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Dude, Dune: Part Two is killing it at the box office, and Denis Villeneuve is owning it right now. If you haven’t checked out his stuff before, you gotta stay up tonight and catch one of his absolute gems – and trust me, it’s a tearjerker. Featuring Amy Adams and the dude from Marvel, Jeremy Renner, Arrival is gonna be on Film4 at 1 am early Saturday morning (March 23). But hey, if you can’t hang till then, no sweat – it’ll be up for streaming on BBC iPlayer real soon after.

This movie is based on this wicked Ted Chiang short story called Story of Your Life. It’s all about Dr. Louise Banks, this badass linguistics professor who gets recruited to lead this super cool team trying to chat it up with some aliens that just showed up on Earth outta nowhere.

Now, nobody knows if these aliens are chill or if they’re gonna start some intergalactic drama the world’s never seen. Meanwhile, we got these massive spaceships just hanging out, and governments everywhere are freaking out.

Banks and her crew are on a serious time crunch to figure out what’s up and why these aliens decided to drop in. And yo, the cast is stacked – we’re talking Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, and Michael Stuhlbarg. It’s gonna be epic!

Man, Denis Villeneuve has knocked it out of the park with movies like Prisoners, Blade Runner 2049, Enemy, Dune, and Sicario. Trying to pick his best flick is like trying to choose your favorite flavor of ice cream – impossible!

But, if you trust Rotten Tomatoes, they’re saying Arrival is the bomb with a dope 94% rating. And let me tell you, that ending? It’ll tug at your heartstrings.

Digital Spy summed it up perfectly: “Arrival isn’t just about aliens, it’s about real people dealing with real stuff. It’s deep without being pretentious, you feel me?”


Nowadays, Arrival is like a cult classic of modern sci-fi, right up there with Interstellar. It even got eight nods at the Oscars in 2017, though it only snagged one win for Best Sound Editing. Nevertheless, that earns some serious credibility!

Before the movie dropped, Villeneuve discussed with Deadline how his experience as a Québécois in Hollywood influenced the film, which essentially revolves around breaking down language barriers.

“Arrival isn’t all about language rules and grammar. It’s more about connecting on a gut level, you know? Trusting your instincts and communicating through them. That’s something I always try to bring into my work.

When I’m talking in English or French on set, it doesn’t really change how I bond with my crew or the actors. Sure, the language sounds different, but deep down, it’s all about that same connection.”

Catch Arrival on Film4 at 1am on March 23, and you can stream it on BBC iPlayer right after.

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Raza Chaudary


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