Paul O’Grady’s husband reflects on the passing of the late TV star on its first anniversary

Paul O'Grady's husband reflects on the passing . dailyjugarr

The esteemed television personality met his demise at his residence on March 28th of the preceding year, at the mature age of 67. Paul O’Grady’s spouse recounted that the television luminary had experienced “an entirely ordinary day” prior to his sudden passing one year prior.

O’Grady, celebrated for his portrayal of the alter ego Lily Savage and subsequent hosting of numerous esteemed television programs, departed from this world at his abode on March 28th of the previous year, at the age of 67.

Andre Portasio, his spouse, shared that he planned to spend the first anniversary alone on a trip to New Zealand. He explained that he preferred to avoid being in the kitchen where he found him, as it brought back painful memories.

The Tragic Events Surrounding Paul O’Grady’s Passing

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Mr. Portasio reminisced about their pleasant moments. Mentioning that they later relaxed in the living room and watched Kent ITV News together.

“He always insisted on watching Sangeeta (Bhabra) – he was a big fan and never let me switch to BBC. He was all about ITV.

“He went to make some tea, and then I heard this loud bang.”

Mr. Portasio described finding O’Grady “lying on the floor” with “a cut on his forehead”.

“I called the ambulance, and they told me the best chance to save him was to do CPR. The former ballet dancer explained.

“I don’t remember how long it took for the ambulance to arrive, but I was exhausted by the end.

“At one point, they said ‘Yes, he’s breathing’. I thought the nightmare was over, but it didn’t last long. Shortly after, they pronounced him dead.”

As the paramedics tried reviving O’Grady, his dog Arthur – described as “one of his favorites” – had slipped away and approached him. The dog nudged his face, just like he always did as if urging him to wake up.

Additionally, the TV personality had a close relationship with the Queen due to their mutual love for dogs. They met on numerous occasions and collaborated closely to support Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Since he passed away, Mr. Portasio mentioned that Camilla sent two “really nice” letters, but he hasn’t replied yet. He said, “Maybe on the anniversary of his death, I’ll finally shoot her a reply.”

He also got letters from O’Grady’s “valentine,” British novelist Dame Jilly Cooper, ’cause they “always used to write to each other.”
Mr. Portasio and O’Grady first met in 2006 before getting married in a small London ceremony in 2017.

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