Rebel Wilson blames Sacha Baron Cohen for her eating disorder. She says he sexually harassed her in her book

Rebel Wilson blames Sacha Baron Cohen for sexually harassed.daillyjugarr

Rebel Wilson spilled the beans in her new tell-all book, saying her time with Sacha Baron Cohen gave her an eating disorder. In her memoir “Rebel Rising,” the Aussie actress, 44, dropped some bombshells, calling out Sacha as a ‘jerk.’ She claimed that during the filming of “The Brothers Grimsby” in 2016, Sacha pushed her to get naked for scenes, even though she was adamant about a ‘no nudity’ policy. Sacha denies these allegations, saying they don’t match up with the facts.

In a sneak peek from her memoir published by People Magazine, Rebel dropped a bombshell. Saying Sacha asked her to do something pretty gross – stick her finger up his butt! He thought it would be hilarious for the movie scene, but she felt totally uncomfortable, like he was sexually harassing her. Rebel also said this messed-up encounter with the “Borat” star messed with her head big time. Leading to an eating disorder. She described feeling disrespected and all messed up because of it.

Rebel Wilson’s Uncomfortable Experience on Set with Sacha Baron Cohen

Rebel from “Pitch Perfect says she felt disrespected, which messed with her head so much that she started treating herself badly by eating super unhealthy. Daily Mail Australia reached out to Sacha’s rep for more deets.

In the 2016 flick where Rebel played Sacha’s girl, she claimed things got awkward on set. Rebel said Sacha kept bugging her to get naked for some future scene, even though she was like, “Um, no way, Sacha.” She wrote in her book, which dropped in the US on Tuesday, that it felt like Sacha was always bringing up nudity, even though it had nothing to do with the story.

Rebel said she got called in for an extra scene while filming in Cape Town, South Africa. She recounted how Sacha Baron Cohen, or SBC as she calls him, casually drops his pants and tells her to stick her finger up his butt. She was like, “Um, what? No way! Rebel felt scared and wanted to leave. So, she compromised by slapping him on the butt and making up some lines for the scene.

The “Bridesmaids” star also said she only agreed to a sex scene with Sacha after a bunch of changes to the script. She even claimed she told the producers she wouldn’t promote the movie until it came out. But, turns out, newly surfaced footage shows the sex scene was scripted, and Rebel was cool with it.

Hands-on some never-before-seen clips from the movie that didn’t make it into the final version. These clips show Rebel and Sarah’s characters using a phone to film themselves getting cozy.

In the clips, Rebel talks about the scene while the camera’s rolling but she’s out of character. She tells Sacha, “I’ll slap [your butt] and I’ll go down the crack,” and he jokes, “It’s like you’re gonna stick your fingers in there,” and she laughs and says, “Yeah.”

Sacha Denies Rebel’s Claims with Evidence from Crew

People close to Sacha say the director had to chat with Rebel about any nudity or sex scenes before filming. They say she was cool with the scene. They also mention that the characters in the movie were supposed to use an iPhone to film themselves getting busy.

But Rebel didn’t back down. She stuck to what she wrote in her book, calling Sacha a hole.’

“It’s a real jerk move to put out footage of just one part of that awful situation and leave out everything else like me freaking out and saying no wayShe said, “No way am I doing that to SBC.”
She added, “The director, Louis Leterrier, wasn’t even there, so it wasn’t part of the movie.”

This edited video only shows what I had to do to escape that situation, just like I wrote in Rebel Rising. Sacha’s now trying to bully and mess with my head by releasing sneaky and misleading behind-the-scenes videos without my okay,” she said, calling him out.

Sacha’s like, “Nah, that never happened. I never pushed Rebel to get naked in the movie.”

His spokesperson said, “We get why speaking up matters, but these claims are total lies. We’ve got loads of proof, like documents, videos, and people who were there, saying otherwise.”

They even got nine crew members to say the scene was planned out in the script.

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