Anya Taylor-Joy surprised everyone by sharing that she’s been quietly married to Malcolm McRae for two years

Anya Taylor-Joy quietly married to Malcolm McRae for two years.dailyjugarr

Anya Taylor-Joy just spilled the beans about her super-secret marriage to Malcolm McRae! Turns out, they tied the knot in a hush-hush ceremony down in New Orleans two whole years ago.
There’s been some buzz about them throwing a fancy bash in Venice just six months back!

Anya spilled all the deets on Instagram, posting some sweet pics from their big day and gushing about how she married her bestie. She even joked about it being April Fools’ Day – talk about a surprise twist! Anya called it the coolest “first” anniversary ever.

And oh, did I mention the quirky details? Like, they had these crazy heart-shaped cakes! Plus, Anya playfully dubbed herself “the vampire Lestat.” Man, that’s one wedding story you won’t hear every day.

The pics they put out gave us a sneak peek into how cool the day looked, with Anya rocking a stunning Dior dress with birds on it, chilling with her friend Cara Delevingne.

Even though everyone’s nosy about it, Anya hasn’t spilled much about her relationship with Malcolm since they started dating.

Even though Anya lives in London and Malcolm is all the way over in the US, they still feel really close to each other. They both love acting and music, which helps them connect even though they’re far apart.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Relationship Insights and Career Highlights

Anya mentioned their relationship in a British Vogue interview in March 2022, and she laughed, saying, I told my partner he’s like my hobby.

This playful confession shows how happy the couple is just being together. Whether they’re doing stuff or just chilling in silence, they’ve got this cool mix of being young and having a strong bond.

Being far apart makes them appreciate each other more, turning regular moments into special ones. Anya’s joy in sharing simple stuff, like a regular trip to the gas station, shows how they find happiness in the little things when they’re together.

Anya’s journey from Miami to Buenos Aires, and then landing in London, along with her rise to fame by playing roles like Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit. Shows not only her talent but also how tough and adaptable she is.

Winning a Golden Globe and getting nominated for roles in The Menu and the upcoming Furiosa movie prove she’s one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses right now.

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