage.

We here think it’s actually very beautiful and should be commended. It’s a nice way of modernizing the historical figures and breathing a new life into them. Also, none of them were rapping back then, so we might as well go along with it.

Dear Theodosia

Disclaimer: our favorite Hamilton song is Dear Theodosia. Yes, it is, and there’s nothing anybody can say to change our minds. We cry every time we hear it, and it’s a beautiful duet that shows how Hamilton and Burr have their differences.

But when push comes to shove, they aren’t that different after all, and they love their kids. We can hear that song forever and also, the Regina Spektor cover is absolutely beautiful as well.

Soon you’ll see

Disney knows what’s good for us, they know exactly what we like, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We know that we’re going to shell out that money every month for their content, so we’ll never go a second without it, always clamoring for more like the hungry hippos we are.

We need more Hamilton in our lives, and Disney knows it, which is why they bought it. So good luck getting this out of your head now.

The doctor turns around

Let’s talk about the fact that duels make zero sense whatsoever. First off, why would anybody shoot each other over honor, it’s just hypocrisy because there is no honor in killing. Second, why even make rules for killing, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Third, nobody will ever believe a doctor didn’t know exactly what was going on behind him even if he did turn around. It’s all silly in our modern opinions, and we’re glad it’s a thing of the past.

Pretty people

There are so many great songs in Hamilton, and honestly, we kind of really love them all. But if we have to admit, listening to the music and actually watching it is totally different, because you can’t get these pretty faces from a soundtrack.

We’re so lucky that so many talented people got to work on this, and they all look their parts perfectly, so don’t blame us for falling madly in love with them.

And get away

Hamilton really needs to learn some basic priorities, and the lack of them ended up costing him a lot. Yes, sure, he had to get his financial plan through congress, but he was also in dire need of a break.

That lack of a break cost him a lot because, without one, he ran into none other than Mariah Reynolds, who messed up his life. What would have happened if Hamilton never took that break?

Puurrden me

“Purden me, are you Aaron Purr, Sir? Well, that depends, who’s asking?” Oh sure, sir, I’m Purlexander Purmilton, I’m at your service, purr, I have been purring for you. I’m getting nervous.

Sir, I heard your name at Purinston, I was seeking an extracted course of study, when I got sort of out of Purrs with a buddy of yours, I may have purred him. You purred the purser? Yes, I wanted to do what you purred.

Make it stop

King George is quite the standout in Hamilton. His funny breakup songs from the United States are pretty funny, considering that he’s singing about a war that’s going on.

Lin really managed to make even the most gruesome things funny and engaging, and this darn ‘da da da’ just keeps getting stuck in our heads worse than Triple Dent Gum. We’d also like to give an honorable mention to Jonathan Goff’s spit, which will forever be in our minds.

The Splash Zone

We thought that we knew all there is to know about Hamilton but seeing it so up close and personal on Disney Plus, we found out things that we never thought we would, and we’re not sure how to feel about it.

Take King George for example, while we loved him before. Seeing him spit all over the place sure did make things very awkward for people in the front row, and we’re very sorry for them.

Who is this kid?

Well, let us tell you who this kid is, and exactly what he’s going to do. He’s going to join the revolution, be George Washington’s, right-hand man.

Then, he’s going to be the United States’ first treasury secretary and set up America’s financial system, as well as many other things, such as the coast guard, and the New York Post. He’s then going to have America’s first major scandal and die at the hands of his friend in a duel.

The hot Hamilton

We know that Philip was hot, not because of the historical photos, not because Lin told us so, but because none other than the very good-looking Anthony Ramos played him perfectly, and boy is he dreamy.

So yeah, Lin made it very obvious how hot Philip really was, and why he did pretty well with the ladies, so easily managing to get them down to their frocks after the show. Well played you sly fool.

Tear this dude apart

Anybody who doesn’t like Farmer Refuted, please, stand up and show yourself out. There is nothing not to like in this song, it’s a perfect mix of character development, story, and a good bucket of laughs, to go with perfect harmonization, and layers of music working beautifully intertwined with each other.

Honestly, the music in this show is so thought out and planned to the T, that we’re really amazed at how much detail is in it.

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