An excerpt from Rebel Wilson’s book about Sasha Baron Cohen has been revealed

Rebel Wilson's book about Sasha Baron Cohen dailyjugarr

Rebel Wilson just straight-up called someone an “a–hole” in her book, no beating around the bush.

Last night, the Pitch Perfect star, who’s 44 by the way, took to Instagram and dropped this bomb on her Story: “I ain’t gonna let no fancy lawyers or PR folks shut me up.”

And guess who she’s pointing fingers at? Sacha Baron Cohen, yep, the dude behind Borat.

Wilson’s been hinting about this in her memoir, Rebel Rising: A Memoir, specifically in one chapter.

She’s been open about feeling uneasy during the filming of The Brothers Grimsby back in 2016, which Baron Cohen starred in.

Baron Cohen’s rep fired back though, saying Wilson’s claims are totally off base and they’ve got the receipts to prove it — documents, footage, and even witnesses saying otherwise.

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So, Rebel Wilson spilled the tea in a recent Instagram vid. She’s got this chapter in her book where she straight-up calls out a dude she used to work with, calling him a “massive a–hole.”

She started off by reminiscing about when she first hit up Hollywood. People were all about this “no-a–holes” rule, and she was like, “Yeah, that makes total sense.”

But then it hit her hard, what they really meant by that. She had her fair share of dealing with jerks in the industry. And now, she’s dedicating a whole chapter, chapter 23 to be exact, to this one particular dude who was, in her words, a massive a–hole.

You gotta hand it to her, she’s not holding back!

The Senior Year star write in the caption. She’s like, You wanna know why I don’t put up with jerks when I’m working anymore?. Well, it’s all laid out in my book: REBEL RISING. You can pre-order it now (coming April 2nd, link in bio) and yes, I spill the beans on that a–hole!”

Back in December 2023, Wilson opened up about how tough it was to write Rebel Rising in a video. And she even showed us a sneak peek of her signing some copies in another behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram.

“I’m spending my holiday nights like this,” Wilson mentioned. “Just a few more thousand to go for those who snag the book first.”

“Seriously, guys, I’m super excited for you to dive into this,” she added about the book. You’ll see a whole new me.” Lots of funny moments, and some serious ones too… And I really hope you all enjoy the book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it — although, I gotta say, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions.

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