How To Handle Instagram Editing Mishaps With Ease


Lots of photo apps out there help folks tweak their pictures. Some use them to boost colors or fix little things, but others go all out and transform how they look. Social media puts this pressure to look a certain way, and some folks really go overboard. We discovered some seriously funny Instagram pics that are so edited, you won’t believe people actually posted them.

Her Reflection Speaks The Truth

This girl wanted to flaunt a dress she tried on. She shared a pic, and folks noticed her reflection looked way different than her actual body.

Why Clothes Look So Perfect On Instagram Models

Ever seen clothes in an ad, tried them on, and they look totally different on you? Models usually have the clothes pinned to fit perfectly for the photo.

Something Happened To The Tennis Court

We’re not sure why she thought this looked real, but no one’s buying it as a natural photo. The tennis court lines are all off, and nobody naturally looks like this. We’re pretty sure she was beautiful before all the editing.

She Drew On A Fake Piercing

Ever thought about getting a piercing but weren’t sure how it would look on you? Well, this girl found a clever solution. She used an app to draw on a fake piercing, so now she knows exactly how a lip stud would suit her.

Her Face Is Used To Study Triginometry

Her chin is so sharp it could cut someone—this pic has been heavily edited to make her face super angular. No matter your face shape, you’re beautiful, and there’s no need to edit it into a triangle.

You Move Too Fast And The Snapchat Filter Stops Working

Ever used a Snapchat filter, moved too fast, and it disappeared? That’s what happened to this woman. She looks unrecognizable compared to the unfiltered picture—way too edited.

What Happened To These People?

We have no idea what this couple looked like before they edited the photo, but it’s gotta be better than the final result. They look like they’re cosplaying the corpse bride in matching Gucci with her husband. It’s just beyond fake.

One Must Have Lost Some Air

This girl is known for editing her chest in her Instagram photos, and in this post, she forgot to edit one side. The right side is enlarged while the other side looks much smaller in comparison.

Pictures You Post Vs Pictures People Tag You In

This is the boy who went viral for licking a public toilet seat and called it the “coronavirus challenge.” He later tested positive for the virus. When he was interviewed on TV, people saw what he looks like without editing.

Look At The Reflection In His Sunglasses

If you check the reflection in the sunglasses, you’ll notice it doesn’t match the surroundings of this photo. It’s a reflection of someone taking a selfie in their car. This man probably Photoshopped his head onto someone else’s body and tried to pass it off as him. Forgot to fix all the details.

One Tiny Hand, One Monster Hand

She must have a favorite arm because one looks much bigger and stronger than the other. We’re pretty sure this isn’t how she intended the photo to look, but she also aimed to appear extra skinny, and her arms seem to have been sacrificed for that.

Objects In The Mirror Are Curvier Than They Appear

It’s unclear whether she edited the reflection or her actual body. It seems like she made her butt bigger in the reflection but not on her actual body. She looks beautiful either way, so why go through the trouble of editing it so much?

That Cannot Be The Same Person

On the left side, you see the pictures this woman posted on Instagram. On the right side are photos of her on TV. She looks like two different people. Filters, smoothing, and good lighting can change your appearance drastically.

Those Are The Whitest Eyeballs

We know makeup can work wonders to change a person’s appearance, but that’s not the issue here. The problem is that we’ve never seen an eyeball as white and bright as her edited picture.

The Camera Adds 10 Pounds And Photoshop Takes Away 15

This girl is gorgeous and looks stunning in the unedited picture, but she posted another overly edited photo where she looks much skinnier. People should be promoting confidence with their natural curves instead of feeling like everyone has to look a certain way.

Forget Catfishing, He Is Blackfishing

Ever seen someone online, then meet them in person, and they look nothing like their photos? Well, people must be shocked when they meet this guy.

Where Do Her Organs Go?

The longer you look at this, the more ridiculous it seems. It looks like she’s attempting the paper waist challenge to make herself look as small as possible.

Seems Legit

Her butt is so big it bends space, time, and reality. The issue here is that shadows never lie, and the wonky wood was a giveaway that it was edited.

Someone Caught The Real Picture

When you post a picture that seems like it could be real, and then someone exposes you by posting what you really look like. Someone did a great job editing her to look real, but she looks much different in reality.

Green Screen At It’s Finest

Those train tracks seem legit, and we didn’t know it could snow inside a car. Many influencers will do whatever it takes to get as many likes as possible on a photo. There are so many things that are obviously fake in this picture.

They Are Apparently The Same Person

People are supposed to believe that these two pictures are the same person. The black and white photo looks like he photoshopped someone else’s face onto his body and then edited his body.

Unlike Shakira, Her Hips Do Lie

Her proportions in this photo are impossible and set an unrealistic standard. We can’t tell exactly how she edited it, but it cannot be real. It’s tough to be confident with today’s social media influences, but as a mother, she should be teaching her daughter body positivity instead of relying on Photoshop.

Photoshopping A Mugshot Is The New Trend

Have you ever heard of someone photoshopping their mugshot? We don’t know many people who would publicly post their mugshots either. She thought it would be appropriate to smooth out her skin and brighten her eyes to make this photo look better.

What She Posted Vs. What The Photographer Posted

It must be awkward when you post a photo, and it looks one way, and then the photographer posts the same shot, and you look totally different.

Hair Editing Is Also A Trend

This woman has been called out on social media for editing her hair. In the left photo, she edited it to make it look like she has waves. In another shot, she added bangs and changed the color. Don’t you wonder what her real hair looks like?

It’s The Real Ken Doll

This man posted this picture but only edited himself, making it look far from natural. He added sparkle to his sleeve, whitened his teeth, and smoothed his face.

“Remove All My Pores”

The left picture is the one she posted on Facebook, so her friends there think she looks not a day over 40. In reality, she is 71 and should be proud of how good she looks in the unedited photo for her age. Everyone ages; it’s not a big secret.

She Aged A Few Years In The Right Photo

The left picture is the one she posted on Facebook, so her friends there think she looks not a day over 40. In reality, she is 71 and should be proud of how good she looks in the unedited photo for her age. Everyone ages; it’s not a big secret.

Something Is Wrong With The Door Frame

The Kardashian/Jenner clan is always being called out for editing their photos. In this picture that Kylie Jenner posted, her fans noticed the door frame was slightly bent.

Animations Or Real People

Ever wanted to know what you would look like as a Barbie doll? These girls have edited their faces so much that it looks like they photoshopped Barbie’s face onto theirs.

When Your Feet Are Bigger Than Your Waist

We have never met anyone who has bigger feet than their waist. She doesn’t even look like a real person after all the editing she has done. We are sure she looked perfectly normal before she made so many changes to the picture.

Facetuned To The Max

We have never met anyone who has bigger feet than their waist. She doesn’t even look like a real person after all the editing she has done. We are sure she looked perfectly normal before she made so many changes to the picture.

The Restoration Of This Painting Revealed The Truth Behind It

It’s hard to believe, but even in the 1500s, people were editing pictures of themselves. In this case, there was a portrait of Isabella De’ Medici, and after many centuries, it was restored.

Armpit Remover

This deodorant is so powerful it appears to remove your armpits or any indication that you have an armpit! We understand that armpits aren’t the most flattering body part, but everyone has them, and they are not this smooth.

Instagram Vs. Reality

Did somebody say catfish? This man posted one picture on Instagram with filters, skin smoothing, and eye-brightening. When people saw him on TV, they couldn’t believe he was the same person who posted on Instagram.

Something Is Wrong With Those Stairs

When you see that the stairs have been stretched and deformed in a picture, you can tell a person edited their body. In this photo, there are other clues as well.

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