Anna Paquin bravely faces mobility challenges to attend ‘A Bit Of Light’ red carpet event

Anna Paquin's Insights on "A Bit of Light" and Personal Challenges. dailyjugarr

Anna Paquin is facing a tough health challenge that’s making it harder for her to move around. She didn’t say exactly what’s going on, but she showed up to a red carpet event on Wednesday using a cane for support. Her husband, Stephen Moyer, was by her side as they promoted their new film, “A Bit of Light,” at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City.

“It’s been a real struggle,” Anna told People magazine, talking about needing the cane and dealing with speech difficulties.

Despite these tough physical issues, Anna is thankful she’s still able to work.

Paquin was like, “Indie filmmaking was my jam from day one.” It’s how I jumped into the movie scene. I was rolling with a crew that was all about spinning yarns with guts and honesty.” Paquin’s husband, Moyer, called the shots in the indie drama, adapted from a stage play.

In “A Bit of Light,” Paquin takes on the role of an alcoholic mom who loses custody of her kids, grappling with putting her life back together while facing her past.

Being a mom herself, Paquin empathized with the complexities of parenthood. She pointed out that women can sometimes feel like they’re overlooked as individuals once they become mothers.

Parenting doesn’t always follow the script we’ve imagined,” Paquin reflected. “We’re all a bit rough around the edges, and Ella is sort of caught up in this cycle of family history, burying emotions and all.

Anna Paquin’s Insights on “A Bit of Light” and Personal Challenges

She said, “It’s so relatable because there are loads of ways people can trip themselves up or figure out how to deal with tough stuff.”

“A Bit of Light” hits theaters on Friday, April 5.

The past two years have been pretty tough for Anna Paquin. Dealing with health issues she hasn’t talked about that have messed with her ability to move around.

On Wednesday, April 3, the 41-year-old actress, along with her husband Stephen Moyer, strutted down the red carpet at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City for their latest movie. In “A Bit of Light,” she leaned on a cane for support.

“It’s been rough,” says the New Zealand-born star, talking about needing a cane and having some trouble with her speech. Someone close to her says she’s expected to bounce back soon.

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