The Ultimate Guide to Guy Ritchie’s ‘Gentlemen’ chicken snuff movie’


Did you hear about Guy Ritchie’s Netflix show from his movie? They shot it at a fancy place in England called the Duke of Beaufort’s Badminton Estate. It got hilarious because the family that lives there wasn’t too happy watching us run around in chicken suits and saying the C-word a lot. Theo James spilled the details to Variety at a special Hollywood screening. He said the family thought it’d be like ‘Bridgerton,’ but instead, we surprised them with chicken suits. What a mix-up!

James is the main dude in the show, playing this British Army officer. He gets handed his dad’s massive estate, only to discover that it’s secretly being used by a drug kingpin and his daughter to run their weed empire. Wild, right?

It’s a show about rich British people being super silly and funny.

“I love how Guy’s jokes are funny. They’re a bit silly and a little exciting, with those smart one-liners. It took us a bit to understand the humor, but it was fun for all of us.”

“Daniel Ings plays the role of my older brother in the show, and his character is all about drugs and booze. He had to fake snort some stuff that was supposed to be fake cocaine, and he joked it felt like vitamins. It was a bit tough for him, but it’s fun getting into characters that live life on the wild side.”

James was talking about working with Ritchie. He said Ritchie likes to start with a basic script. The funny part was, as actors, they thought they didn’t have to bother learning their lines. But sometimes, Ritchie would surprise them on set and say, ‘Hey, we’re using the script today.’ And they’d be like, ‘Oh, no!'”

In the beginning of the show, Daniel Ings, who plays Freddy, really brings the energy. There’s this part where they’re reading his dad’s will, and he finds out his little bro scored a bunch of money. Freddy totally flips out – like, major drama alert! “I can do it because the character I’m playing has some issues and a lot of bitterness. That makes it feel okay for the character to have big reactions. It’s fun because I get to be the troublemaker, tossing things around.”

let’s talk about the second-to-last scene in the first episode. Without giving away too much, I can hint that it includes Freddy wearing a chicken suit.”

“When I first read it, the scene seemed a bit absurd on paper. But during filming, it transformed into this strangely intense and rich moment, way beyond what I had imagined,” shared James.

“Kaya Scodelario plays the drug lord’s daughter, and I was thrilled about it. But I wanted to make sure her character wasn’t just some guy’s girlfriend. I asked if she could be a strong, real woman at the heart of the story. They assured me she’s the boss, the smartest one in the room, knows what’s up. I loved that because it’s a fresh take in the Guy Ritchie world. They let me go all out with her character, and I had a blast doing it.”

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